Virtual Reality

Big screen app could make VR the best place to host LAN parties

Getting yourself to a virtual LAN party will be easier than ever before when BigScreen finally launches on Steam this Thursday. After two years of work, the developers have created a collaborative gaming space that anyone can enjoy in VR.

1666: Amsterdam is back with Assassin’s Creed creator Patrice Désilets

Assassin's Creed creator Patrice Désilets has been returned the rights to 1666: Amsterdam after a long legal fight with his former employer Ubisoft. The property was originally in development at THQ.

Cliffy B: Watching Gears of War 4 is like seeing an ex

Stepping away from any labor of love is difficult, so now that Cliff Blezinski is over at Boss Key making Law Breakers, all he can do is look back at Microsoft's Gears of War 4 and hope it doesn't screw things up.

Blizzard comments on why it shut down Nostalrius fan server

If you don't protect your intellectual property when you can, the law might not be on your side when you need to. That seems to be the case with Blizzard and the fan-run World of Warcraft server Nostalrius, which the publisher recently shut…

AMD’s new dual-GPU card is here, but it’s not built for gamers

AMD is finally ready to unleash the Radeon Pro Duo to VR developers, with a lofty $1,500 price tag, and and a pair of Fiji GPUs at the wheel. Is this the card that puts AMD back on top?

Rock Band 4 gets online multiplayer in paid expansion this fall

A long-requested online multiplayer mode is coming to the co-op band simulation title Rock Band 4 this fall as part of a paid expansion pack, series creator Harmonix announced this week.

Nintendo's new controller patent takes Wii "U" very literally

No, it's not the Xbox 360 steering wheel. Nintendo's new controller patent looks more like a cartoon magnet, a horseshoe or a big "U." Gamers are having a hard time imagining what games are a perfect fit for this particular peripheral.

Gears of War 4 pre-orders open, Season Pass detailed

Microsoft has opened pre-orders for its Xbox One-exclusive third-person shooter Gears of War 4, revealing the contents of the game's Season Pass and bonus-bundled Ultimate Edition.
Movies & TV

Steam chugs into movie rentals with huge Lionsgate deal

Valve's Steam platform has offered up a handful of movies for some time now, but they were mainly either about gaming or were tie-ins like Mad Max: Fury Road. Now the service will offer more than 100 movies from Lionsgate.

Logitech’s display made from 160 LED keyboards is a sight to behold

Have you made your keyboard run fancy light shows when you're AFK? Nothing quite like this one, we'd wager. With 160 Logitech G810 keyboards, Iam8Bit created a short movie for PAX East, showcasing the keyboard's heavy lighting…

YouPorn’s gaming team was just banned from the Electronic Sports League

Team YP has now been banned from the ESL in what may be an attempt for the gaming industry to become more socially acceptable -- and apparently, being acceptable doesn't include having a team that is sponsored by adult entertainment site…

10 best iPad Pro games to make the most of your big screen tablet

Have you just bought a new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, or are enjoying the larger 12.9-inch version? Then don't make it all about work with our line-up of cool games that make the most of that big, beautiful display. Here's 10 to get you started.