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DJI’s Mavic Pro packs down to water-bottle size, goes 40 mph, avoids obstacles

DJI's first folding drone is here -- and it's the company's smartest drone yet with new auto-follow features. The Mavic also brings with it an announcement for DJI's first pair of POV flying goggles.

Tesla Model S race car makes its debut, looks to electrify racing fans next year 1:52

The Tesla Model S will be the sole model used in the Electric GT Championship, a new race series launching next year. That's because it's the only electric car suited for race duty.
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Google’s Pixel phones get more details, fun color names ahead of launch 2:46

Plus: Spectacular rumored specs for the Samsung S8, Elon Musk is set to detail his big plans for Mars.

Three puzzle games are winners of the first Google Play Indie Games Festival

Google announced the three winners of the first Google Play Indie Games festival, all three of which are highly addictive puzzle games that are sure to help you pass the time.

From classical to hip-hop, here are the best songs to listen to at work

The perfect soundtrack can make all the difference between a good day of work, and a great one. We've assembled six separate playlists in four distinct genres, allowing you to pick your favorite focus-inducing soundscapes.

Find a parking space easily with Here, if you drive an Audi, BMW, or Mercedes

If you are driving an Audi, BMW, or Mercedes, you already spent enough money on your car. So stop wasting money looking for a parking spot. These luxury car brands will be sharing real-time information with Here.

Wanna throw a poppin’ shindig? Check out our ultimate party songs playlist

We've put together a two-and-a-half-hour list of the best party songs of all time, aiming to enthrall your guests — and maybe start a living room dance-off competition in the process.
Cool Tech

Kickstarter roller coaster construction kit works in conjunction with your Legos

A new Kickstarter project promises to bring roller coaster fans the most realistic, physics-accurate miniature roller coaster kit yet, compatible with regular Lego blocks. Best of all? No queues.

Lenovo’s Yoga 910 laptop will get touchy with customer security thanks to FIDO

Lenovo said that upcoming laptops sporting fingerprint scanners from Synaptics will support the FIDO specification to prevent users from entering passwords. FIDO is supported by a number of online services such as PayPal and Bank of…

Passion and performance: Jaguar’s F-Pace and F-Type SVR are a knockout combo

Jaguar invited Digital Trends to experience the F-Pace crossover on road and the F-Type SVR on track for one memorable mash-up of luxury and performance.

OnePlus wades into direct-to-consumer sales by partnering with O2 in the U.K.

Online-only smartphone maker OnePlus and O2 have inked an exclusive agreement to sell the OnePlus 3 smartphone in the U.K., marking a departure from its typical direct-to-consumer method of selling its phones.

Your Apple Watch will soon play an even bigger part in maintaining your well-being

Apple is prepping some new apps for the Apple Watch, including sleep tracking and fitness level analysis based on your heart-rate data. This data may even be made available to your doctor to aid in medical diagnoses.