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Facebook 3D posts

Click around sweet 3D Facebook posts as update adds more VR to News Feed

With support for a new file format, Facebook users can find detailed 3D interactive objects right inside their News Feeds.
Crisis Response Hub

Facebook plans major news feed changes ‘to improve your well-being’

facebook trust indicators fight fake news 41702812 m

That rocket ship in your News Feed isn't an alien — it's another Facebook test

facebook reactions versus likes introducing

Facebook is changing the way it ranks posts based on your reactions and likes

facebook cast airplay video

Facebook now lets you use Google Cast or AirPlay to stream video on your TV

facebook messenger virus malware windows chrome facebookcomp feat

Facebook steps up its fight to eradicate clickbait from your feed

facebook more metrics errors emojis

Facebook tweaking its News Feed to show more of the stuff you care about

facebook quickly turns on safety check following deadly bombing in nigeria mark zuckerberg  ceo at 2

Everything you need to know about the Facebook Trending Topics bias controversy

facebook recommendations social network app smartphone

Facebook is tweaking the News Feed to show articles you’ll actually read

facebook recommendations social network app smartphone

Facebook wants to make the News Feed your go-to source for news

facebook adds manual news feed controls to let you see what actually care about updatednewsfeedcontrols

How to specify who you ‘See First’ in your Facebook feed

facebook adds manual news feed controls to let you see what actually care about updatednewsfeedcontrols

Facebook loosens grip – allows users to customize news feeds … within reason

Facebook Smart Phone App

Facebook might soon let you choose your favorite friends

Facebook could be testing a tweak that will allow you to pick the people and pages that you want to see more of in your News Feed.
Facebook Smart Phone App

Brands be gone! Facebook pushes your friends’ posts to the top of your News Feed

Facebook is rolling out some updates to their News Feed that will hopefully result in more relevant content being displayed for users.
facebook buy and sell items news mobile

Facebook tweaks News Feed to cut down on hoax posts


Facebook is taking steps to scrub the feed of ‘click-bait’ articles

Facebook is getting more aggressive with hiding News Feed spam

old reader launches premium version rss

RSS: The Old Reader launches Premium version, $30 a year

fight facebook news feed memes gc likes

The fight for the Facebook News Feed – and its memes – is on

After Facebook announced it would be promoting certain types of posts over others - and that memes would take the biggest hit - the publishing industry is reacting.
facebook unfollow button images

Facebook changes ‘Hide All’ to ‘Unfollow,’ shaming us for ignoring annoying friends

Facebook's new 'Unfollow' button will work exactly how 'Hide All' did ... you'll just feel guiltier about censoring your unknowingly annoying friends.
facebook sued allegedly reading private messages fb

Facebook’s new News Feed promotes articles, your friends’ old posts … and buries memes

Facebook is once again mixing up its News Feed algorithm, this time promoting popular old stories from your friends, news outlets ... and burying memes.
facebook presses pause on privacy updates stalk header

This plugin can tell who you’re Facebook stalking

Ever wondered who Facebook thinks are your best friends? This plugin can tell you.
i took facebooks news feed survey and so should you facebook test

I took Facebook’s News Feed survey, and so should you

Complaining about Facebook but skipping the surveys is like getting mad about politics and not voting - so maybe you should voice your opinion.
story bumping

Facebook is trying to fix its News Feed relevancy problems – here’s how

Yesterday Facebook announced it would be telling us more about whats behind the News Feed algorithm, including some recent changes.
facebook error

Before we start to ask Facebook for more, how about fixing these things first?

We're asking Facebook for more, when maybe we should just be fine-tuning the things we already have.
facebook makes a tiny change in its logo logos

Facebook makes a tiny change in its logo

For a site that's constantly undergoing changes and developments, it only follows that Facebook updates its official brand...even just a tiny modification.
facebook wants to make sure you know how much youre missing out on newsfeed alert

Facebook wants to make sure you know how much Facebook you’re missing out on

As if you haven't had enough of the site, Facebook adds an alert that seems focused on letting you know that you're not as updated as you thought you were.
facebook screens

What does the future of Facebook look like?

While the secret network keeps its roadmap cards close to the chest, recent actions and insiders help us get an idea where Facebook is heading.
facebook exchange

If you don’t want ads targeting you, read this story about Facebook FBX

Facebook's ad-retargeting system Facebook Exchange will be expanding. That means a lot to marketers, but what does it mean for you?

Your Facebook Timeline is about to change

It's been seven days since Facebook revealed its plan to modernize our news feed. What's new this week? A more structured view of the timeline, that's what.

Facebook acquires Storylane and wants to give you better content

Just a day after announcing the new Facebook news feed design, news of its acquisition of storytelling site Storylane is released.

Facebook has crossed the line from social network to ad platform

Facebook's "personalized newspaper" is getting disturbingly ad-heavy.

Facebook testing in-line buttons to friend, follow, and like everything in your News Feed

Facebook is testing out new in-line options to help find and interact with more content and actions from directly within the News Feed.
Facebook times square news feed

Facebook’s News Feed isn’t just broken, it’s getting worse

Facebook's News Feed is our jumping off point into the site - but does it even work anymore?