Oculus Rift VR will finally hit store shelves early next year

Oculus has finally announced consumer release plans for its virtual reality hardware. Pre-ordering will open later this year, with a release in 2016 to follow, but the device's final specifications haven't been announced just yet.


Those living in low-income nations will get a chance to develop apps and websites, which could open up new opportunities

Developing nations are still struggling to get online and participate in the Internet, but the Internet.org platform could open up the Web to those who might not otherwise get the opportunity.

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Meerkat embraces Facebook, distances itself from Twitter

An update to Meerkay announced over the weekend introduces Facebook support, allowing users to log in with their Facebook account and post notices of upcoming streams as well as currently airing streams directly to Facebook.

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Virtual reality is lonely, but it doesn’t have to be

Virtual reality is a lonely place right now, but it doesn't have to be. With Facebook's buy out of Oculus VR early last year, it has the potential to make VR the truly social experience it has the potential to be.


Facebook might soon let you choose your favorite friends

The latest in Facebook's never-ending series of test tweaks to the News Feed is one that allows you to pick the people and pages that you want to see more of whenever you log into the site.

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Genius arrested after liking his own wanted ad on Facebook

A man found himself in handcuffs after liking a local Facebook post of his own wanted ad.

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Remember LiveJournal? The blogging site from 1999 still has fans

While all the popular social networks reported growth in the first quarter of 2015, one of them may surprise you: LiveJournal. Created in 1999, the once-popular community blog apparently still has a following.

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Facebook’s new suicide prevention feature can help you save lives

Facebook has always had tools to report suicidal content. Now, Facebook users can actively take part in helping prevent suicide that might start off as a social media post.

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Citing threats, F.B.I. tells cops to be careful on social media

After the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody, the F.B.I. released a warning to police of possible cyber attacks by "hacktivists." Cops were told to limit their social media activities.

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Goodbye Skype? Facebook adds free video calling to Messenger

Ideal for anyone that's a power user of the Facebook Messenger application, the social network has launched support for a new video calling feature that works on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

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Google and Facebook launch tools to help find people affected by the Nepal earthquake

Google and Facebook have launched tools to help people find and track friends and relatives in the areas affected by Saturday’s tragic magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Nepal, which killed more than 2,200 people.


Facebook’s caller ID app Hello just made ignoring phone calls a whole lot easier

Facebook is launching a caller ID tool for Android called "Hello." The new app from the social media giant is intended to evolve the phone call and improve on the existing caller ID system.


Brands be gone! Facebook pushes your friends’ posts to the top of your News Feed

Facebook is rolling out some updates to the News Feed that will hopefully result in more relevant posts from your friends showing up in the feed. Posts from brands will be given less priority.


New app Clear helps you look like a good person, whether you are or not

Ethan Czahor lost his dream job working as the CTO of Jeb Bush's political operations thanks to old tweets. In order to make sure this doesn't happen to you, his new app Clear scours your social media history for offensive content.

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Move over Viber, WhatsApp can make calls now, too

The popular messaging app WhatsApp has just released a voice calling feature for iOS, after having rolled it out on Android a month ago.