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‘Swipe Right’ is a series about dating every single one of your Tinder matches

People have plenty of wonderful as well as horrifying stories to tell when it comes to dating. YouTube Red, the company's premium service, wants to capitalize on that by creating a show called Swipe Right, based on an extreme use of the…
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Hey! Vina female friendship app is reaching out to Android users

When you swipe right in Hey! Vina, you won't be in for a potential date -- rather, you'll be able to "meet new friends, join communities of people like you ... and read awesome articles about living your best life."

Clear your weekend — the Tinda Finger swipes right on 6,000 people per hour

If you're not too picky (or picky at all) about who you swipe right on Tinder, the Tinda Finger connects to your phone and gives your weary thumb a much-needed break. It will continue swiping right as long as it's plugged into your phone.

Tinder’s Gold subscription service rolls out worldwide for iOS users

Tinder's new subscription service provides you with a list of users who swiped right on your profile. The company announced the global launch of the service is rolling out to iOS users -- with access to Android in upcoming weeks.

You can now swipe left and right on the newly redesigned version of Tinder

When it comes to the tool you use to find your partner, looks are all important. Tinder understands this and is rolling out a newly designed version of its app, complete with a new engineering backend.

Tinder celebrates International Women’s Day by donating up to $250,000

In anticipation of International Women's Day on March 8, Tinder announced that it is pledging $250,000 to help empower women by donating to a dozen women-centric nonprofits across the world.
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Tinder makes a move: Dating app may add a Snapchat-like video feature

Tinder recently acquired Wheel, a collaborative video messaging app which allows users to add videos to other users threads around a common theme. Tinder said it plans to add video features to the popular dating app in the future.
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Cheap date: Tinder will reward your emoji-only story with Valentine’s Day cash

Tinder has started a contest to reward people with funds for Valentine's Day dates to whomever gives the best date proposals using nothing but emojis. Tinder will spend a total of $10,000 to reward up to $500 to each winning entry.
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When the temperature goes down, the swipes go up, Tinder data shows

When Winter Storm Jonas hit the same region of the nation in January 0f 2016, Tinder reported seeing an increase of 10 percent on the day of the storm, resulting in more than 25 million matches during the worst weather.

Adoptly, a Tinder-like child adoption app, was a hoax, its creators explain

Adoptly was an app that simplified the child-adoption process via the same mechanic that made Tinder so popular. It turns out the project was a hoax that satirized the desire to make everything faster and easier.
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Tinder pranks CES with its multi-user VR headset for couples

Tinder is launching a virtual reality headset. Gotcha! It’s not doing anything of the sort. Instead, the dating app has set up a stall at CES with its very own fake VR device, all for the LOLs — its words, not ours.
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Swipe away on the big screen with the Tinder dating app for Apple TV

When judging potential romantic prospects, you can't be limited by the size of your smartphone screen -- no, you need a big screen to make the big decisions. And now that Tinder is on Apple TV, that's totally possible.
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Tinder’s first podcast is here to help you navigate the world of online dating

Tinder is launching its first branded podcast, "DTR" (short for "Define the Relationship"). The six-part series documents the "wild new world of dating, love, and sex, in cyberspace."

Tinder wants users to be their true selves, so it’s introducing more gender options

Swiping on Tinder may involve a binary choice, but your gender identity most certainly doesn't. On Tuesday, the popular dating app announced the introduction of more gender identities for its users.

The Tinder swiping votes are in and the world is 80 percent #WithHer

With just a week left until the United States chooses its next president, Tinder's Swipe the Vote global poll chooses Hillary Clinton as its winner. Clinton gained 57 percent of the domestic matches and led in every country, except Russia.

Tinder helps you get more matches with “swipeworthy” Smart Photos

In an effort to always present the best version of you, the dating app Tinder has introduced Smart Photos. It promises to make you "swipeworthy" -- just what every gal (and guy) has ever wanted to hear!

Tinder Boost is an upcoming feature that puts your profile at the front of the queue

Tinder is testing a new premium feature that should get you more matches by ensuring your profile is the first other people see when they open the app. The company has confirmed that Tinder Boost will receive a global rollout very soon.

Tinder ditches dating for squad interactions on new iMessage app

Tinder Stacks is the new iMessage app from the popular dating service. It combines Tinder's focus on social interactions with its popular swipe interface to create a visual polling tool for Apple's messaging platform.