Owner survey suggests Tesla’s batteries see only limited degradation

Tesla's batteries display less than 10 percent degradation of their energy capacity after 160,000 miles. That means, by extension, that the firm's cars could retain a longer driving range than previously believed.

Why Volkswagen is returning to rear-engined cars after a long hiatus

All of Volkswagen's early models were rear-engined, including the Beetle and the Bus. The original Golf from 1974 inaugurated the front-engined, front-wheel drive era, but Volkswagen is about to go back to the Beetle's layout.

Volkswagen tests autonomous parking, aims for 2020 commercial launch

Volkswagen is testing autonomous parking at Germany's Hamburg Airport. In addition to making life more convenient, the automaker believes self-parking cars could enable a variety of new services for its customers.

Own a Pixel or Nexus phone? You can now use Android Auto wirelessly

Tired of relying on cords and dongles to make the most of your Android Auto experience? Well, those days may be coming to an end at JVC and Kenwood now offer wireless Android Auto.

Ford intends to launch self-driving car service ‘at scale’ by 2021

Ford has signaled its determination to begin operating an autonomous-car service "at scale" by 2021. Early indications are that it'll launch some a delivery business rather than a ridesharing service using its driverless vehicles.

Tesla boss admits company had been too reliant on robots

In a recent interview with CBS, Elon Musk discussed Tesla's production problems and admitted that the company relied too heavily on machines. "Humans are underrated," the CEO tweeted.

Formula One streaming service will launch at the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix

The Formula One racing series is getting its own streaming video service, which will launch in May in time for the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix. Subscribers will have access via desktop and mobile.

Airstream ditches aluminum for fiberglass in new Nest trailer

The Airstream Nest is finally ready for customers to order and it looks like it was worth the wait. Its lightweight body makes it easy to tow, and inside it has all of the living space and amenities that campers need.

What crash? Waymo to test autonomous cars without safety drivers

Already testing autonomous cars without safety drivers on the streets of Arizona, Waymo is vying to become the first company to conduct similar trials on the streets of California.
Car Review

All grown up and no longer fun, VW's new Jetta is the Jim Carrey of cars

The redesigned 2019 Volkswagen Jetta sedan has been to finishing school, boasts more interior space than before, and bristles with tech features. But this updated compact car lacks a soul.

VW leans toward SUVs, but it stresses the next Passat will be worth the wait

As Volkswagen beefs up its line of high-riding models, it's planning a re-imagined Passat that will help it grow on the North American market. The model will make its debut next year.

Citing broken rules, agency boots Tesla from fatal accident investigation

The NTSB removed Tesla from the investigation of a March 23 fatal accident involving a Tesla Model X, claiming company violated its agreement to withhold opinion or analysis until the final report.