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Everything you need to know about the Facebook Trending Topics bias controversy

Facebook is in hot water over recent reports suggesting that it shows bias in the Trending Topics feed. But what does that mean for Facebook, Facebook's partners, and you? Here's everything you need to know about the issue.
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Here’s what Mark Zuckerberg has to say about Facebook’s ‘news bias’ controversy

Mark Zuckerberg has commented for the first time on Facebook's "news bias" controversy, claiming no evidence of wrongdoing has been uncovered while insisting that "rigorous" rules for news on the site prevent the prioritization of one…
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Facebook pitfalls every grown adult should avoid in order to maintain online integrity

Preserve your online integrity by following our top tips for Facebook users. These are the social media pitfalls all self-respecting adults must avoid at all costs, from posting drunken-night photos to religious banter.
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Leaked documents show editors, not algorithms, decide Facebook’s Trending Topics

According to leaked documents obtained by The Guardian, Facebook lets editors, not algorithms, decide which topics should and should not appear on Trending Topics. Facebook previously denied editorial bias in Trending Topics.

360-degree photos, not just video, will soon be shareable on Facebook

After months of being able to share 360 degree videos, the chance to share 360 degree still photos on Facebook is almost here. Plus, a new button will let you quickly view them on your Gear VR headset.

Facebook to boost web security with open-sourced Capture the Flag contests

If you fancy the idea of running your own Facebook-inspired, Capture the Flag security contest with students, school children or just friends, it's now easier than ever, as Facebook has open-sourced the tools it uses to make them a reality.

Instagram reinvents itself with clean new design and icon in latest update

After more than five years, Instagram is unveiling a new identity and app design. Usability remains the same, but the app now features a simple black-and-white scheme that acts as a blank canvas to color photos.
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Facebook had to dumb down Moments for Europe and Canada — here’s why

Facebook has launched Moments in Europe and Canada, but there's something missing from the app -- it's a bit dumber. Why? Privacy laws, of course. Because of these, the company has had to remove its facial recognition tech from the app.
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Claims that Facebook suppressed conservative news spur letter from Senate panel

The Senate Commerce Committee wants to know more about how Facebook's Trending Topics feature works, after claims saying the company suppresses conservative news surfaced. Facebook has a deadline of May 24 to respond.
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Facebook denies ex-employees’ accusations that it suppresses conservative news

Facebook has released a statement denying that it prevents news from conservative media outlets from appearing on its trending feed. The claims were attributed to former employees in a recent report on the platform's top-secret news…
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Facebook and Oculus exec leaving to work on wearable MRI

Facebook and Oculus head engineer Mary Lou Jepsen will be leaving for start-up Open Water to develop a wearable MRI. The aim is to reduce size and price to make MRIs more accessible to help people. Next step is work brain images paired with…
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What happens to your social media accounts after you die?

Legislation just out of committee in California may finally put some structure on how social media accounts are handled when a user dies. The three-stage process in AB 691 gives you two ways to specify ahead of time how your account will be…