ZTE’s Blade S7 is made of glass and metal, has a fingerprint scanner, and looks like an iPhone

ZTE has announced the Blade S7. A strongly specced mid-range smartphone equipped with an iPhone-like body, glass on the front and rear, plus a fingerprint sensor in the home button.

ZTE ups the Axon Pro’s storage to 64GB and debuts a cheaper version called Axon

The ZTE Axon and Axon Pro are flagship phones with mid-range pricing. The Pro launched in the summer of 2015, but it now comes with a 64GB storage option. The regular Axon offers slightly less high-end specs for less money.

ZTE introduces ‘lease-to-own’ plan in the U.S. for customers who want to buy direct

ZTE announced a lease-to-own plan in the United States, which lets customers pay monthly for devices directly from the company, instead of paying for both the phone and data in one contract with a carrier.

ZTE plans to take Axon to the max with a jumbo-sized flagship

ZTE has announced that it'll sell a larger version of its Axon flagship smartphone later this year. The super-sized Axon Max will reportedly share much in common with its smaller counterpart.

ZTE’s new Axon Mini phone has a pressure sensitive screen, just like the iPhone 6S

ZTE has fully announced the Axon Mini, a smartphone it first teased back in July, and it comes with a pressure sensitive screen, just like the iPhone 6S. The phone goes on sale soon, and here's everything you need to know about it.

ZTE’s Axon Watch is no longer a prototype, but annoyingly is still only headed to China

ZTE has announced the Axon Watch, a smartwatch that doesn't run Android Wear, but instead uses a special version of the OS created by China's Tencent called TOS+. The Watch will be on sale soon, and here's what you need to know.

ZTE marketing director claims Huawei Nexus 6P is a ZTE Grand S ripoff

When was the last time that a new smartphone launched that didn't look similar to another phone? If you thought the Nexus 6P was unique, think again. ZTE thinks it's a Grand S ripoff. Should they have a beef with Huawei?
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ZTE Announces the ZMax 2, a $150 phablet bound for AT&T

Phablets are all the rage, and ZTE's got a new one. The ZMax 2 is headed to AT&T and TracFone, and at only $150, it's one of the least expensive big-screened phones we've yet seen.

ZTE swoops in to help Yota make its dual-screened YotaPhone 3

Yota, the creator of the infamous dual-screened YotaPhone, has confirmed it will partner with Chinese mobile giant ZTE to manufacture the YotaPhone 3. It is the company's third device with a dual-screen, one side LCD the other side E-Ink.

The ZTE Mobley is the vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot you’ve been looking for

Adding a Wi-Fi hotspot to your car has never been easier. The ZTE Mobley connects users to AT&T's powerful 4G LTE network to connect up to 5 devices. Best of all, you never have to charge it.
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The Axon Watch hints at an exciting Android Wear Future for ZTE

ZTE has big plans for its flagship Axon range, and a smartwatch may be part of it. We got some hands-on time with a working prototype of the Axon Watch, a wearable destined for China in the near future, that could give us a hint of what’s…

Open Sesame: ZTE's Axon Elite unlocks with your eye, finger, or voice

The Axon Elite is the international version of the ZTE Axon, and comes with three biometric security features — voice, eye-scanning, and fingerprint scanning. We tried them out.