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Mike Flacy

By day, I'm the content and social media manager for High-Def Digest, Steve's Digicams and The CheckOut on Ben's Bargains. During my free time, I love to write about home theater, digital photography, social media, video games, mobile technology and innovative gadgets!

Firefox 40 launches with Windows 10 support, more malware protection

Perhaps ideal for anyone that's already installed Windows 10, Mozilla has upgraded the popular Firefox browser to offer a more streamlined user experience as well as stronger protection against malicious add-ons.

Driver arrested for DUI requests Snapchat selfie with officer

Not exactly the picture you want showing up during job applicant background checks, an Iowa Snapchat-enthusiast thought it would be a brilliant idea to forever remember his DUI arrest with selfies.

AT&T Wireless offers $500 in credit to DirecTV users that switch

Potentially lucrative for families that already use DirecTV and a wireless service like Verizon, AT&T is offering huge bill credits for each mobile phone line that's switched over to the AT&T Wireless service.
Social Media

Twitter, NFL expand social partnership for new football season

Likely ideal for any avid Twitter user that's also a professional football fanatic, the NFL will be significantly increasing the volume of multimedia video content published on the social network this year.

Google Fiber expands in Texas, heads to San Antonio

Ideal for anyone currently living in the San Antonio area or considering moving to the Texas city, Google Fiber will soon be installed in the area to offer Internet speeds up to 1 gigabit per second.
Cool Tech

Kentucky man arrested after shooting down $1,800 drone with shotgun

Perhaps becoming a trend after a New Jersey man shot down a drone last year, a homeowner in Kentucky decided to blast away at a drone hovering over his property due to a perceived violation of his privacy.

Subway introduces app for remote ordering, mobile payments

Ideal for avoiding the line at your local Subway shop, the sandwich chain has launched a new mobile app that gives customers the ability to place orders at their local store as well as pay through PayPal.

Man bit while taking selfie with rattlesnake, receives $150,000 hospital bill

Continuing to perpetuate the craze of taking ill-advised photos with dangerous animals, a California man through it would be a brilliant idea to snap a selfie of himself with a rattlesnake.

MPAA emails expose anti-Google attack plan using Today Show, Wall Street Journal

Detailing an unnerving plot to manipulate major media outlets on a national scale, recently filed court documents shed light on MPAA's plan to negatively smear Google using outlets like the Today Show and WSJ.

Cougar announces affordable 230M and 250M gaming mice

Perhaps ideal for anyone that's interested in gaining a slight advantage in first person shooters, Cougar has revealed two new gaming mice that are priced to appeal to the budget-conscious consumer.

Woman tries to take selfie with bison, gets flipped into air

Definitely a contender for one of the worst selfie attempts of 2015, a woman visiting Yellowstone Park thought it would be a brilliant idea to stand near a massive bison in order to capture the moment with a photo.

Starbucks partners with Lyft on shared loyalty program

Likely excellent news for anyone that uses Lyft and frequently feeds their caffeine addiction at Starbucks, the two companies will be working together to help Lyft customers earn rewards points for coffee.