ZTE's Axon 7 is now shipping to much of Europe for 450 euros

ZTE busts out its new flagship killer for 2016 with the Axon 7. This all-metal phone boasts high-end specs and a premium all-metal design for a much cheaper price than most. Here's our hands on.

ZTE's VR headset is ready for prime time as soon as the Axon 7 gets Android N

ZTE has no intention of leaving the burgeoning world of mobile VR to Samsung, LG, or Huawei, and because the new Axon 7 will be one of the first Android Daydream compatible smartphones, it has a mobile VR headset all of its own.

ZTE will open its own stores around the world so you can buy its phones (and more)

In a quest to increase customer awareness, ZTE plans to open stores around the world by the end of 2016. The stores will focus on selling the company's smartphones and other products.

ZTE jumps on the VR train with a headset for its Daydream-ready Axon 7

ZTE is out with a new smartphone -- the Axon 7. But the company is also jumping on the virtual reality bandwagon with the ZTE VR. ZTE is also announcing a new way for its consumers to engage with the company -- Z-Community, a forum for…

The ZTE V7 Max and A910 Android phones offer solid specs with competitive pricing

We're wondering why ZTE didn't hold a big event for the V7 Max and A910 Android phones. The V7 Max offers premium specs for a competitive price, while the A910 offers solid specs for budget-conscious consumers,

Report: AT&T wants to build its own smartphone using a forked version of Android

According to sources, AT&T might be developing its own smartphone. The carrier could be looking for ZTE to manufacture it and it would feature a forked version of Android developed by Cyanogen

Commerce Department ban on Qualcomm, Intel, and others from supplying ZTE has been lifted

The United States Commerce Department will restrict China-based telecom firm ZTE's suppliers over the company's alleged plan to resell technology to Iran, a violation of U.S. trade law.

The skinny ZTE Blade V7 and V7 Lite look awesome, but are frustratingly hard to buy

ZTE has announced the Blade V7 and Blade V7 Lite, two new Android 6.0 smartphones that look cool and have a strong spec for the eventual cost, but aren't getting a wide international release.

ZTE's 8.4-inch Spro Plus is a streaming mobile projector and 4G LTE hotspot

Bigger is better at ZTE, at least when it comes to upgrading the clever Spro 2 entertainment hub. The new Spro Plus is an 8.4-inch tablet with a built-in projector, a whopping battery, and a 4G LTE hotspot.

Conveniently small, ZTE’s new 4G LTE hotspot is just $80 through T-Mobile

ZTE's newest mobile hotspot is small enough to be convenient, and cheap enough to be accessible. It's just $80 though T-Mobile, and has been optimized to work on the carrier's 4G LTE network.

T-Mobile gets you a free smartphone (sort of) if you join one of its prepaid plans

T-Mobile kicks off a new promotion that nets new customers a free smartphone if they sign up for a prepaid plan. Only select, low-end phones are included in the deal, and users have to buy it first before T-Mobile sends them a rebate for…

ZTE announces Nubia Prague S with an all-metal design and eye scanner

ZTE has announced the Nubia Prague S earlier today, a slight upgrade on the recently released My Prague model. The new smartphone comes with an eye scanner for security, and clever touch-sensitive device edges.