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Facebook in talks with partner countries for internet-serving drone trials

Facebook is currently in talks with multiple countries to host trials of its internet-serving Aquila drones. Thousands of its drones could take to the skies by 2018, according to the company.

Facebook debuts Messenger Lite, the slimmer sibling to the Messenger app

Facebook Messenger just went on a diet and it is to the benefit of users with slower internet speeds and older Android smartphones. On Monday, the social media platform debuted Messenger Lite.

You can now buy and sell things on Facebook using its Marketplace feature

Sketched out by Craigslist? Overwhelmed by eBay? Try Facebook instead. On Tuesday, the social media site expanded its functionality once again, and has now dipped its toe into the waters of digital commerce.

MTV made music videos cool. Technology will make them epic

Music videos are never going to look the same again with artists making them interactive, putting them in virtual reality and social media. Digital Trends explored the future of music videos with directors and content creators pushing those…
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Scandinavian cool: Inside Facebook’s Arctic data center

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has shared the first detailed look inside the firm's Lulea data center, located just 70 miles south of the Arctic Circle. The massive facility is the size of six football fields.
Cool Tech

The world’s biggest tech giants go all in on AI

The biggest names in tech are teaming up to form a new organization dedicated to advancing the public’s understanding of machine learning. The Partnership on AI is a non-profit whose members include Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM, and…
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Germany to WhatsApp — stop sharing private user data with Facebook

A month after the messaging giant made a controversial decision to share member information with parent company Facebook, Hamburg's data protection commissioner has weighed in on the controversy.
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Facebook opens profile expression kit as it looks to add more Snapchat-style filters

It's getting harder to tell your various social media networks apart. And now that Facebook is engaging in new efforts to make your profile picture look more like a Snap photo or a Vine video, it's only becoming more confusing.
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Facebook will prompt you to vote over the next four days

Facebook is launching its first nationwide voter registration drive in an attempt to urge users in the U.S. to get out and vote. Get ready to see a colorful "registration" reminder on your News Feed over the coming days.
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Facebook apologizes to ad clients for exaggerating video viewing times

Facebook released a new statement apologizing to it s ad clients for overestimating the average viewing times for videos on its site for two years. Reports claim the numbers could have been inflated by a whopping 60-80 percent.

You can now create polls, pay your debts to friends in Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is getting an update with a new feature that will now detect when you need to pay people back and prompt you to do so. The app also now allows group polls, so you can easily figure out what to get to dinner.
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Mark Zuckerberg is about to spend $3 billion trying to cure all diseases

As part of the work of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative set up by himself and wife Priscilla last year, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has pledged $3 billion for scientific work aimed at curing "all diseases in our children's lifetime."