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The generation most likely to share content on Facebook? Baby boomers

And now, thanks to a study conducted by Fractl, we have a slightly better understanding as to the sharing habits and motivations for sharing on Facebook. In a recent survey, the content marketing agency surveyed 2,000 Facebook users.
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Facebook clarifies Live video censorship guidelines in the wake of graphic video

Facebook has released a statement in which it addresses Live video censorship in regards to violent or graphic images, and its approach to content moderation. The platform has come under fire over reports that it initially censored a…
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Facebook Messenger unveils Secret Conversations and self-destructing messages 2:11

Facebook starts the roll out an end-to-end encryption feature for Messenger, but how long will it be until all users have access?

Facebook's end-to-end encrypted feature goes live in Messenger for select few

Facebook is testing a new feature that will make your messages in Messenger more secure thanks to end-to-end encryption. Law enforcement, criminals, and even Facebook will not be able to intercept these messages.
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IRS sues Facebook over 2010 asset transfers it made to Ireland

Facebook has gotten itself into a bit of a mess with the IRS after failing to comply with a request for information regarding a 2010 asset transfer to Ireland. The IRS has now sued the social media giant.
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An algorithm can predict how smart you are based on your Facebook photo

Researchers at the Psychometrics Centre at the University of Cambridge have devised an algorithm for predicting how smart someone is by looking at their social media profile picture.
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Have a question for the TSA? Now you can ask it on Facebook Messenger

The TSA started taking questions by way of Facebook Messenger on Thursday morning. It's the first federal agency to introduce a customer service platform on the social media site.
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Facebook to start testing in-app video downloads in India

Facebook is preparing to test an exclusive feature in India that will let users download videos on to its app over Wi-Fi to view offline at their discretion. The trial is due to be rolled out to a limited selection of users on July 11.

Facebook’s OpenCellular makes it easier to start your own mobile network

Facebook's OpenCellular, an open-source hardware and software initiative, aims to lower barriers to entry for small mobile providers in developing nations. It's part of the social network's broader initiative to extend internet access to…
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Facebook is a ‘monster’ that obstructs terror investigations, says Israel’s Interior Minister

Israel's Interior Minister has labeled Facebook a "monster" that is deterring terror investigations by not taking down extremist content from its platform. The damning allegations were made during a TV interview.
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Ex-Facebook employee says company ordered women to avoid ‘distracting clothing’

Former Facebook product manager Antonio Garcia Martinez has released a new book that details the "oppressive" conditions at the social network, particularly for female workers. Martinez worked at the company for two years before being…
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Facebook's Messenger platform now has quick replies, video support and more

Hot on the heels of news that Messenger now has 11,000 bots, Facebook has added a slew of features to the platform, including ratings and quick replies. The features should help improve user engagement with bots.