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2 hit HBO series are among the internet’s most-pirated shows of 2016

HBO keeps creating hit shows, and people keep pirating them. Game of Thrones again topped the list of the year's most-pirated TV shows, and new sci-fi thriller Westworld has joined the list.
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BitTorrent News becomes official with hiring of former CNN producer as news director

In June, a job listing let it slip that BitTorrent was looking to launch a live-streaming TV news network on its newly launched BitTorrent Live platform. Now it has hired Harrison Bohrman as news director of BitTorrent News.

BitTorrent dives into Spotify’s world with on-demand streaming app BitTorrent Now

BitTorrent launched its Bundle platform in 2013 as a way to help artists distribute their work. Now the platform is being renamed as BitTorrent Now, and now offers free streaming of both video and music.
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BitTorrent wants you to watch the election unfold on its live-streaming service

BitTorrent is expanding its live-streaming service with the addition of its very own news channel in time to cover the election this fall. Tentatively titled "BitTorrent News," the network plans to set up its base in San Francisco.
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BitTorrent Live aims to save live-streaming video from lag issues, outages

Streaming video providers aim for massive audiences, but those audiences also drive up costs and can result in latency or even outages. BitTorrent Live, a new live-streaming video platform, aims to fix that.

Learn to download torrents and drown in a deluge of files

Torrent files are a popular download method for many people, but if you're new to them, the process can be confusing. There's also the issue of whether using torrent files is legal. We give you all the information you need to begin using…
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BitTorrent news streaming app OTT News now available for the Apple TV

OTT News is a new streaming app for the Apple TV and mobile devices that offers election news using the BitTorrent Live peer-to-peer technology, rather than relying on expensive content delivery networks.

Putin’s Internet adviser owns a torrent site

Herman Klimenko, Putin's Internet adviser, made headlines when he suggested copyright owners shouldn't "terrorize" Russians. But as it turns out, Klimenko himself owns a torrent site.
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Hollywood just caught some major movie pirates through Facebook, report reveals

Hollywood's anti-piracy group FACT led the UK police to several of the country's most-prolific movie pirates, responsible for illegally sharing 2,500 films online, via the culprits' Facebook profiles.
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There’s now a Popcorn Time for porn

There's now a Popcorn Time for pornography. Porn Time is based on Popcorn Time's peer-to-peer code and works very similar to the torrent app but exclusively for accessing pirated adult content.

Message your friends like a spy with BitTorrent Bleep’s new ‘whisper’ messages

With the release of an iOS app, BitTorrent Bleep is publicly available across all platforms. The company also announced a cool new feature it calls “whispers” yesterday, which are messages that disappear within 25 seconds of being seen.

BitTorrent launches its own Web browser for Windows

BitTorrent has been busy working on a browser that treats websites in the same way as torrents. It's still early days for the software but a beta version for Windows is now available.