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Pinterest introduces visual search tool for iOS, Android, and the web

Pinterest's new visual search tool is like facial recognition ... but for furniture. Just as Shazam lets you identify unfamiliar songs that you're listening to, Pinterest now lets you identify unfamiliar objects.

Just how equal-opportunity is AirBnB for its hosts?

A 2012 Harvard Business School study showed that non-black hosts charged 12 percent more than black ones, and in a recent study regarding Asian-American hosts, this discrepancy is even more pronounced.
Cool Tech

Google finally brings virtual reality content to YouTube

From 360-degree videos to virtual reality, YouTube creators can now go wild in uploading virtual reality videos to YouTube. Users can view the videos normally, or though their Google Cardboard headsets.
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What’s Tsu.co? Facebook doesn’t want you to know

Tsu.co, seen as a competitor to the Zuckerberg empire, is apparently so despised by Facebook that you literally cannot even post about it, even in a private message. Try it -- you'll get the same message I did.

Requesting ‘Do Not Track’ settings? Companies are just laughing in your face

Do Not Track requests are just that and only that, requests. And according to the Federal Communications Commission, they're requests that don't have to be, and often aren't, honored.

Third-party websites are getting a lot of your personal data from your mobile apps

Here's an alarming statistic -- on average, the most popular iPhone and Android apps are sending your data to three different online services. That's probably three more than you were aware of.

Ransomware, malware operations shut down, but not going away

Researchers from Cisco Systems announced they were behind the takedown of a massive ransomware operation run by a cyber criminal group. The take from this operation was an estimated $34 million per year.
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A seventh of the world’s population visits Facebook every day

Facebook has confirmed that one billion people view their News Feed everyday, and 1.4 billion people check on mobile once a month. That puts Facebook in a category only Google and Tencent can match.

Check out New Zealand’s stunning hiking trails in this new Street View imagery

New Zealand's "Great Walks" are trails famed for their outstanding natural beauty, but for many they're just too far away to ever have a hope of visiting. Street View changes all that (sort of), having just unveiled new imagery of these…

Eminem is set to auction 10 pairs of 'friends and family' Air Jordans on eBay

Eminem's charity the Marshall Mathers Foundation and Detroit apparel company Carhartt have partnered with Jordan Brand for 10 pairs of special "friends and family Air Jordan IV sneakers to be auctioned on eBay on Nov. 10.

India might be the next to adopt Project Loon, Alphabet’s ambitious Internet plan

Alphabet is in preliminary talks with India's government about establishing a constellation of Internet balloons across the country, to provide Internet access to the million incapable of paying or accessing broadband.