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Today is #WorldEmojiDay, because why not?

Countless cultural beliefs and traditions around the world define what we call “holidays” -- so why not add something new that binds all of us to our increasingly tech-centric planet?

Apple’s simplified payment plan to stream music would make life expensive for rivals

Apple proposed a new simplified streaming music payment plan for songwriters and publishers that would make it much more expensive for Spotify and YouTube to offer free music streaming.

Razer's new keyboard for the iPad Pro packs mechanical switches built for PC gamers

Razer has introduced a new mechanical keyboard for the Apple iPad Pro that uses the company's new Ultra-Low-Profile Mechanical switches for a precise feel. The switches are based on Razer's "Green" model, which is built for twitchy PC…

Samsung’s last chance to overturn Apple’s patent case win comes on October 10

It might be Samsung's last opportunity to get out of paying $548 million to Apple, as the Supreme Court will hear arguments on what should be considered for compensation in design infringement cases.

Saddled with cash, Apple’s automotive ambitions may encompass Formula 1

Apple may be involving itself with the automotive industry more than previously assumed. The latest rumors suggest the tech giant is considering an Formula 1 bid.

Supposed Lightning EarPods for iPhone 7 shown in new leak

Apple is widely expected to get rid of the headphone jack in the iPhone 7. So how will you listen to music? If this leak is to be believed, you'll listen through EarPods that have a Lightning connector instead of the usual 3.5mm.

Take that, Apple! Samsung's Galaxy S7 outsells the iPhone 6S

The Galaxy S7 outsold the iPhone 6S in the three months ending in May. However, the two companies together are dominating the mobile phone market, with the ten most popular devices all either Apple or Samsung
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App developers wanted for Apple’s first reality TV series, ‘Planet of the Apps’

Apple is getting ready to enter television, and with 'Planet of the Apps' it wants to show a hundred developers working on something for their platform. Submissions are open to all legal residents of the U.S.

It took a lawsuit for Apple to consider an iPhone repair center in Russia

Thanks to a lawsuit brought against the company in June, Apple is reportedly considering building an iPhone repair center in Russia. Building such a center might increase Apple's share of the Russian phone market.

PCs overcome domestic sales slump while Apple slips behind Asus

New data released on hardware sales figures from the last quarter sees the PC fight back against its longstanding slump, while Asus has now pulled ahead of Apple internationally.

Add style and functionality to your 9.7-inch iPad Pro with these 10 cases

No tablet should be without protection. Check out our favorite cases and covers for the 9.7-inch Pro, so you can add some protection, functionality, and style to your new device.

Watch electronica vet Mark Pritchard whip up iPad beats, show off his new album 9:08

As part of our Tech Hop video series, electronica producer Mark Pritchard tells Digital Trends about his ambitious new album and art installation 'Under The Sun,' then makes a few beats using only an iPad.