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Coinbase bans Wikileaks from its currency exchange platform

In a blow to Wikileaks' financing, Coinbase has banned its store account from the exchange platform. Coinbase did not give a specific reason but stated it had to comply with applicable U.S. laws.
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Wikileaks release reveals CIA broke into many popular wireless routers

Wikileaks is making the news again, this time about a CIA tool that was used to hack into a variety of the most popular Wi-Fi routers. Apparently, the tool allowed the CIA to break into and take over routers for years.
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Airbus’ Pop.Up flying car concept does a lot more than just buzz around

Plus: Julian Assange to give tech firms a peek at gov't hacking tools, Facebook lobs another app at Snapchat.

Judge rules Twitter must hand over info in Wikileaks probe

A federal judge has ruled that Twitter must disclose information about three account holders as part of the Justice Department's ongoing investigation into Wikileaks.
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Apple bans WikiLeaks app

apple bans wikileaks app shots