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Facebook is radically altering the Like button, adding a range of six reactions emojis 3:27

Facebook is making big changes to the 'Like' button, expanding it to all users to express a range of six different emotions. The Like button is not going away, as some had feared, nor will there be a Dislike button, but these…

Apple fixes the bug causing Safari to crash on Mac and iOS devices

Many users of Safari on Mac and iOS woke up this morning to find the browser crashing every time they tried to search. Apple has now fixed the issue, but it may take some time to reach all affected users. There's still a simple fix to do it…

Want a Galaxy S7? Samsung might offer its own easy upgrade program when the S7 launches

Samsung might be planning its own upgrade program, similar to Apple's iPhone upgrade program in the United States, which may launch alongside the Galaxy S7 in March. The program is expected to start in South Korea and expand later on.

iPhone sales are slowing, but Apple’s profits are growing

In its annual quarterly report, Apple reported that it has sold 74.8 million iPhones in the first quarter of 2016. According to CEO Tim Cook, that's 34,000 iPhones sold every hour, every day, for 13 weeks.

Apple News could soon add paywalls for some publishers

Apple could soon add support for subscription content within its Apple News app. The idea would be to offer users a more seamless in-app experience while giving publishers more opportunities to win new subscribers.

Apple Maps might finally get the one Google feature everyone has been waiting for

Apple Maps might be the most popular navigation app on iOS, but Google Maps has Street View. However, it's possible that Apple could be readying something similar based on hints from the company's website.

Apple’s iOS 9.3 and watchOS 2.2 betas support education, night mode, multiple watches

Apple released developer betas for watchOS 2.2 and iOS 9.3 today, and the highlight includes a new Classroom app for schools using iPads, and multiple watch support when connected to a single iPhone.

A Paint-esque app does exist on your Mac — and here’s how to find it

It might seem like Mac OS X doesn't come with an Apple equivalent to Paint, but it's merely hidden inside Preview. Here's how to find, and use, each tool that comes with the simple image editor.

A fire broke out at Foxconn’s main iPhone plant, but there’s no cause for concern

A fire broke out at Foxconn's main iPhone assembly plant in Zhengzhou, but no casualties were reported and production wasn't affected. It's the fourth such fire in the past seven years.

Willing to spend at least $1,100? Apple has started selling the Hermès Apple Watch online

Apple announced its partnership with Hermès in 2015, and in early 2016, the retail store exclusivity ended with Apple selling the watch through its online store. Good news for fashion fans, but the bad news is you'll still need at least…

Find my iPhone keeps sending concerned owners to the same wrong house in Atlanta

For some (annoying) reason, the generally well-regarded and useful Find My iPhone app has been sending the owners of missing smartphones straight to the Atlanta home of Christina Lee and Michael Saba since February 2015.

Aging iPhone? Speed it up with these 10 tricks

Is your aging iPhone slowing to a crawl? Are you looking for some easy ways to bring your iPhone back up to speed? Step inside for some handy tips and tricks that will likely boost performance.