Doodlers rejoice! Paper, the popular iPad drawing app, now available on iPhones

FiftyThree's popular drawing app for iPad, Paper, is now available on the iPhone. FiftyThree redesigned Paper to suit the iPhone's smaller screen, but it still has all the powers of the iPad app.

How to watch Apple’s iPhone 6S event today, and chat with us live

Apple's September event is here. New iPhones, iPads, iOS 9, Apple TV, and Siri are all probably going to be featured at the event. Here's how you can watch Apple's September 9th event live online.
DT Daily

Apple event, Canon 250-megapixel sensor: DT Daily: 1:19

Apple unveils a whole bunch of new gear today, Canon has built a 250-megapixel sensor that can see a lot of stuff all at once.

Hey fitness fanatics, you might not want to rely on your iPhone for results

As per a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Florida, effectively none of the top 30 most popular exercise apps available on your iPhone are actually satisfactory

Next-generation Force Touch tech headed to new iPhones, says report

Before you even had chance to get used to Force Touch, its successor is on the way -- the newly rumored "3D Touch" tech adds an extra layer of pressure sensitivity for interacting with your device.

Watch a bunch of ants march in a circle around a ringing iPhone

A recent YouTube video shows a truly fascinating (if not terrifying) display of ant behavior, in which the small insects suddenly abandon their previously haphazard motion to march in a circle around a ringing iPhone.

The first public preview of Firefox for iOS is here – if you live in New Zealand

If you're an iPhone user unhappy with your current crop of mobile browsers, then hold tight, Firefox for iOS is just around the corner. Mozilla rolled out the first public preview of the software on Thursday, though you have to be in New…

Apple joins forces with Cisco to make iOS easier to use on enterprise networks

Apple has announced a partnership with networking equipment provider Cisco to create a "fast lane" for iOS devices in enterprise environments. The deal extends to iPhones and iPads.

Samsung begs you to ditch your iPhone with $200 worth of credit

Samsung launched the Ultimate Test Drive last week to entice iPhone users to try out the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Now, the Korean giant has sweetened the pot with extra incentives worth $200.

Apple finally lets Windows stream a keynote, but there’s a catch

Apple may be announcing the new iPhone in a press conference on September 9th, and for the first time Windows users can watch - but only if they use the Edge web browser available only in Windows 10.

How to transfer your contacts between iPhone and Android 1:55

There's nothing worse than getting a new phone and realizing you don't have any of your old contacts listed. Luckily, it's an easy problem to solve. Here's how to transfer your contact list to your new device.

This iPhone has a hydrogen fuel cell inside, with enough power to last a week on a charge

Technology company Intelligent Energy has developed fuel cells so thin, they can fit inside an iPhone 6 and provide power for a week before needing a recharge. There are hints it could be partnering with Apple in the future.