Another Foxconn Employee Dies After 34 Hour Shift

A 28-year-old man has died from exhaustion after working a 34-hour shift at Foxconn, according to a Hong Kong newspaper.

Yan Li, was reported as suffering from shortness of breath, and died at home, shortly after his 34-hour shift, according to his family. Li’s wife of three months (pictured above), claims that these types of long shifts were common. Foxconn has not issued a statement regarding the death.

The news comes after the Chinese government demanded that Hon Hai, the Taiwanese company that owns Foxconn, find a way to curtail the suicides. A high ranking official recommended unions as a solution, and Hon Hai has announced a 20 percent wage raise to its workers, although no date for the pay raisehasbeen set.  The increase would raise monthly wages from $130 to around $160.

So far this year, 11 people have committed suicide, and at least 10 more have attempted suicide at Foxconn. Hon Hai officials still claim to have no idea why its employees continue to kill themselves at an alarming rate, and dispute the accusations of “Sweatshop-like” conditions.  Apple, HP, Dell, Sony and Nintendo all have products manufactured at Foxconn, and all have vowed to investigate working conditions.

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