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‘Mother robot’ builds children that evolve and get better with each new generation

In an astounding video recently released by scientists at Cambridge University, a "mother" robot is shown constructing her own "children" out of mechanized blocks, then testing them to see which ones are most well-suited for survival.
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These MIT robots deliver beer in the best use of technology ever 3:22

Before robots take over the world, we should put them to good use, right? At least, that seems to be the rationale behind the latest robot-oriented project at MIT, through which engineers have programmed robots to deliver beer.
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Built by engineers at MIT, the HERMES robot combines machine strength with human agility

It's the best of both worlds, really -- a robot that moves and reacts like a human. In the never ending quest to turn man into a machine (or vice versa), engineers at MIT are moving yet another step closer by developing HERMES.
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hitchBOT team overwhelmed by offers of support, bot could be rebuilt

Transformed by a heartless ne'er-do-well into a headless pile of broken parts, hitchBOT the hitchhiking robot could yet live to thumb another ride thanks to numerous offers from kind strangers to help rebuild the damaged android.
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hitchBOT meets his untimely end in the City of (Not) So Brotherly Love

Philadelphia has officially lost its right to its kind city nickname. After two weeks on the road, the hitchhiking robot who made headlines after successfully trekking across Canada has met his sad demise in Pennsylvania's largest city.
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Harvard scientists have developed a robot that can walk (and jump) on water

Thanks to a collaboration between Seoul National University and Harvard University, researchers have developed an insect-inspired robot that can stand and then jump on the liquid's surface

Now our computers can forge our letters and checks

Handwriting is a dying art, since the majority of written communication is typed in our modern world. Still, computers may keep it alive for us, as thanks to one researcher's efforts, they can now write just like we used to.
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Cute or creepy? This little robot just passed a self-awareness test

In a recent logic test at RPI, one robot demonstrated self-awareness, a key component of real intelligence and a major differentiating factor (for now) between humans and humanoids.
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DT Giveaway: Dash & Dot Wonder Pack kids programmable robot

Step inside for your chance to win some super-cute robots called Dash & Dot. You have to enter our competition to be in with a chance of winning. Good luck!
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Meet the robot looking to hitchhike across the United States 2:06

Describing as a robotic "art project", HitchBot has been built to test the relationship between humans and robots — and along the way it wants to make it from Boston to San Francisco.
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Watch this tiny 3D-printed robot jump to six times its height

Scientists from Harvard and the University of California have 3D-printed a tiny robot that can jump 2.5 feet -- pretty impressive considering that the robot itself is only the size of a soccer ball.
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Start ’em young: Vortex robot teaches kids how to program

With the growing emphasis on STEM, programming languages may soon be just as important as spoken language. Enter Vortex, the robotic toy for kids that teaches them how to program and how to build their very own technology.