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Latest by J. Van Camp

Wikipedia founder says app stores are a threat to the Net, site celebrates 10 years

Silicon Valley Museum opens $19m exhibit covering 2,000 years of computing

This future home resembles a giant Slinky, could house 10,000 and float on water

Virginia Tech grad builds an iPhone-controlled beer cannon

Shazam music finding service adds Spotify, a music buying service

Hands-on impressions of the Nokia E7

LaCie shows off mobile streaming in new 5big Backup Server

The future: light-up cereal boxes that report nutrition and soup that heats itself

Forget the Hadron Collider, thunderstorms shoot bursts of antimatter into space every day

Nintendo chief Satoru Iwata to keynote Game Developer’s Conference

Check out this full-length GTA 4 machinima movie

Study: digital piracy Websites get 53 billion visits a year

Daniel Craig to return as 007; Bond 23 to hit theaters in Nov. 2012

Jon Stewart on the liberation of the iPhone, forever known as ‘VZ Day’

Google drops support for H.264 video in favor of WebM

Garmin shows off new iPhone app, 5-inch unit, and GPS for truckers


Complete impressions of the Motorola Xoom tablet, the first real iPad competitor

A complete guide to the Motorola Atrix, a phone + laptop

Kinect will come to PCs, says Microsoft CEO

Hands on with JVC’s full HD 3D camcorder

Sony shows off Killzone 3D with Move Sharp Shooter motion rifle

Sony underwhelms with Google TV at CES

Sony Ericsson Xperia arc

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc: Our first hands-on impressions

Hands-on with the BlackBerry PlayBook, one of the best tablets at CES

Hands on with Verizon debut LG Revolution 4G

Pioneer announces in-dash Facebook and Twitter support, GPS iPhone dock, PAIS

Netgear extends networking beyond PCs, targets 3D TVs and tablets

Toshiba unveils new glasses-free 3D TVs, targets 20 million TV sales

Motion introduces the CL900, a tablet built for the outdoors

Man hacks Kinect to play World of Warcraft with gestures

Paul Allen revises mega patent suit against everyone

Nintendo 3DS is hazardous to the eyes of children

samsung unveils nx11 and wb700 cameras camera thumb

Samsung unveils NX11 and WB700 cameras

Leaked pics of Sony Ericsson ‘Hallon’ Gingerbread handset