Facebook Messenger gets international money transfers via TransferWise bot

Facebook now lets you transfer money overseas directly from within Messenger. The feature, touted as a first for the messaging platform, comes courtesy of a new chatbot developed by London-based payments service TransferWise.
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In lengthy post, Zuckerberg details new ways Facebook is combating fake news

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg just shared a lengthy post that reads like a mission statement. The 6,000-word note covers everything from fake news to civicengagement, as well as how Facebook can play a role in fixing these (and other) global…

15 seconds of fame: Add yourself to Maroon 5's latest music video using your phone

To help promote its latest single, Cold, Maroon 5 has partnered with shared media company Vivoom to allow fans to upload a 15-second video onto the group's website and have it inserted into the music video.
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Facebook harnesses the power of business pages for new job openings tool

Looking for work? You can now add Facebook to the long list of career sites that can help you find a new job. On Wednesday, the company announced it is launching a new jobs bookmark on its mobile apps and the web.
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Facebook goes all-in on video with latest update, new app for TV

Facebook is rolling out new playback features on its mobile app, like autoplay sound and picture-in-picture, and introducing another video app for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung Fire TV.
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Facebook scores Mexican soccer league live-streams courtesy of Univision deal

Sports live-streams on Facebook just received a huge boost thanks to the site's latest deal with Univision to stream soccer games from Mexico's Liga MX, the most-watched soccer property in the United States.
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Facebook meets with record labels in bid to steal YouTube’s music video crown

Facebook is meeting with record labels and chasing song licensing deals to position itself as the premier site for music videos. There is just one (giant) obstacle that stands in its way: YouTube.
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Cheap date: Tinder will reward your emoji-only story with Valentine’s Day cash

Tinder has started a contest to reward people with funds for Valentine's Day dates to whomever gives the best date proposals using nothing but emojis. Tinder will spend a total of $10,000 to reward up to $500 to each winning…

Facebook and Oculus are working on gloves for finger tracking in virtual reality

Facebook CEO and Oculus VR owner Mark Zuckerberg recently toured the Oculus Research Lab and used prototype gloves for virtual reality. He also showcased other parts of the facility including a "clean room" and an anechoic chamber.
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Facebook now lets you check the weather forecast on mobile and desktop

Facebook's new tool is here to replace the weather app on your phone or desktop. Facebook Weather is the first time the social network has offered a full-fledged forecast, complete with customization options and notifications.
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Snap makes key hire to ensure no one copies Snapchat features again

Snap Inc. isn’t happy about Facebook stealing Snapchat's features. To ensure its products are safe from plagiarism, the company has hired a security expert whose startup specializes in protecting software from reverse-engineering.
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Facebook to start testing AI review system for discriminatory advertising

Facebook is continuing its efforts to ensure nobody uses its tools to create biased ads that exclude people based on ethnicity. On Wednesday, the company announced updates to its ad policies to combat discrimination and educate marketers.