Whatsapp blocks links to messaging competitor Telegram

If you use messaging services Whatsapp and Telegram, you may have noticed that Telegram-related links sent in Whatsapp now appear to be treated like spam. The issue came about after a recent Whatsapp update.
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Facebook to offer four months parental leave to all full-time employees

Facebook now offers full-time employees four months parental leave. The new benefits are intended to allow fathers, those in same-sex relationships, and employees in other locations, time to bond with their babies.

Russia plans to build its largest data center on top of a nuclear power plant

While most of the world still balks at the notion of using nuclear energy to power large-scale enterprises, Russia recently announced plans to build what could be its largest data center right on top of the Kalinin nuclear power plant.

Bangladesh bans Facebook and chat apps for being used to carry out crimes

Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber have all been banned in Bangladesh, following an accusation that the chat apps are being used to commit crimes. Civil unrest in the country is high, after the execution of two high-profile…
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Relax, Drake isn’t dead, but his death hoax continues to spread

Rapper Drake is the victim of a new hoax claiming he died in a car accident over the weekend. The hoax may have started in a Buzzfeed Community post and has appeared on the front page of Yahoo News.
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Facebook privacy lawsuit moves up to the Austrian Supreme Court

Facebook will have to answer to privacy claims made in a lawsuit, such as allegations of its involvement with the NSA's PRISM program. Other claims say the company violates EU data protection laws. Now, the Austrian Supreme Court will…
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Facebook tests new tools to help you get over your ex

Facebook is testing a set of new tools for hiding statuses and photos, and editing past statuses and images so you no longer see anything reminding you of the relationship after a breakup.
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Facebook user named ‘Isis’ has her account suspended

It must be a bit of a bummer when you're going about your life quite happily and an international terrorist organization lands on the scene with a name identical to yours. For Isis Anchalee, that very situation recently led to a run-in with…
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Facebook makes giving to charity easier with an integrated ‘Donate’ button 0:46

Facebook's new tools make it easier for users to donate to philanthropic causes and simpler for nonprofits to track their fundraising goals. They're rolling out in the US to start.
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Marc Andreessen just dumped a whole lot of Facebook stock — should anyone be worried?

You know who just unfriended Facebook? Marc Andreessen, who went ahead and sold 1.5 million shares of Facebook stock over the course of the last two weeks, valued at around $160 million.
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Facebook quickly turns on ‘Safety Check’ following deadly bombing in Nigeria

Facebook has activated its "Safety Check" feature after a deadly bombing in Nigeria, the second time it has done so for an event that isn't a natural disaster. The company says it will start using the service more for human conflicts.
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Justin Bieber may have broken Instagram, but Facebook fixed it

In the past, every time Justin Bieber posted an image or video to Instagram, it would receive so many likes that the platform would slow to a crawl. But the problem has been fixed when it moved to Facebook's servers.