Ted Kritsonis

Ted Kritsonis

A journalism grad-turned-veteran of the biz, Ted covers the tech world, and has written for a number of publications in Canada and the U.S. Ted loves hockey and history books, but also gets a kick out of saving people money through smarter tech buying decisions. Well-traveled, spoken, and a nice in a Canadian way, Ted lives and breathes Toronto, but doesn't always write from there.

Get more out of your BlackBerry Priv with these 8 tips and tricks

There's more to the BlackBerry Priv than meets the eyes. Here are some of our favorites tips and tricks, whether you need to silence your phone or delete an email from both the Hub and server at the same time.
Movies & TV

Popcorn Time lets you pirate from a browser window, and its creators want it legal

Popcorn Time has risen up again, only this time it looks to be in a web browser near you. The controversial Netflix-style torrent streaming platform had a fairly long run until a few months ago with separate forks, and looked to be all but…
Home Theater

Netflix sees a bright and dark future with HDR, plans to ramp up shooting content with it

TV manufacturers are pushing 4K Ultra HD hard, but Netflix's top product executive sees HDR, or High Dynamic Range, as being the “next big thing” in video.

Keep warm without the layers with ThermalTech's solar-powered outerwear

Given that it’s winter, it seems fitting that startup ThermalTech would announce an Indiegogo campaign on what it calls “the world’s first solar-powered smart fabric” to stay warm without having to layer up when venturing outside.
Product Review

Sony Xperia Z5 Review

No wonder James Bond didn't want Sony's Xperia Z5
Product Review

4SeTV Review

Turn your living room into a sports bar with a box that shows 4 games at once.
Product Review

ZTE Axon Review

The Axon’s made from heavy metal, but has a light price

We tried pedalling our clothes clean with this foot-powered washing machine

The Drumi is a self-contained portable washing machine that uses a foot pump to clean clothes using much less water and power than a standard unit.

BlackBerry’s Priv gets its first monthly security update and some key camera fixes

BlackBerry rolled out the first of its promised monthly security updates, with some tweaks to improve the camera and the Priv’s software performance. The company will also soon update its Android apps, including BlackBerry Hub.
Product Review

Jabra Sport Pace Wireless Review

Without sensors, Jabra's Sport Pace don't quite make sense.

New kicks with a click: ShiftWear sneakers change designs on the fly 3:16

ShiftWear wants you to get personal with its “badass sneakers” that can display custom designs on a whim using an E Ink display and an app. The sneakers are up on Kickstarter, and they come in three different styles.