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What’s Tsu.co? Facebook doesn’t want you to know

Tsu.co, seen as a competitor to the Zuckerberg empire, is apparently so despised by Facebook that you literally cannot even post about it, even in a private message. Try it -- you'll get the same message I did.
Cool Tech

Get drunk on yourself: This bartending robot will make a cocktail based on your unique personality

A bartending robot called Social Shot brews custom cocktails to represent individual personality traits based on data collected from Facebook. Ingredients are paired with Big Five personality traits so you can get drunk on…
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Facebook’s Music Stories allows iPhone users to share snippets on News Feeds

The social media giant will integrate 30-second clips of songs from Spotify and Apple Music on newsfeeds for its iOS app, making for a convenient way to share streaming music from your iPhone.
Social Media

A seventh of the world’s population visits Facebook every day

Facebook has confirmed that one billion people view their News Feed everyday, and 1.4 billion people check on mobile once a month. That puts Facebook in a category only Google and Tencent can match.
Social Media

Facebook AI Research teams share new milestones and developments 3:00

Facebook's AI Research team is working on a number of developments including groundbreaking research that gives machines the technology to provide images with descriptions allowing blind people to see what's going on.
Movies & TV

Free stream! Starz posts first episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead on Facebook

If you missed the premiere of Starz's Ash vs. Evil Dead on Halloween, fear not. Thanks to the comedy horror show's official Facebook page, the first episode is now available for free streaming.

Facebook testing a Local Markets feature to rival Craigslist

If you've got something to sell, you can go to eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, Etsy, and many other places on the Web to do just that — and now Facebook is working on something similar too.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg pledges to put an end to Candy Crush spam

During a Q&A session at the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi this week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg vowed to significantly scale back unsolicited game messages exchanged between users on the social networking site.
Social Media

In the future, social media and A.I. will keep us alive forever

Social media histories will one day be used to create 3D digital lives, allowing the deceased to socialize and communicate with loved ones -- essentially keeping them alive forever.
Social Media

NatGeo continues to dominate among social brands, beating NBA, People, Playboy

According to recent data, NatGeo continues to dominate other brands online regarding social actions on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and might easily retain its lead in the future.

Facebook soars ahead of Google and Tencent on iOS App Store

Facebook's social apps are now the most popular in the world, and are dominated the iOS App Store charts in the third calendar quarter, passing Tencent and Google in total downloads.

Facebook wants to give its workers a taste of India’s struggle with 2G Tuesdays

It is all too easy to think that everyone experiences the Internet in the same way, but Facebook wants its developers to understand the struggles in countries with super-slow connection speeds.