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Multiple wrestlers posing for cover of AEW: Fight Forever.

5 features AEW: Fight Forever needs to set itself apart from WWE 2K23

The upcoming AEW: Fight Forever has a lot to prove, but if it plays its cards right, it could surpass WWE 2K.
Spongebob and Patrick singing.

Spongebob: The Cosmic Shake and 7 more games revealed during the THQ stream

blockchain robot cache partners thq nordic 505 games darksiders3furyback

‘Darksiders III’ publisher THQ Nordic is skipping E3 to watch the FIFA World Cup

darksiders 3 leaked amazon darksiders3amazon2

'Darksiders 3' leaked by Amazon, will star the whip-wielding Fury

thq nordic rebrand sf3 slider 3 feat

Defunct game publisher THQ rises from the dead as THQ Nordic

del toro quits games industry guillermodeltoro 440x292 c

Director del Toro: ‘I will never again get involved in video games.’

‘Company of Heroes 2’ preview: War is cold, bitter, and deep

‘South Park: The Stick of Truth’ offers a putrid waft of fresh air

THQ’s leftovers (including Darksiders and Red Faction) raise $7 million at auction


Double Fine joins the THQ bidding to win back its own games

Darksiders, Red Faction, and the rest of THQ’s library up for sale in April

Turtle Rock Studios' "Evolve" -- concept art

Left 4 Dead developer ‘super excited’ to work with 2K Games following THQ bankruptcy


THQ may be bankrupt, but Crytek is still working on Homefront 2

The ongoing saga of THQ's fiscal collapse rolls on, but Crytek says it won't have any major affect on the development or eventual quality of Homefront 2.

As Darksiders studio Vigil Games says goodbye, a hope for its signature series

Vigil Games didn't survive publisher THQ's liquidation on Wednesday, even though the studio was already at work on a brand new series. While the studio is done for, its Darksiders series may find a new home.
South Park: The Stick of Truth

Ubisoft acquires THQ Montreal, South Park: The Stick of Truth will survive

Owing to the ongoing collapse of THQ, the upcoming, heavily-anticipated South Park: The Stick of Truth will continue development under French mega-publisher Ubisoft.
THQ sold

I’ll buy that for a dollar: THQ’s assets divided, auctioned to highest bidder

Following the recent rejection of its bankruptcy plan, THQ's assets have been auctioned piecemeal to whomever could offer the flailing games publisher the most cash.
south park the stick of truth rights go up for auction in thqs fire sale

South Park: The Stick of Truth rights go up for auction in THQ’s fire sale

THQ is selling off its remaining assets on Tuesday, including the publishing rights to South Park: The Stick of Truth. South Park's creators are none too happy about it and are looking to block the sale.
Saints Row The Third

THQ Mega Pack demonstrates positives of bankruptcy, offers 19 games for $25 total

THQ's attempts to rebuild itself after a catastrophic financial collapse prove a positive for players as almost everything the company has published over the last decade can now be yours for only $25.

Darksiders vs. Brutal Legend? Double Fine bidding on THQ IP in bankruptcy auction this month

EA, Ubisoft, and the other giant publishers won't be the only video game companies bidding on THQ's IPs when they go up for auction later this month. Tim Schafer's Double Fine is reportedly going to get in on the action as well.
THQ Logo

Judge denies THQ bankruptcy plan, claims it’s unfair to creditors

If you've been following video game news of late, you're likely aware of THQ's ongoing financial issues. Sadly things continue to get worse, as the courts have denied the publisher's stated plan to bounce back from bankruptcy.
THQ Logo

NASDAQ delists THQ following bankruptcy filing

THQ's financial fall continues as the company has been dropped from the NASDAQ stock exchange following a dip in value resulting from the firm's recent Chapter 11 filing.

Guillermo del Toro’s horror game Insane finds a new developer

Resident Evil was turned into an action game, Dead Space has co-op, and ZombiU's just got more zombies: Where is all the horror? Guillermo del Toro's bringing the fear back to games with Insane, a game that came back from the dead.

THQ elaborates on Metro: Last Light developer’s statements about Wii U

Looking to clarify 4A Games' statement that the Wii U's CPU is horrible and slow, THQ provides more context for why developer 4A Games decided not to bring Metro: Last Light to the console, but does not quell the Wii U's growing reputation as a weak console.

Ubisoft CEO is interested in THQ titles

THQ shuts down its Asia-Pacific publishing business

THQ shuts down another subsidiary as the video game publisher desperately tries to lower costs in the wake of a new NASDAQ delisting.
Saints Row: The Third Yarngasm

Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package arrives this November

Late to the Saints Row party, but still want to experience everything Saints Row: The Third has to offer? THQ has you covered.
darksiders ii review 2

Darksiders II review

In building a bigger world for Darksiders II, Vigil forgot to make a better story.

THQ avoids NASDAQ delisting but the Saints Row publisher is still in trouble

THQ remains a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ stock exchange after narrowly avoiding delisting, but the company's future is still in question.

Digital Blend: Microsoft’s Surface takes aim at the iPad as Nintendo goes super-size with the 3DS XL

e3 2012 derivative darksiders ii lacks polish darksiders2

E3 2012: Derivative Darksiders II lacks polish

Devil’s Third is dead, inSANE is AWOL, and South Park is delayed. What can save THQ in 2012?

THQ dead in six months says Take-Two boss

death becomes darksiders ii hands on with vigil games sequel 7144darksidersii online guardian

Death Becomes Darksiders II: Hands-On with Vigil Games Sequel

UFC Undisputed 3 review