Aemon Malone

Aemon Malone

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Microsoft launches panoramic photo-sharing app for iOS

While it's not the first panoramic photo app to arrive for iOS, Photosynth is one of the few such apps that's free and that emphasizes photo-sharing.

Latest iPhone 5 rumor: October release, 8 megapixel camera

The rumors continue to indicate that the iPhone 5 will skip summer and will debut this fall instead.
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Google facing antitrust scrutiny in South Korea over popularity of Android

Google, already under antitrust scrutiny in the U.S. and Europe, is facing allegations of anti-competitive practices in South Korea involving the dominance of Android operating system.

Google now sending YouTube copyright violators back to school

Google will now make copyright violators watch a video and pass test as part of a new copyright rehabilitation program.

Bing makes up ground on Google, accounts for 30 percent of all searches during March

According to a new report Bing may be steadily closing the gap on Google. But can Microsoft's search engine continue to make inroads without making innovations?

Cisco planning to halt production of Flip cams, cut 550 employees

Cisco has announced that the Flip cams' days are numbered, just two years after the company paid over half a billion dollars for the product line.

Google and The New York Times launch daily trivia challenge

Google has launched a new trivia game where Googling for the answers isn't just OK. It's encouraged.

Google mysteriously halts Street View in Germany

Google has decided to end its controversial photo mapping project in Germany, but photos already posted will remain online.

Study finds media addiction prevalent among college students

In an era where many refer to their phones as a "CrackBerry," a new study finds (perhaps not surprisingly) that media addiction runs high among college students.

Atari launches greatest hits collection for iOS

Atari has mined 100 titles from its archives and has served them up in a tidy Greatest Hits collection available in Apple's App Store.

Google adding malware warning system to Chrome

Google is planning a new malware warning system for Chrome 12 that will target specific files, instead of just potentially malicious websites.

PC sales off to slow start in 2011, ‘usurped’ by the iPad

A new analyst report suggests that tablet makers will have a very hard time keeping pace with Apple's iPad 2 moving into 2012.