Judge finds Apple didn't violate wiretap laws in failing to deliver iMessages to Android phones

A federal judge has dismissed a suit alleging that Apple, in retaining and failing to deliver iMessages to Android phones, violated the wiretap and electronic records laws.

Apple concerned that UK Snooper’s Charter will hurt law-abiding citizens

Apple has voiced its opinion on the U.K. Snooper's Charter, a bill that comprehensively changes Internet privacy and security. The bill is currently in the committee stage, in which people and businesses can comment.

Apple job listing teases further ventures into the world of Android

With Apple already set to release Apple Music for Android this fall, the company might look to release more of its apps for Google's mobile platform, if a recent job listing is anything to go by.

Despite FBI whining, iMessage isn’t invincible after all, researcher claims

The FBI has claimed that criminals are "going dark" behind a wall of encryption on services like iMessage, but computer-security researcher Nicholas Weaver isn't convinced.

AT&T and Google want access to the secret docs in Apple’s iMessage suit

A suit against Apple and its iMessage service has been ongoing, but a new twist has developed. Both AT&T and Google filed motions that give them access to secret documents, which could result in more litigation.

Decode this: The U.K. says it doesn’t want to ban encryption after all

UK Prime Minister David Cameron says he does not intend to ban encrypted messaging apps despite his earlier statements to the contrary.

iMessage and FaceTime security boosted with extra layer of protection

Apple has boosted security for iMessage and FaceTime by adding another layer of protection using an app-specific password. The system will start working for those who've already enabled two-step authentication with their Apple ID accounts.

New screenshots show how Skype will work in Windows 10

With Skype in Windows 10, Microsoft is looking for one communications platform to rule them all across desktop, Web and mobile — and it's been showing off preview images to prove it.

iMessage: Judge orders Apple to face lawsuit over disappearing text messages

Apple's iMessage problem just won't go away. After rolling out a fix for a long-running issue where text messages were going missing for users switching to Android from iOS, a judge has ruled that the tech giant must now face a lawsuit over…

Apple has fixed the big bug with iMessage, sort of

Missing text messages has been a problem for some ex-iPhone users ever since Apple launched its iMessage app back in 2011. Now, with the launch over the weekend of a new Web tool, Apple is hoping to finally put the issue to bed.

Apple’s iMessage fix could end headaches if you move to Android

Apple may finally fix a major bug in iMessage that has plagued platform switchers for years. The new update should resolve the issue that prevented former iPhone users from receiving text messages from friends still using iMessage.

Want to text on flights? Southwest offers an inexpensive iMessage plan

Definitely ideal for anyone that carries around an iPhone or iPad, Southwest has launched access to a cheap service on Wi-Fi enabled planes that enables Apple's iMessage for the entire flight.