It’s all in the hands: smartphone-powered UpLamp responds to your gestures

Ready to work with select iPhones and Samsung smartphones, UpLamp provides gesture-controlled bedroom lighting. The lamp is also a phone charger. UpLamp automatically detects when you're asleep and awakens you gently with the…

It looks like a luggage tag, but Native Union’s Tag Cable has a handy secret

Never have a charging cable with you when you need one? Solve the problem in a very stylish way with the Native Union Tag Cable, which attaches to your bag like a high-tech luggage tag.

Apple’s legal woes continue as Caltech sues for alleged Wi-Fi patent infringement

Apple's time in court is far from done, as the company was sued by the California Institute of Technology for possible Wi-Fi patent infringement. The university called for a jury trial and a sales injunction against the offending products.

Apple’s next big iPhone update could come in 2017, not 2016

If you were expecting the upcoming fall iPhone to blow you out of the water, think again. Apple may switch its major iPhone cycle to once every three years, which would bring the next big upgrade to 2017, not 2016.

India bars Apple from selling refurbished iPhones within its borders

India denied Apple's request to sell refurbished iPhones in the country. According to the Indian government, just because the iPhones will be sold directly from Apple doesn't exempt the company from separate regulatory requirements.

How to factory reset an iPhone (any generation) 1:21

Resetting an iPhone can alleviate all sort of software woes, and wipe any info you might want to pass on. Here's how to do so, whether you intend to reset your device using iTunes or your iPhone.

12 of the hottest iPhone keyboards

Apple allowed third-party keyboard integration with iOS 8, and now, there are scores of alternative keyboards on the market. Here's a rundown of all our favorites, from SwiftKey and Swype to Fleksy.

23 annoying problems with iOS 9, and how to fix them

Apple’s updates always bring new features, not to mention a few software issues. Here are the most common iOS 9 problems that users are reporting, along with some handy advice on how to work around them or fix them entirely.

How to make a contact group on iPhone 2:09

Learn how to set up contact groups in your iPhone to separate groups of people into lists for simpler and quicker communication. You can use iCloud or an alternative app from the iOS App Store.

Alphabet exec Eric Schmidt uses an iPhone, but thinks the Galaxy S7 is better

Given his deep involvement with Google, it's somewhat of a surprise to hear that Alphabet executive chairman Eric Schmidt actually uses an iPhone -- and he's proud of it. Still, the former Google CEO says Samsung's Galaxy S7 is the superior…

OtterBox jumps on the modular train with a stylish iPhone case

OtterBox is doing something different with its new Universe Case System: modules. It still offers some decent protection, but swapping out upgrades is the priority. The amount of module support puts LG's G5 and Friends platform to shame.

Quick, there’s a prototype iPhone 6 for sale on eBay

What's claimed to be a prototype iPhone 6 has been put up for sale on eBay. The device differs in several ways from a model you'd buy in a shop, and is currently attracting bids of at least $5,000.