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Mending Maps: iOS users turning increasingly to Apple Maps over Google’s offering

Apple Maps was so rotten when it launched last year that there was really only one direction it could go in. With the company's ongoing improvement project making some headway, it seems iPhone owners are warming to the app in increasing…

Google Maps gets big update, adding Earth Tours, Waze, and more

Google is gradually building up the features on its all-new Maps tool for desktop, on Wednesday rolling out a sizable update featuring Earth Tours, Waze data, step-by-step street-level route previews, and the return of Pegman.

Don’t laugh! Microsoft has Google beat on maps, but you would never know it

Despite what you've heard, Bing is better than Google – at least when it comes to maps. The images are better, and the directions are less glitchy. But if Microsoft wants to take advantage of its superior product, it needs to make mobile…

Google seeks to attract small businesses with Maps Engine Pro tool

Google announced Maps Engine Pro on Monday, a tool aimed at small businesses that enables map-based visualization of company-related data "to help make decisions, organize information, and plan operations using Google Maps.”

Google Maps gets multiple destinations, resrvation info, and upcoming events

When Google rolled out its all-new Maps interface for the Web in July, multiple destination functionality disappeared. Well, it's back, along with a couple of other brand new features.

Google launches City Expert program to compete with Yelp

Looking for a way to attract higher quality reviews to the Google+ Local and Google Maps platforms, Google is searching for city experts to create authoritative reviews for businesses in major cities.

How to share your Google photo spheres with ‘Views’

Add your own Google View, a 360-degree "photo sphere" panorama, to Google Maps from your Android 4.2 device or using a DSLR and stitching software. It's easy, actually, and we'll show you how it's done.

Google Map Maker vs. OpenStreetMap: Which mapping service rules them all?

Which is the better mapping community for amateur cartographers? We take the battle between Google Map Maker and OpenStreetMap to the streets to find out.

Review: Google Maps 2.0 comes to iOS, reroutes us from Apple Maps

Google rolled out a major update to Google Maps for Android last week and this week, iOS owners can get in on the fun. New features like live traffic updates, new in-app navigation, Zagat reviews, and more. The app is now optimized for…

Google opens new Maps web interface to all, brings Earth integration and more

Google has opened its newly designed Maps web interface to all users – until now you needed an invitation to check out the new look, which was unveiled at I/O in May. It's still at the preview stage, so expect tweaks before the full…

Hands on: Google Maps for Android gets a makeover and new card interface

The latest version of Google Maps for Android devices appears like the richest update yet. Live traffic updates, dynamic rerouting, Zagat reviews, and more are the biggest roadside attractions when navigating around this app.

Don’t worry, offline maps are still in Google Maps for Android (Updated)

Google has removed the option to cache offline maps in the latest version of its Google Maps Android app, but don't worry, as it has added in a hidden feature which lets you do something similar, and here's how it's done.