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Motorola One Zoom cameras

Motorola One Zoom review: Four times the photography fun

With an incredibly versatile quad-lens camera, stamina for days, and a snazzy purple finish, the Motorola One Zoom is a midrange marvel at $450. But there has to be a compromise somewhere, right? Find out how well it performs in the wild as I put it through its paces in this Motorola One Zoom review.

Motorola wants you to look very closely at its new phone, the One Macro

The Motorola One Macro's big feature is given away by its name: It has a macro camera capable of taking extremely close-up photos, and the phone's A.I. is even clever enough to add a bokeh effect to the end result. The One Macro is coming out very soon and is expected to eventually get a U.S. release.
nostalgic old phones modern update classic motorola razr

The Motorola Razr foldable phone may launch before the end of 2019

The Motorola Razr V3 is one of the world's most iconic phones, and it could be making a return in the form of a foldable Motorola smartphone. We haven't seen the phone yet, but leaks are creating a comprehensive picture of its possible design and specifications. Here's what we know about it so far.
Motorola One Zoom camera

Motorola One Zoom vs. Nokia 7.2 vs. Google Pixel 3a: Midrange melee

It's not easy to decide which phone to buy and the midrange phone market is awash with tempting choices right now. We compare three of the best in the shape of the Motorola One Zoom, the Nokia 7.2, and the Google Pixel 3a to see which would suit you best and help you make that purchase decision.
Nokia 7.2

Stick with Android One, Motorola. Your phones are better for it

The Motorola One Zoom is the first Motorola One phone that's not in the Android One program. It's a step in the wrong direction for all parties, as it means you won't get 3 years of security updates and 2 years of version upgrades. But if you voice your concern loud enough, Motorola might change its mind.
moto e6 review hands on feat

The Moto E6 Plus brings a new look and a big screen, but keeps the low price

Motorola's Moto E6 Plus is the latest in its most affordable phone range, joining the similarly-priced but smaller Moto E6. It's not for sale in the U.S. -- at least not yet. Size isn't the only difference over the Moto E6. There's an additional camera, a slicker design, and a 6.1-inch screen.
motorola one zoom

The Motorola One Zoom packs four cameras at half the price of the Galaxy Note 10

Following the Motorola One Action, the Motorola One Zoom is a midrange phone with a whopping four camera lenses. It also comes in a gorgeous purple, has an in-display fingerprint sensor, the Snapdragon 675 processor, and more important is how it has a camera lens for every situation.
Motorola One Action-Hands-O

Motorola One Action vs. Moto G7: Which budget phone is your best bet?

Motorola turns out some of the best budget phones you'll find, but there are an awful lot of them to choose from. How does the Motorola One Action measure up against the Moto G7? We dive into the specs and explain all of the differences to make it clear exactly how these two phones compare.
episode 193 148972 phones news moto one action has a video camera like no other image1 sr8vta3lvn

Digital Trends Live: Motorola’s anti-vertical video phone, UPS goes driverless

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Nicole Raney discuss the biggest trending stories in tech, including Motorola’s plan to stop vertical videos, UPS shifts into autonomous deliveries, Spotify may be raising its prices, and more.
Motorola One Action-Hands-O

Motorola One Action says goodbye to annoying vertical videos

Accidentally recording a video vertically is super annoying -- and Motorola agrees. The new midrange Motorola One Action features an ultra-wide-angle lens that means you can take horizontal video while holding the phone vertically. Here's everything you need to know about the Motorola One Action.
Motorola One Action-Hands-O

Motorola One Action hands-on review

Motorola’s latest phone is called the Motorola One Action, and it wants to end vertical videos once and for all. The unique action camera lets you film in portrait orientation, but you still get landscape video footage. Sadly, in the U.S. this phone won’t be a part of the Android One program.
moto e6 review 6

Moto E6 vs. Moto G7 Play: Can the bargain E6 compete with the discount G7 Play?

Motorola has revealed the Moto E6 -- a new, budget-friendly device with good processing power, a removable battery, and Android 9.0 Pie for just $149. But it's not alone at this price, and you can now pick up the Moto G7 Play for the same amount. So which one should you buy? We put the two head-to-head.
moto e6 review 7

Moto E6 hands-on review

Motorola’s latest is the Moto E6, its most affordable phone this year, and a follow-up to the Moto E5 series from 2018. The Moto E6 is unremarkable. It doesn’t have many features worth talking about. Why? Motorola says it focused on improving the fundamentals.
moto e6 review 2

Motorola’s bare-bones Moto E6 costs $150 and has a removable battery

If getting a bargain is your goal, then Motorola's budget phones are always a great place to start. The Moto E has always been one of the cheapest ranges around, and there's a new entry. The Moto E6 offers decent specs, good looks, Android 9.0 Pie, and a removable battery, all for just $150.
LG G8 ThinQ

Here’s every Alexa Built-in phone that can access Amazon’s assistant on the move

If you've got your Amazon Echo, Echo Show, and Fire TV set up, then you might want a phone that complements your Amazon-based A.I. network. Thankfully, Amazon has worked with a number of phone manufacturers to provide phones with built-in Alexa support. Here's every Alexa Built-in smartphone you can buy.
moto z3 play back angle

The best Motorola smartphone deals for Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is here, and there are some awesome deals on smartphones, especially when it comes to Motorola's range of devices. For Prime Day 2019, Motorola has discounted phones like the Moto Z3 Play, as well as slightly more budget-friendly devices like the Moto G7 and Moto G6.
Moto G7 Play Review

T-Mobile’s new Revvlry phones offer decent specs at an affordable price

T-Mobile has taken the wraps off of its latest T-Mobile branded phones, the T-Mobile Revvlry and Revvlry+. The new phones are essentially branded versions of the Motorola Moto G7 and Moto G7 Play, but they're available at an affordable price and offer some pretty decent specs for that price.
pixel 3a honor 20 xperia 10 plus motorola one vision camera shootout onevision comp feat

Which budget phone has the best camera? We tested four to find the answer

To find out which of the latest reasonably-priced smartphones on release has the best camera, we put the current budget darling — Google’s impressive Pixel 3a — against the Honor 20, the Motorola One Vision, and the Sony Xperia 10 Plus. Will the result be a shock? There's a standout winner here.
Motorola One Vision Review

Motorola One Vision review

If Motorola’s mission with the One Vision was to make a dependable, capable smartphone at a price that’s affordable, then it’s definitely mission accomplished. The Motorola One Vision delivers a Pixel 3a-type of experience, for less money, and who isn’t tempted by that?
moto z4

Motorola’s Moto Z4 is here, and it’s bringing back the headphone jack

The Moto Z3 was technically the first device to support 5G, but now it has a successor: The Moto Z4. The new phone doesn't offer anything we haven't seen before, but it does bring back the headphone jack. Here's everything you need to know about the newly released Motorola Moto Z4.
Moto Z3 review

The best Moto Mods for the Moto Z-series

Looking to spruce up your Moto Z4, Z3, Z3 Play, Z2 Force, Z2 Play, or Moto Z with some awesome new features? You're in luck, because the Moto Z series has more than a dozen attachable Moto Mods that can do just about anything you can imagine. Here are our favorite Moto Mods for your Moto Z smartphone.
moto z4

Moto Z4 vs. Moto Z3 vs. Moto Z2 Force: Is the newest Moto Z the best Moto Z?

The Moto Z4 has been announced, and it's an odd little flagship for sure. But it comes with the same Moto Mods as previous Moto Z flagships, which means it's up against them when you're looking to invest in a Moto flagship. Which recent Moto Z flagship is the best for you? We took a look to find out.
moto z4

Moto Z4 vs. Google Pixel 3a XL: Smartphone spec comparison

If you can't spend more than $500 and you need a new Android smartphone, then you have plenty of great options including the Moto Z4 and the Google Pixel 3a XL. We pit the two smartphones against one another to see what makes them tick, what sets them apart, and to find out which is the better choice.
Nokia 7.1 Review

Motorola One Vision vs. Nokia 7.1: Which is the best budget phone for you?

If you have somewhere around $350 to spend and want the best smartphone you can get, then the Motorola One Vision and the Nokia 7.1 should be on your shortlist. The question is: Which phone is better? We'll explain all the differences here and pick a winner in various categories before crowning a champ.
Moto G7 review

Motorola One Vision vs. Moto G7: Which phone is a vision of budget perfection?

The Motorola One Vision looks to be a real bargain with a 48-megapixel camera, a big screen and a Samsung processor. It's also an Android One phone, but what about the Moto G7? It's one of the best budget phones around right now. We compare the One Vision to the G7 to find out which is better.
motorola one vision

The Motorola One Vision is a 21:9 Android One phone with a 48-megapixel camera

Motorola has a new phone, but unlike its Moto G7 series, the Motorola One Vision comes with a promise of two years of Android version updates, and three years of security updates. That's because it's an Android One phone. Its marquee feature, however, is the 48-megapixel camera on the back.
spacelife origin baby born in space newborn

What to expect when you’re expecting a huge baby sale at Best Buy

Moms and dads looking for discounts on baby goods should check out the newest sale at Best Buy, featuring strollers, monitors, and more. The savings are available through Thursday, May 16.
motorola moto g7 news feat

Motorola’s Moto G7 range offers compelling phones that won’t break the bank

After a number of leaks and rumors, the Motorola Moto G7, Moto G7 Play, and Moto G7 Power are finally here. The devices represent quite a spec bump over the previous-generation Moto G6 phones, along with a modern design and edge-to-edge display, yet still come at a reasonable price.
moto g6 review hands on 10

The excellent Moto G6 is just $99 from Google Fi for a limited time

If you're looking to stick to a budget, then getting a cheap smartphone can be a great way to squeeze value out of your dollars. Motorola's Moto G-range has been a great way to do that for a few years now, but it's never been better than than this: Get the Moto G6 for just $99 from Google Fi.
verizons 5g network is live heres what its like to use verizon moto5g feature 8

Verizon just flipped 5G live in Chicago, but finding it is like panning for gold

Verizon activated its first 5G network in the U.S. on April 3, a week ahead of schedule. We flew to Chicago to see what it’s like. Using the mid-range Motorola Moto Z3 from 2018 and the 5G Moto Mod, it’s still a high cost of entry to use 5G. So is it worth upgrading your phone, at least in 2019?
Moto Z3

The Motorola Moto Z3 and 5G Mod: Everything you need to know

Buckle up your Moto Mods and get ready -- the Motorola Moto Z3 is finally here. Boasting flagship specs and a classic Motorola design, the phone is definitely a serious contender for anyone looking for a flagship-like phone with 5G. Here's everything you need to know about the new Motorola Moto Z3.
moto g7 play review feat

Moto G7 Play review

The Moto G series has grown along with the wider budget market, but the Moto G7 Play is the cheapest option. Find out how it performs compared to the competition, what the camera is capable of, how the design feels, and more in our comprehensive Moto G7 Play review.
motorola triple lens camera leak news g8 p40 small

Leaked Moto phone with its triple-lens camera is a sweet little mystery

A mystery Motorola phone has been leaked with a triple-lens camera on the back, and a hole-punch screen on the front. The device has been referred to as both the Moto G8 and as a version of the Moto P40. We're not sure which one it is yet, or whether it'll be a different phone entirely; but it's still exciting to see.

Nokia 4.2 vs. Moto G7 Play: What’s the best phone for $200?

These budget options from Nokia and Motorola are very similar in terms of hardware and they both come in at $200, but which is better? We compare the Nokia 4.2 and the Moto G7 Play, picking winners in various categories, to find out which one emerges victorious and help you choose between them.