Apple's new patent describes a curved screen smartphone with touch controls

A newly filed Apple patent hints at a curved-screen smartphone with edge controls. It's the second edge-to-edge handset concept that the company's filed in the past several weeks.

Apple dishes out Pay upgrades with fifth MacOS 10.12 developer beta

Apple released the fifth beta of MacOS 10.12 Sierra to developers, adding a few features such as Apple Pay-compatible device sniffing and a keychain update. It arrives one week after beta four hit developers with emoji changes.

Apple denies price-fixing allegations in Russia as federal agency investigates

The Federal Anti-Monopoly Service, Russia's governing antitrust body, said it was pursuing claims that Apple conspired to price fix iPhones in the country. It's the second time an American tech company has run afoul of the agency this year…

Touch too much: The next MacBook Pro may support fingerprint scanning

Rumors that Touch ID will be coming to Apple's MacBook Pro line later this year are growing louder, alongside the murmurs of a new type of function key that will help set apart the MacBook line once again.

Eddy Cue: Apple's public iOS beta is thanks to Maps' disastrous launch

Apple software and services chief Eddy Cue said the disastrous launch of Apple's homegrown mapping app was the impetus for a public iOS beta. An abundance of data, he implied, was better than none.

As tablet sales tank, Apple finds iPad success from an unlikely source

Tablet sales may be taking a dive, but that doesn't mean that they're disappearing altogether. Apple is finding some serious success with the iPad in the business market, which represents a shift for the company.

Shoot the messenger: Microsoft reignites emoji gun debate with new pistol icon

Microsoft has introduced a pistol emoji as part of its Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The move comes less than a week after Apple announced it was ditching the gun emoji in favor of a water gun icon in iOS 10.

Look ma, no wires: Apple may launch wireless ‘AirPods’ headphones in the fall

Apple is reportedly working on low-power Bluetooth tech that'll power new wireless headphones, according to a report. It could make a debut as early as this fall, but technical delays may push back the planned release window.
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'Game of Thrones' to 'Stranger Things': Apple reportedly crafting streaming TV guide

Apple might not be moving forward with its plans for a pay TV service, but instead it's going for the next best thing: a new type of TV guide that lets users browse shows and movies across a variety of streaming services

Apple’s iOS 9.3.4 update, a security fix aimed at jailbreakers, ready for download

You may have encountered an iOS update from Apple. It's not iOS 10, but rather iOS 9.3.4. The update closes a security loophole that allowed people to jailbreak their device using Pangu tools.

Apple plays catch-up with a bug bounty program coming in September

Apple is finally catching up with other tech giants -- it will launch an invitation-only bug bounty program, with rewards as high as $200,000. The bugs are split into five categories, and the lowest reward is $20,000.

Designers including Calvin Klein file amicus brief supporting Apple in patent case with Samsung

More than 100 design experts, including the likes of Calvin Klein, have submitted an amicus brief supporting Apple in an upcoming case against Samsung. The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in October in the patent case that began…