Firefox 13 arrives with a start page face lift and speed improvements

While Microsoft and Google continue to compete for browser market share, a new version of Mozilla's Firefox brings some much needed improvements to the user interface.


Mozilla bashes CISPA, as Microsoft double downs its support

Firefox maker Mozilla has come out firmly against the contentious Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). Microsoft, on the other hand, has reconfirmed its support for the bill after reports suggested it had switched sides.


Firefox 12 is here, silences annoying Windows UAC warnings

The latest in Mozilla's rapid cycling, FIrefox 12 banishes UAC pop-ups and seems to be on the right path towards silent updates.


Mozilla launches Firefox 11 and Thunderbird 11

As Google, Microsoft, Apple and Mozilla continue jockeying for position in the browser market, Mozilla issued an update to Firefox this week to add a new feature.


Chrome still trying to catch Firefox; IE still dropping, says Net Applications

In February, Net Applications finds Firefox was still the number two browser, as both Internet Explorer and Chrome lost share.


Mozilla’s Collusion plug-in aims to expose online tracking

Mozilla's new Collusion plug-in for Firefox aims to show how marketers and Web sites track visitors...and it's just landed support from the Ford Foundation.


Mozilla mobile unfolding; Marketplace app store opening for developer submissions next week

Mozilla's getting ready to take on Google, Apple. and yes, even Microsoft again. The Mozilla Marketplace open web app store is welcoming submissions soon, and the non profit is also in talks to develop its own smartphone.


Does Firefox have a mobile future?

Mozilla has ambitious plans for mobile in the coming year, but will the team behind Firefox be able to make the leap to mobile, or be left stranded on the desktop?

Android Army

Firefox 10 hits the streets

The latest in Mozilla's rapid-fire updates to Firefox features a full-screen mode for apps, and a revamped system for updating add-ons.


More details on the Google/Firefox deal emerge, big numbers involved

Following Mozilla's announcement that Google would remain as their default search engine, details have emerged that the new deal is considerably more lucrative than before.


Firefox saved as Google renews default search engine deal

Firefox is reborn as the web browser renews its search deal with Google for three more years.


Reports find Firefox faces upgrade lag, security debate

New reports find that up to a quarter of Firefox users use out-of-date versions of the browser, and that Google-commissioned security reports may be deliberately lauding Chrome at Firefox's expense.


Chrome 15 beats out Internet Explorer 8 in global popularity

While Microsoft, Mozilla and Google continue to compete for market share in regards to browser usage, a popular version of Chrome just knocked Microsoft's IE8 out of first place.


Can Mozilla survive without Google?

Mozilla makes Firefox, but is heavily dependent on Google for revenue to fund its efforts. The problem? Google makes Chrome - and Mozilla's deal with Google is up for renewal.


Is Firefox’s fate up in the air?

Firefox may have lost more than second place standing to Google Chrome. How much will the lack of a mobile presence and the end of a profitable partnership hurt the Mozilla browser?