Future Technology

With every answer, search reshapes our worldview

What belongs at the top of your search results? Algorithms have evolved over decades to overcome the shortcomings of different metrics, but as the recent controversy over Google’s Holocaust search results demonstrated, the ones we have…

This video shows how Microsoft plans to add holograms to your daily life

What might the future of productivity look like? Microsoft thinks it'll include hyper-advanced digital assistants, wearables with gesture controls and touchscreens everywhere, including the walls of your office.

Multiferroic memory could slash RAM power consumption – a decade from now

Researchers at Cornell University have discovered how to make memory from a synthetic material called bismuth ferrite which can store data without an electrical current constantly applied.

A look at the future of hands-free computing

Sci-fi writers have dreamed for decades of computers that interface through voice and movement instead of buttons and toggles. This vision has been elusive, but there's reason to think it's close to reality.

Caltech researchers create ‘self-healing’ computer chip that can fix itself

A team of Caltech researchers have come up with a power amplifier that can automatically troubleshoot and fix itself within micro-seconds. Could a self-repairing computer be far behind?

Futuristic Fashion: Pilates shirts that vibrate when you screw up and a cape that hides you from drones

Lady Gaga's clothes might look like they came right out of The Jetson's, but they sure can't hold a candle to these cell signal blocking, drone-proof garments and wearable computing clothes.

Forget laptops, but don’t fall for tablets: Hybrids are the future of computing

Tablets are enjoying growth, yet their days are already numbered. Hybrids – devices that dock with multiple peripherals – will soon be the master computer.

Why ‘good-enough’ computing could be a fluke

Will the concept of "good-enough" computing be relevant in the future? Or will it vanish as new technologies – and possibilities – arrive?

Destination, home: How fully autonomous driving might come sooner than we think

The sci-fi dream of cars that drive themselves is finally becoming reality, but when will we finally be able to nap behind the wheel? We take a closer look at the promise of autonomous driving, the hurdles manufacturers have yet to clear…

Fear the self-driving living room: When will in-car tech go too far?

Car manufacturers may be rushing to pile cars with gadgets and automation to ease commutes, but when does too much isolation from driving become dangerous?

IBM forecasts biometric passwords, mind-reading tech for 2016

IBM's annual technology forecast that biometrics will replace passwords, the digital divide will vanish, and smartphones will read your mind -- all in the next five years.