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No strings attached: The 10 best wireless Bluetooth headphones

Wireless headphones were once some of the most expensive headphones outside of the audiophile genre, available only to those with deep pockets and enough patience to deal with the then-limited capabilities of wireless technology and battery life. In the past few years, however, the entire headphone industry has seen something of a renaissance, and wireless headsets especially have benefited. Now, you can find a top-notch wireless solution for your listening needs, with high sound fidelity, reliable wireless connections, and comfortable fits that maintain throughout the duration of their long battery lives.

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To make your search easier, we’ve made a list of then ten best Bluetooth headphones you can buy, at a variety of price points and use cases.

In-ear monitors

Phiaton BT 100 NC ($75+)

Phiaton 3

Phiaton has been at the vanguard of the Bluetooth headphone charge for years, and for a reason: its headphones are some of the best. When it comes to in-ear wireless options, the BT 100 NC stays true to the company’s impeccable track record. Armed with Bluetooth 4.0 and AptX support, the BT 100 NC delivers not only superior sound quality, but also the ability to connect multiple devices. Better yet, you’ll be able to focus in on what you’re listening to, thanks to noise cancelling and silicone tips that create a top-notch seal in the ear. At just $120, Phiaton give you a high quality, serene listening experience.

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Sol Republic Shadow ($79+)

Shadow 1

The Sol Rebublic Shadow are meaty suckers. These headphones have a noticeable helping of low-end that boosts the bass of whatever you’re listening to, but never at the expense of the mix. Bass, midrange, and treble all mesh together snugly and audibly — almost as comfortably as the headphones themselves. The around-the-neck design houses the Bluetooth chip, volume and microphone controls, and feels great during prolonged use. Plus, the $100 price tag is easy on the bank account compared to the competition.

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Optoma NuForce BE6 ($98+)

Optoma Thumb

Best known as a projector company, Optoma’s recent purchase of NuForce could have signaled a big change (in the wrong direction) to NuForce’s sound signature. But if the BE6 Bluetooth earbuds are any indication, NuForce’s well-forged audio chops are as sharp and intact as ever. The BE6 manage to avoid the use of a large neck band by placing the electronics in the buds themselves. The BE6 are compact and light enough to be comfortable, and the estimated 6-hour battery life is impressive as well. Of course, the most important measure here is sound quality, and in that regard, the BE6 excel, offering both aptX and AAC codec compatibility, plenty of power, solid dynamic range, and a well-balanced, slightly sparkling sound signature rooted with adequate bass. Also super cool are the magnets on the backs of the buds for securing them together.

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Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless ($131+)

Jabra 1

Admittedly, the Jabra Spot Pulse Wireless is out-paced by most of the other entries on this list when it comes to sheer audio quality. But what we love about these headphones is that they double as a fitness tracker, complete with in-ear heart rate monitor. As we mentioned earlier, the sound quality isn’t great, and that is due to the poor seal from the eartips. We’re willing to bet, however, that you won’t be wringing your hands over noise-bleed in the middle of your sprints, especially when you can still hear the traffic coming.

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Phiaton BT330 NC ($103+)

Phiaton 2

Looking for an over-the-ear option for wireless listening? Look no further than Phiaton’s BT 330 NC. Phiaton has taken the noise-cancelling capabilities of its in-ear BT 100 NC model and applied it to an over-ear model. Thankfully, the collapsible design means the BT 330 NC is still a great option for those on the go. Plus, all the important hardware is stored within the headphones themselves, removing the need for cords dangling around your shoulders. While at $180 the BT 330 NC is pricier than its earbud sibling, it’s no less viable as a prime wireless solution.

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