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Boy who was reported missing only existed on Facebook

In what has been described as a "very modern-day story," police in France have called off a search for a missing boy after it was discovered that he only existed in the form of a Facebook profile.

Paper 1.1 continues Facebook’s evolution on mobile

Facebook's alternative mobile app — still US only, for the time being — has been given a significant upgrade. Birthdays, events and photo comments are all now enabled alongside many other tweaks.

Facebook will soon let you share your exact location with Nearby Friends

Facebook just introduced Nearby Friends, a new feature that would let your friends know whenever you're in their immediate area. Before you protest, be informed that you would have to turn on the feature yourself.

Restaurant researches diners on Google, social media before reservation

Definitely a high tech, if not invasive, way to learn about your guests, NYC restaurant Eleven Madison Park uses Google to search for guests in order to learn about important dates, hometowns and interests.

The FTC is still as worried about Facebook’s privacy issues as we are

The FTC cleared Facebook's purchase of WhatsApp, but only under one condition: that users' privacy and information be respected and properly protected. Read on to learn more.

Facebook is getting more aggressive with hiding News Feed spam

Attempting to squash Facebook's problem of user-generated spam, the social network has rolled out new guidelines that will tweak the News Feed algorithm in order to feature more high quality content.

Twitter to launch pop-up notifications for the Web

Potentially annoying if you have a huge number of Twitter followers that respond to your tweets, a new notifications system will inform users when a tweet is replied to, retweeted or marked as a favorite tweet.

Facebook to force users into Messenger by removing chat from main app

Definitely a change worth noting for heavy Facebook mobile users, the social network plans to push users into the Messenger application be removing the ability to send, receive and read messages within the core app.

Twitter starts rolling out Facebook-like user profile redesign

Likely to cause significant discussion among the Twitter community, the social network has started pushing out a site redesign that brings the site more in line with Facebook and Google+.

Oculus VR exec John Carmack weighs in on Facebook acquisition

Oculus VR Chief Technology Officer and id Software co-founder John Carmack expresses optimistic surprise in his first public comment following the recent Facebook acquisition.

Study: 30 percent of U.S. adults get their news from the Facebook feed

Influenced by the increased number of news networks posting stories on Facebook, more U.S. adults are getting exposed to news stories on the Facebook feed and some Americans prefer it.

Oculus backers feel betrayed, but Facebook may still be its best shot at VR domination

Facebook’s $2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR has put the company’s founders in hot water with early backers, but they may not understand the precarious situation it found itself in.

Will Mark Zuckerberg use his Internet-laser drones for good or for evil?

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg plans to use "drones, satellites, and lasers" to supply Internet to those without access. Are we seeing the birth of a great humanitarian – or a super-villain?

Facebook drones, satellites and lasers can bring Internet to all, says Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg has offered more details on his plan to bring the Internet to "everyone." Working with big-name mobile companies, as well as aerospace tech experts, the Facebook boss says "drones, satellites and lasers" can help deliver the Web to the world.

As Oculus found out, ‘selling out’ isn’t just for bands anymore

Musicians no longer have to worry about "selling out" to make a buck. But thanks to the importance of the gadgets we love, Facebook's acquisition of Oculus VR shows tech companies now do.

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