Gangs, drugs, and guns keep the pressure on Apple

New criminal cases keep the Department of Justice focused on court action to require Apple's help unlocking phones. An federal encryption bill is on the way with far-reaching consequences that have all parties concerned.

Microsoft wins the race against Google to offline translation on iOS

Google may be considered the king of translation apps, but Microsoft has something that Google doesn't -- offline translation on iOS. The new feature has launched with a whopping 46 languages.

Apple received first court order to unlock iPhone in 2008, cooperated with government

The roots of Apple's first encounter with a court order requesting access into an iPhone date back to a child sex abuse case in 2008. Apple complied, and even helped provide the language used in the order.

Redditors rejoice! Reddit has finally come through with an official mobile app

About time! Reddit has finally launched its own official mobile app for Android and iOS. The new app will replace the Alien Blue Reddit reader, which was bought out by Reddit last year.

See ya, Tips and Stocks! You may soon be able to hide stock iPhone apps

Do you use every single app on your iPhone? Soon you may be able to hide those pesky stock Apple apps that you just don't need. iPhone users have been waiting for this feature to arrive for some time, but it's just a rumor for now.

Apple sued for $55 million, accused of abusing its market power in France

The French federal competition watchdog filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing the company of conducting illegal practices through its contracts with carriers. If Apple loses, the company could be required to pay as much as $55 million.

Buy an Apple, Samsung, or LG phone at T-Mobile and get up to 50 percent off a tablet

If you're looking to get a new tablet with cellular data, you might want to check out T-Mobile. If you purchase an Apple, Samsung, or LG phone, you can also grab a tablet of the same brand for 50 percent off or a $200 discount.

Apple fixes bug that let Siri bypass passcode to access Contacts and Photos

If you have an iPhone 6S or a 6S Plus, there was a security bug in iOS 9 and above that allows people to access your Contacts and Photos without a passcode from the lockscreen. Apple has since fixed the issue.

You can finally reply from your Pebble watch with your Verizon iPhone

Own a Verizon iPhone and a Pebble Time watch? To date Pebble users have been unable to text from their wrist if they have an iPhone from anyone other than AT&T, however that feature is thankfully now available for Verizon users, too.

The White House finally enters the 21st century, adding color printers and iPhones

White House staffers now have upgraded computing and communications technology, replacing older computers, printers, phones, and outdated wiring. Air Force One's communications system was also brought into the current century.

Will it bend? Watch the iPhone SE and iPhone 6S submit to torture tests

The new iPhone SE is thicker than the current Apple flagship phones, but as it turns out, that doesn't mean that it's stronger. According to a recent bend test, the iPhone 6S is actually a fair bit stronger than the iPhone SE.

The FBI’s ability to hack into an iPhone may not last much longer

According to experts both inside and outside Apple, once the security flaw that allowed officials to get inside the mobile device is fixed, the opportunity for police to exploit this weakness will be gone for good.