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Fortnite Ninja Skin

Fortnite wants all your time, and will stop at nothing to have it

When Fortnite arrived in Early Access with Save The World, it was a very quiet entrance. Shortly after, Epic Games launches its Battle Royale mode, and suddenly Fortnite is a cultural phenomenon. Even with its issues, Fortnite is one of the most content prolific online games and it's changing the meta.
Anthem Hands-on Preview

Anthem review

Anthem is an online shooter from BioWare that’s been compared to games such as Warframe, Destiny, and even Borderlands 2. It’s already proven to have a stunning open-world with action-packed combat that distinguishes itself with its story, characters, and lore. But will it continue to invest in those things as we get closer to the end game?
Apex Legends player jumping out of a plane.

So many games, so little time: How Fortnite, Apex Legends monopolize our lives

Riding on the coattails of World of Warcraft and Grand Theft Auto V is an incredible number of games that have adopted the live service model. Fornite and Apex Legends dominate our attention as my backlog of games suffer, and it appears the gaming industry is struggling to keep up as well.
apex legends to launch battle pass and seasonal content in march new

The ‘Apex Legends’ Battle Pass and seasonal rewards arrive in March

In an FAQ on the EA website, it was revealed that Apex Legends players can expect seasonal rewards and a Battle Pass to arrive in March. Similar to Fortnite's own seasonal content, players will be able to earn exclusive skins, Apex Packs, and more by advancing through 100 levels of rewards.
logitech g935 and g432 review g493 g4321 1

Logitech’s newest headsets sound as good as they look, but they’re not perfect

Logitech's newest gaming headsets, the G935 and G432, bring style and impressive sound to the table. With leatherette earpads, positional 3D sound, and 50 mm drivers, Logitech has become a considerable adversary amongst the competition. But as great as the new headsets are, they aren't without flaws.
teslasuit experience ces 2019 black mirror

The Teslasuit could turn Black Mirror’s terrifying ‘Playtest’ into a reality

We spoke with Teslasuit co-founder Dimitri Mikhalchuk about AR/VR gaming at CES 2019. With haptic feedback, motion capture, climate control, and biometrics, the future of the Teslasuit and virtual/augmented reality looks promising. It also sounds a bit like a Black Mirror episode.
ces 2019 cybershoes skyrim

These shoes let me stroll through ‘Skyrim,’ and I desperately want to go back

After being funded in just two hours on Kickstarter back in October 2018, Cybershoes has earned itself a place among some of the coolest VR walking and running tech at CES 2019. Compact, easy to use, and incredibly fun, they stand out among the competition, but will they become a staple?
nordictrack vr bike ces 2019  feat

Ride through the sky and get fit on the fly with the NordicTrack VR Bike

We tried the NordicTrack Virtual Reality Bike at CES 2019. Combining fitness and gaming, it's one of the more interesting approaches to VR traversal we’ve seen. There is a catch, though, and it's in the steep price. Made for VR and fitness enthusiasts, this bike is for serious buyers only.
HTC Vive Pro Eye review

HTC Vive Pro Eye hands-on review

Little detail was given about the Vive Pro Eye during the HTC Vive press conference at CES 2019, but with the announcement of integrated eye tracking, plenty can be said about the potential of the headset. Hands-free VR, less demanding high-quality experiences, and intuitive software are all on the table.
3drudder psvr controller impressions ces 2019 girl playing feat

3drudder’s PSVR controller is virtual freedom in your seat using your feet

3drudder’s foot powered controller brings a new way to move in virtual reality for PSVR. While some might argue that the seated experience breaks immersion, it tackles some of the mediums most common issues and provides a sizeable new option to the platform.
oculus quest headset gets me into vr ces 2019 op  5

Oculus’ Quest is the headset that will make me (and you) a VR believer

After my demo with the Oculus Quest, I realized why it's taken me so long to buy into VR. Without excessive wires or complicated setup, and a price point that makes sense for tech that just isn't there yet, Oculus' upcoming standalone headset could be the one to make VR hit the mainstream.
Gear Club Unlimited 2 review

Gear Club Unlimited 2 review

Gear Club Unlimited 2 arrived exclusively on the Nintendo Switch with it comes over 50 licensed cars, customizable driving mechanics, online and local multiplayer, and the chance to fulfill your dream of becoming a professional race car driver.
12 new characters spider man could encounter in the mcus 4 best voice actors ps4

Meet the voice actors of ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’

There's a lot to love about Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4 but if there's one thing that truly makes the game it's the voice actors and their authentic portrayals of the characters. Here are some of the voices and faces that put the "Oomph!" behind your favorite Spidey comic book characters.
playstation classic review feat 2

PlayStation Classic review

Sony has entered the mini-console fray with its very own PlayStation Classic. There’s no doubt that the PS1 era saw many great games, but Sony has not honored that legacy. Instead, we get a collectible that capitalizes on the cute mini aesthetic but falls short just about everywhere else.
Pokemon GO PvP battle screen.

Here’s the low down on how ‘Pokémon Go’ trainer battles and PVP work

During our preview of Trainer Battles and PVP, Niantic revealed a slew of new features that included leagues, 3 vs. 3 combat, and the ability for players to challenge nearby opponents, long-distance friends, and train with Team Leaders. Here's how PVP and Trainer Battles work in Pokémon Go.
Fallout 76 Hands-on

‘Fallout 76’ review

Fallout 76 brings the nuclear wasteland online and invites you to hop in with your friends. Tweaks to old systems accentuate its cooperative play but not without some clumsiness. Are the survivors of Vault 76 stepping into a world filled with potential, or are they doomed to waste away in their new home? We find out.
mobile games are the future diablo immortal and of

‘Diablo Immortal’ is just the beginning. Mobile games are the future

Diablo fans were furious after the announcement of Diablo Immortal, citing that mobile games are terrible, and could spell death for Diablo IV. In truth, mobile games are the future. From Apple and Samsung to Bethesda and Blizzard, we’re seeing a new incentive for games that fit on your phone.
Blizzcon 2018 Best Cosplay

20 awesome cosplays we saw at BlizzCon 2018

It’s a tradition for fans to show up to BlizzCon dressed as their favorite Blizzard characters. This year Digital Trends was on the floor and captured fans posed in their best suits of armor and cosplay gear. From Overwatch heroes and WoW characters, take a look at the best cosplay at BlizzCon 2018.
overwatch ashe blizzcon 2018 interview and bob

Overwatch nearly scrapped Ashe, and hasn’t ruled out retiring characters

Ashe, the latest hero in 'Overwatch,' is the first with an ultimate ability that spawns a whole different character -- B.O.B. Conquering the technical challenge of adding B.O.B. nearly forced Blizzard to scrap the character, but the team just barely made it work.
diablo immortal allen adham interview created with gimp

Blizzard Co-Founder Allen Adham says ‘we have not forgotten’ core Diablo fans

Blizzard fans are skeptical of 'Diablo Immortal,' but company co-founder Allen Adham is confident that players will like it once they play it. He told Digital Trends that multiple Diablo projects are still underway, and hinted at end-game content in 'Diablo Immortal.'
Diablo Immortal Hands-on Review

‘Diablo Immortal’ hands-on review

Diablo Immortal is a mobile game and while that spells microtransactions and watered-down gameplay for some, our hands on with the game suggests otherwise. Diablo’s upcoming prequel is fun, not just because of its grab and go capabilities, but because it’s a true Diablo experience.
fallout 76 not an mmo is 1

‘Fallout 76’ may have online multiplayer but it’s still a desolate wasteland

A quick Google search of, "Is Fallout 76 an MMO?", will reveal varying opinions on the subject. Even though Bethesda has stated that Fallout 76 isn't an MMO, players and game critics can't seem to agree, often citing its online multiplayer capabilities as a reason. We're here to settle that argument.
fortnite halloween event brings back skull trooper skin coming

‘Fortnite’ Halloween event could bring back the Skull Trooper skin

New Fortnite Halloween event leaks surfaced revealing that the Skull Trooper skin among other new spooky cosmetics could be making an appearance soon in the coming patch updates from Epic Games. These come shortly after the scarecrow skins from earlier this week hinting at a big Fortnite Halloween event.
everything you need to know about fortnite fall skirmish

‘Fortnite’ Fall Skirmish: Everything you need to know

The Fortnite Fall Skirmish has begun and it's already proving to be an intense series with $10,000,000 in prizes. In order to stay informed on all the latest news, here's everything you need to know including each week's events, current standings, and the best places to watch.
the bards tale 4 barrows deep available on steam iv release

‘The Bard’s Tale 4: Barrows Deep’ is available now on Steam

From the same developers behind Torment: Tides of Numenera and Wasteland 2, comes a sequel to the classic RPG/dungeon crawler series, The Bard's Tale. With true tactical, phase-based combat, and tough-as-nails dungeon crawling, fans of this niche genre can get the title for PC on Steam now.
everything shown at nintendo direct 2018 september feature

Nintendo announces new Animal Crossing, Final Fantasy ports, and more

It looks like 2019 is going to be a smash hit for the Nintendo Switch! Major announcements were made today during the previously postponed Nintendo Direct that included a new Luigi's Mansion game, a new Animal Crossing game, and new details on Nintendo's upcoming Online Membership.
apple iphone competition for gaming consoles xs max elder scrolls blades and galaga ar big

The new Apple iPhones could be competition for current-gen gaming consoles

At the 2018 Apple iPhone keynote, we got to see how the new A12 processor might make the upcoming mobile phone stiff competition for current-gen gaming consoles. Thanks to high-fidelity sound, high-end gaming graphics, and incredible feedback, mobile gaming is taking on a whole new meaning.
first 18 minutes of destiny 2 forsaken gameplay

The first 18 minutes of ‘Destiny 2: Forsaken’ gameplay

The fall of a hero and the rise of a new enemy -- all that and more is on offer in the first 18 minutes of Destiny 2: Forsaken gameplay, and we have the video proof. Will the Year 2 expansion deliver on its promises to revitalize the series? We have a strong feeling that it will.
marvels spider man city that ever sleeps dlc announced marvel never release dates

‘Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps’ DLC to launch in three parts

Insomniac Games community manager announces the first Marvel's Spiderman DLC called The City That Never Sleeps that features a popular character from the Spider-man universe. Pre-orders for the DLC begin today along with a deluxe edition of the game that comes with bonus content and a neat Spidey pin.
gaming community mourns jacksonville shooting victims gamers mourn

Gamers mourn Jacksonville shooting victims as Madden tournament turns to tragedy

During a Madden NFL 19 tournament on Sunday, David Katz unleashed gunfire on two of his opponents among many others before turning it on himself. Now, the gaming community mourns the loss of two men in esports with bright futures while mulling over how to deal with this tragedy.
battle for azeroth warbringers azshara short

Expect devilish dealings for Azshara in the final ‘Battle for Azeroth’ short

Blizzard reveals the last Battle for Azeroth Warbringers short during Gamescom 2018. This time around, it stars Queen Azshara and we get an up close and personal look at the destruction of her kingdom and the rebirth of one of the most vicious villains in WoW.
best easter eggs in overwatch map busan

‘Overwatch’ Busan map Easter eggs, and where to find them

D.Va's new animated short showing off her impressive MEKA skills came out and along with it, a new Overwatch map on PTR called Busan! Players have found some really cool easter eggs and since the map is only available to a limited amount of people, we're going to show you the best ones we could find!
how to set up the nintendo switch feature

How to set up the Nintendo Switch

Do you have a warzone of Nintendo Switch parts sprawled across your living room floor? Feel like you'll never get to see Hyrule Castle on your TV screen? Well, stop what you're doing, put the pliers down, and let us teach you how to properly set up your Nintendo Switch.
devil may cry 5 release date and combat trailer playable character announcement

Nero shows off his sweet new demon-killing arm in ‘Devil May Cry 5’ trailer

Capcom reveals the release date and an intense new trailer for Devil May Cry 5 during the Xbox Live show at Gamescom 2018. In the trailer, we get to see Nero in action with a pair of new weapons called the Devil Breakers. Dante also makes a brief appearance, showing off a few of his own new tricks.