Flickr celebrates International Women’s Day from a female lens

Wednesday is International Women's Day, and Flickr is celebrating by presenting a collection of shots from female photographers. Here are just a few of them from the campaign's first two featured photographers.

Google celebrates International Women’s Day with a Doodle and much more

Wednesday's Google Doodle celebrates the individuals (who just so happen to be female) who have contributed to the progress of the world. Google says that it's "supporting efforts to close the gender gap in tech and other fields."

Android may soon overtake Windows as the most popular operating system

The Android army just keeps on growing. As per a new report from web analytics company StatCounter, Android is encroaching upon Windows when it comes to operating system popularity.

Sounds of the city: Google's new location-based podcast will be music to your ears

Artists and cities often go hand in hand, which is why Google is looking to interview musicians about just how their city inspired their music in its first original podcast: City Soundtracks.

Apple has patched critical iPhone exploits mentioned in the Wikileaks CIA dump

The CIA may have embarked on an effort to hack iPhones, but Apple said many of the exploits were patched in the latest version of iOS. That doesn't mean iOS users are out of the woods, but it's some comfort in light of the revelations.
Movies & TV

BritBox is a new streaming service for U.S. fans of British TV

Love British TV? Then a new video-on-demand service called BritBox may appeal. It's just launched in the U.S. and costs $7 a month. Offerings include a mix of classic and recent content, and you can try it out for free.

Like that Flickr photo? Find similar shots with new AI-powered similarity search

Flickr users can be a bit more picky about their photo searches, thanks to a new AI-powered tool that brings up similar shots.

Firefox browser now disables plugin support, prevents fake 'secure' cookies

Mozilla released version 52 of its Firefox browser. It now includes a warning when users click in a non-secure username or password field. The updated browser also no longer supports NPAPI-based plugins, but Flash is still allowed.

Your WordPress site could be vulnerable to attack, update it right away

WordPress suffered some serious vulnerabilities and its developers published a new version to address them. If you're running WordPress, then you will want to upgrade to version 4.7.3 immediately
Social Media

Pinterest’s Chrome extension now acts as your visual search engine for the web

Pinterest is giving its Chrome browser extension an artificial intelligence upgrade. The plug-in now comes bundled with the platform’s visual search tool, essentially allowing users to scan online images to find similar items.

The WebMD skill for Amazon’s Alexa can answer all your medical questions

WebMD, the popular medical resource on the web, is making its way to Amazon's Alexa voice assistant. It's live now, and available for free on Alexa-enabled devices including Amazon's Echo speakers.
Cool Tech

Oreo flies five ‘cookie drones’ over New York City in a wacky milk-dunk stunt

Monday marked the 105th anniversary of the Oreo cookie and to celebrate the longevity of your favorite chocolate sandwich snack, the brand performed a wacky milk-dunk stunt in New York City using five "cookie drones."