WhatsApp nears one billion users

WhatsApp founder Jan Koum has announced another milestone for the messaging service, reaching 900 million users earlier today. It took four months to move from 800 to 900 million active monthly users.


Google accused of gaming search results in favor of advertisers in India

They're two of the biggest tech companies, so there's naturally competition between Google and Facebook. But things are getting nasty in India, where Google is being accused of gaming search results, and Facebook is testifying against them.


DT Daily: iPhone 6S launch, Facebook milestone

We now know that the next iPhone will be unveiled to the world on September 9th, but what's going to be inside Apple's next flagship phone?

DT Daily

‘1 in 7 people on Earth’ used Facebook on Monday, Zuckerberg proclaims

A billion people used Facebook on a single day this week, a massive number whatever way you look at it. In a post announcing Monday's extraordinary stat, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made clear he isn't stopping there, though we kind of knew that anyway.

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Police arrest wanted man that posted his location on Facebook

Probably someone that shouldn't be allowed to carry a smartphone anymore, a man wanted for harassment via text messages posted his location on Facebook and led the local authorities right to him.

Social Media

Facebook launches M, a virtual assistant with a human element

Google Now, Siri, and Cortana better watch their backs because there is a new sheriff in town. Facebook's M aims to be the best virtual assistant by combining artificial intelligence and actual human beings.


Facebook Moments update makes it easy to create and share music video of your pictures

Today's update to the Facebook Moments app might entice you to finally try it out. Share pictures with your friends and the app will automatically create a mini music video from the collection.

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The art of communication in the 21st century — it’s not your grandma’s scene

According to a recent Pew Research study regarding mobile messaging and social media in 2015, both Instagram and Pinterest have seen their user base numbers double in the last three years.

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Facebook inspired this CBS sitcom from Will & Grace co-producer Jhoni Marchinko

In a new untitled CBS comedy, 20-somethings will use Facebook's "People You May Know" feature to find new friends. While attempting to portray plugged-in youth culture, we expect it will fall short.

Movies & TV

Facebook updates Notes in move to get you blogging again

Facebook is testing a redesigned version of its somewhat forgotten Notes feature to make it easier for users to create and read longer-form stories on the social networking service. In short, Facebook wants you to get blogging again.

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Woman fined for posting Facebook photo of cop car in disabled space

Spotting a cop car parked in a space reserved for disabled drivers, a woman in south-west Spain saw red and posted an image of the perceived transgression on her Facebook page. Taking offense to the post, the cops decided to take action....

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Stories you missed this week: Tinder dumps its CEO, Samsung’s dueling Galaxies

It can be challenging to keep track of everything that happens in the tech world. That's why, we have compiled a list of the top 10 tech stories from this week — just for you.


Bitmoji leaps out of Facebook and smartphones, now a Chrome extension

Bitmoji, the app for creating those humorous avatar emojis, is now available as a Chrome extension. Now, in addition to iOS, Android, and Facebook, users can use Bitmojis on the Web.


Hilarious troll poses as Target on Facebook to address gender-neutral complaints

After Target became the brunt of a number of rather ignorant attacks for its decision to move towards gender-neutral labeling of its toy products, Facebook user Facebook user Mike Melgaard decided he had enough.

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News junkies, Facebook’s next standalone app may focus on breaking news alerts

In case you news junkies don't already have enough breaking news alerts landing on your handset, Facebook could be ready to step in with a new standalone app geared toward sending out news alerts from a variety of media outlets.