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Tinder Lite will soon launch to bring the dating game into emerging markets

Tinder Lite, a lightweight version of the dating app, will soon launch in emerging markets where access to data may be limited. The app will look to bring more people into the dating game, as Tinder looks to maintain its growth.

A host of new changes adds to Snapchat’s increasing functionality

Snap made a series of announcements related to partnerships with other companies that will see Snapchat products being used in third-party apps. Examples include Bitmoji being available on Fitbit watches and Stories available in Tinder.

Tinder wants to help you make friends at school this year with Tinder U

Tinder is launching its student-only platform, Tinder U. The feature, available for any iOS user attending a four-year accredited college or university in the U.S., allows you to match with students on campus or at nearby schools.

The Facebook dating service will be free of charge and free of ads

Facebook is getting into the dating game. While the feature was one of the surprises from this year's F8, new details suggest what the feature may entail, including a few screenshots from a computer programmer.

Tinder testing Bitmoji feature using Snap Kit

Using Snapchat's latest developer platform known as Snap Kit, Tinder has begun testing the Bitmoji feature in Mexico and Canada. By connecting their Snapchat and Tinder accounts, users are able to send Bitmojis through the dating app.

Tinder now lets users across the globe upload GIFs to their profiles

Tinder announced it has rolled out a new feature that allows users to swipe through more than just photos. With Loops, you'll be able to create a two-second loop from an existing video that you can add to your profile.
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Tinder is making it safer than ever for you to keep swiping

In a letter to Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, Tinder's parent company Match Group announced that it had implemented changes to ensure that photos sent between Tinder's servers and the mobile app are now encrypted.

Tinder’s parent company Match Group swipes right on Hinge

The Match Group already owns Tinder, OKCupid, and of course, Match, and now that the company has acquired a 51 percent stake in Hinge, it's added to its ever-growing portfolio of dating apps.
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Money can’t buy you love, but it may buy you more compatible picks on Tinder

Tinder is trialing a new feature called "Tinder Picks," which is meant to help users find matches who are not only attractive but also more compatible when it comes to education, job, and interests.

Crown is a new dating app that looks a lot like your March Madness bracket

Rather than giving you a never ending roster of potential mates to pick from, Crown gives you a curated list that you then eliminate, tournament-style, on a daily basis. It's the latest dating app from the Match Group.
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Tinder says it solved the issue that blocked its users from logging in

If you tried to log into your Tinder account yesterday, you likely saw an error message that reads, "Facebook Permissions. Tinder requires you provide additional Facebook permissions in order to use a Tinder account."
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Match Group sues Bumble for alleged patent infringement

Bumble and Tinder are two of the biggest names in online dating, but they two companies are embroiled in a legal conflict due to Match Group's claims that Bumble infringed on its patents.
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How to delete your Tinder account

Maybe you found love on Tinder, but chances are you've grown tired of the constant messaging and dates that go nowhere. Whatever your reasons for stepping away from the app, here's how to delete your Tinder account.

Tinder follows Bumble’s lead with upcoming women-talk-first feature

Tinder, the crown jewel in Match Group Inc's dating empire, is following the lead of one of its biggest competitors. It plans to release an upcoming feature that will allow only women to initiate conversation with others on the app.
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Cisco warns users about serious vulnerability in WebVPN software

Cisco warns users about a flaw in their VPN software, Tinder loses an age discrimination lawsuit appeal, high-tech 'Amazon Spheres' indoor garden goes online in Seattle.

Former Tinder love gurus introduce Ripple, a swipe-based professional network

Swiping right isn't exclusive to dating apps -- that's the idea behind Ripple, a professional network led by a former Tinder executive. The app uses interests, events and facial recognition to make business connections.

Tinder tests new ‘Feed’ feature, providing real-time updates on matches

Sending the first message on a dating app can be tough, but that's where Tinder's new feature Feed comes in. Located within your match list, Feed allows you to see what your matches are up to in real time.
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Tinder injects some A.I. into your love life with Super Likeable

Tinder has introduced a new artificially intelligent feature called Super Likeable, which is said to "delight and surprise" users by introducing them to "people [Tinder] think will be of special interest to you."