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Best Buy is knocking $50 off the Apple Watch Series 3 for a short time

While Amazon may be getting all the glory because of Amazon Prime Day, other retailers have some pretty sweet discounts of their own. Best Buy, for example, is offering the Apple Watch Series 3 at a $50 discount, so if you’ve been holding off on buying one for yourself, then today might be the day.

The list price of the Apple Watch Series 3 starts at $329, but Best Buy’s price comes in at as little as $279 — which is one of the cheapest prices we’ve seen for the Apple Watch Series 3 yet. Add on top of that the fact that Best Buy is offering free shipping, and you have yourself a pretty sweet deal. Of course, you will have to shell out a little more for different variants of the watch — like, for example, if you want a model that has cellular connectivity. The deal ends on Tuesday, July 17.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is Apple’s latest and greatest smartwatch, offering improved processing and even cellular connectivity on some variants. It’s available in a range of colors, with an array of band options too. It’s important to note that Apple is expected to launch an updated version of the Apple Watch in the fall — but it’ll be a while before the “Apple Watch Series 4” hits prices like these.

Best Buy isn’t the only outlet selling the Apple Watch at a discount price. Amazon is selling certain variants of the device at similar prices, though the company also seems to be going through some technical difficulties.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 price slashed at Best Buy — but not for long
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One of the things that immediately stands out about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is its design. Compared to other smartwatches, it has a rounded design, a prominent bezel, and metal construction that closely resembles a traditional watch. In fact, if you're using a classic watch face and pairing it with an elegant leather strap, some people may not even be able to tell that you're wearing a smartwatch at all. This means it can effortlessly blend into various situations, from formal dinners to workouts at the gym. Speaking of the gym, the Galaxy Watch 3 has fantastic health monitoring features, with a built-in pulse oximeter, heart-rate monitor, and maximum oxygen consumption tracker. If you love cardio, there's a run coaching feature you can activate, as well as a tracker for different types of sports activities. At night, it can also monitor your sleep and offer insights on how to get better rest.

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Take the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, for example, one of the best smartwatches on the market right now, second only to the Apple Watch. During Amazon's Prime Day event this year, the price dropped super low, but not everyone got the chance to grab it. Well, it's back to that price right now, which means you can get it (in the 41mm size with GPS and Bluetooth) for $350 with free Prime shipping and free returns.

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