‘It Just Works?’ Not quite: iPhones crash more than Android phones, study finds

Crashes on iOS devices doubled in the second quarter of 2016, according to a new study. The cause? Possibly the initially buggy iOS 10 Beta, as well as social networking app incompatibilities.

Report: Apple developing iPhone-based social video app to take on Snapchat

Apple may be planning to take on Snapchat with a video messaging feature of its own, Bloomberg reports. It's also developing "social features" it plans to debut as part of an iOS update next year.

New Lumines finally coming out, but this time on iOS and Android

A teaser trailer has launched for Lumines: Puzzle & Music for iOS and Android revealing a release date for September 1. The game will feature classic as well as multiplayer modes.

Turn your iPhone into a mirror, bottle opener, and more with Megaverse

Meet the Megaverse, branded as an anti-gravity case whose nano-suction capabilities helps your iPhone stick to windows, mirrors, whiteboards, metal, cabinets, tiles, dashboards, and more.

Filmic Pro camera app tips 2:39

Looking to take your photography to the next level with Filmic Pro? Here are some of our favorite tips for making the most of the capable iPhone app.

How to print from an iPhone and iPad

You don't need a desktop computer to print documents anymore -- your new-fangled iOS device will do just fine. Here's our how-to guide for wirelessly printing documents directly from your iPhone or iPad.

Video proof why you should never take your iPhone on a bungee jump

A guy doing a bungee jump in South Africa this week forgot to take his smartphone out of his pocket, leading it to slip from his pants as he hurtled toward the ground. Yes, it's always a good idea to empty your pockets before adopting an…

Aerial video shot on iPhone 6S proves vision is more important than gear

When it comes to shooting exceptional aerial video footage, it doesn't take an expensive camera. It does, however, take a helicopter. Still, two filmmakers just proved that professional-quality video isn't more than an arm's reach…

Watch this iPhone SE experience an absurd drop test involving ‘Flubber’

Some handset durability tests are just plain nuts. This latest one, for example, involves encasing an iPhone SE in a slab of Flubber and dropping it from a great height. However, the result of the impact when the whole lot hits…

Apple to build research, development facility in China by end of 2016

Apple has committed to building a research and development center in China this year. Construction could wrap up as soon as "the end of this year," according to Reuters.

Who needs a keyboard? Just write with your digit in Microsoft Office for iPhone

We may have done away with the stylus when we got rid of those Palm Pilots, but now your finger can serve as a substitute when you use Microsoft Office for iPhone. It's all thanks to an update to the iPhone app.

It turns out that the iPhone SE is selling briskly in the U.S. and Europe

Apple's iPhone SE, its diminutive complement to the pricier iPhone 6s, sold well in European territories and the United States this past fiscal quarter. That's according to market research firm Kantar.