Mozilla is testing out a revamped look, syncing, and more with the Firefox 29 beta

Mozilla is toying with a new look, feature set and layout with its newly released beta of Firefox 29. Check out our initial impressions of the changes here.

Mozilla abandons Firefox for the Windows 8 Start screen

Bad news if you were one of the handful of people actively using the full-screen Windows 8 version of Firefox — its developers have decided to cease working on it, citing low user numbers.

Mozilla wants to know why Dell is charging customers for Firefox

Did you know that Dell charges U.K. customers a £16.25 fee (27.10 USD) to pre-install Firefox on new computers? Mozilla didn't, but they do now and they're not happy about it. Learn more here.

Goodbye, Internet Explorer! Firefox for Windows 8 Touch Beta has arrived

Finally, the Metro/Modern interface gets an alternative Web browsing option. Mozilla has announced that it has released the beta of the Firefox Windows 8 app. Read on to learn more here.

Mozilla integrates Delicious, Saavn into Firefox

Are you a fan of Delicious, the content bookmarking service? Do you use Saavn, a music player that's most prominently used in India? If you said "yes" to either and you're a Firefox devotee, read on to learn about some interesting tidbits…

Mozilla testing account logins for Firefox

Mozilla, the developer of popular Firefox browser, is testing a login feature that'll allow users to easily carry over their settings and preferences from one device to another. Read on to learn more.

Firefox add-ons ‘more difficult’ to hijack, Mozilla claims. But are they?

After users of certain Google Chrome extensions were bombarded with unwanted ads, Mozilla has talked a good game about the relative safety of their add-ons from hijackers. But history shows Firefox isn't immune to these attacks either.

I used Firefox OS for 30 days and it made me want to quit phones forever

Mozilla's Firefox OS is designed to challenge Android in key developing markets around the world, so we spent a month to see if it has what it takes. However, it managed to cure a smartphone addict of his affliction.

LG unveils its first Firefox phone, but only Brazil can use it

LG has announced its first smartphone running Mozilla's Firefox OS, and like previous examples from other manufacturers, the release is similarly restrictive. The phone has a 4-inch display, a 1GHz processor, and runs Firefox OS 1.1.

New ZTE Firefox OS phone with improved spec coming in early 2014

We can expect ZTE to release a new smartphone running Mozilla's Firefox OS early next year, and better still, it should have a considerably improved specification over the current ZTE Open.

Firefox OS is a go, as $90 ZTE Open launches in Spain

Spanish network Telefonica has announced it will start selling the first commercially available phone running Firefox OS, the ZTE Open, from July 2, and it will cost just 70 euros, or about $90.

Stop watching us: Mozilla, Reddit among forces demanding answers about surveillance

Mozilla just launched a campaign to demand more information about how the Internet is monitored.