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The PPU, as imagined by Flow Computing.

A breakthrough technology could make CPUs 100x faster

Flow Computing claims that its parallel processing unit (PPU) could boost the performance of any CPU by up to 100 times.
A person looks at a large Mac Virtual Display while wearing an Apple Vision Pro.

All the new ways the Vision Pro just got so much better

At WWDC 2024, Apple previewed visionOS 2, a significant upgrade for the Vision Pro that solves some common complaints and adds new features.
AMD presenting performance for Zen 5 CPUs.

AMD’s new Ryzen 9000 is slower than its fastest previous-gen chips

AMD has said that the new Ryzen 9000 series desktop processors will not offer the same gaming performance as its Ryzen 7000X3D CPUs.
Apple MacBook Pro 16 downward view showing keyboard and speaker.

Your Mac is about to get a killer security feature

Apple has debuted a new anti-tracking feature for macOS Sequoia to keep predators at bay.
Apple Intelligence features.

Apple hasn’t answered the most important question about its AI features

Apple Intelligence will run both on-device and in the company's Private Cloud Compute. That AI cloud may be secure, but is it trustworthy?
A PC featuring Lian Li's wireless RGB ecosystem showcased at Computex 2024.

Lian Li is transforming RGB lighting with this neat trick

A wireless RGB ecosystem will be supported by future Lian Li products including RGB fans and Strimmer cables.
The Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Super AI Top graphics card showcased at Computex 2024.

The RTX 5070 might come with an unexpected downgrade

A well-known leaker has shared specs for Nvidia's upcoming RTX 50-series GPUs, and some of them could come with a cut to core count.
elon musk stylized image

Elon Musk tells Tim Cook he doesn’t want Apple’s ‘creepy spyware’

Elon Musk has taken aim at Apple’s newly announced plan to partner with OpenAI to bring artificial intelligence features to the iPhone.
Highlights feature on Apple Safari

Safari just trounced Microsoft Edge’s AI features

It's arriving a little behind the competition, but Safari is finally getting some AI features.
Craig in front of a screen reading Apple Intelligence

Apple Intelligence acts as a personal AI agent across all your apps

During WWDC 2024, Apple revealed the company's new overarching on-device AI system, Apple Intelligence.
The iPhone Mirroring feature from macOS Sequoia being demonstrated at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024.

MacOS 15 will completely change how you use your iPhone

Revealed at WWDC 2024, macOS 15 gives you full access to your iPhone without ever reaching into your pocket.
Disney Plus on a MacBook Pro.

The Mac just became a true ‘AI PC’

Apple has just brought the Mac into the AI era with a significant macOS upgrade that places AI at the heart of Apple’s wide-ranging computing efforts.
A spatial video displayed on the Apple Vision Pro.

VisionOS 2 is arriving way ahead of schedule

Just a few months after the Vision Pro released, Apple is already releasing VisionOS 2, which includes updates and new features.
A delidded Ryzen 7000 CPU.

AMD on the Ryzen 7 9800X3D: ‘We have a lot to say’

AMD is already working on Ryzen 9000 chips with 3D V-Cache, and it sounds like the company has big plans in store.
Nvidia Blackwell chips.

This is our first look at RTX 50-series GPUs — and there’s one big surprise

We have our first major leak of Nvidia's upcoming RTX 50-series GPUs, and it reveals some key details.
AMD announcing its Ryzen AI CPUs at Computex 2024.

It’s official: AMD Ryzen AI 300 is up to 40% faster

AMD's upcoming Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 showed up in early benchmarks, and the results are better than expected.
Adobe Creative Cloud Suite apps list

Adobe clarifies new AI terms and conditions after high-profile users revolt

Adobe has clarified its changes to its terms and conditions, which seemingly granted the company access to users' works.
gpt 5 advance ai in two important ways memory reasoning kevin scott reid hoffman discuss

GPT-5 to take AI forward in these two important ways

Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott reveals the two advancements that will enable tomorrow's AIs to pass Ph.D. exams and more.
The new Surface Pro on a table.

Microsoft is already backing down on its most controversial AI feature

Microsoft is making some big changes to its Recall feature in Copilot+ PCs, even before they've officially released.
Forza Horizon 5 running on an Asus gaming monitor.

I tripled my frame rate with one button — and you can too

Lossless Scaling, a popular Steam utility for frame generation, just received an update that can triple your frame rate in games.
AMD's CEO delivering the Computex 2024 presentation.

AMD is giving up on Windows 10

AMD's new Ryzen AI processors are embracing the future without looking back, leaving some users out of luck.
White Gigabyte GOP and motherboard

Gigabyte is going all-in on white PCs, and it looks gorgeous

Gigabyte has confirmed that it is working hard on bringing more PC components in white later this year.

DuckDuckGo’s new AI service keeps your chatbot conversations private

With DuckDuckGo's new AI Chat, users can anonymously converse with popular chatbots and not worry their data is being used to train the models.
Nvidia CEO Jensen in front of a background.

Nvidia just passed an unimaginable milestone

Nvidia is now the second most valuable company in the U.S., and if it continues at this pace, it'll be the most valuable before long.
screenshot of AI Playground image creation screen showing more advanced ccontrols

Intel’s new AI image generation app is free and runs entirely on your PC

Intel is releasing AI Playground later this summer, an approachable, locally run image generation, editing, and chat program for neophyte AI users.
The Windows Update screen in Windows 10.

Microsoft is backpedaling on future Windows 10 updates

Amid the end of support for Windows 10, Microsoft opens beta testing for new features coming to the older operating system.
bartender app changes ownership mac

Here’s why people are fearing for the future of this beloved Mac app

Popular macOS app Bartender has silently changed ownership, and no one knows who the new developers are — should users be worried?
Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger presents Intel's roadmap including Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake, and Panther Lake.

Intel’s next-gen Arrow Lake may introduce some major changes to desktop chips

Intel's next-gen desktop CPUs are coming later this year. We now know when to expect both the chips and the matching motherboards.
A person sits in front of a laptop. On the laptop screen is the home page for OpenAI's ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot.

AI researchers warn of ‘human extinction’ threat without further oversight

A group of AI researchers is calling for increased oversight and improved whistleblower protections in the industry to mitigate potential harms.
First Encounter is the perfect introduction to mixed reality on Quest 3.

A free update just made the Quest 3 way better

Meta significantly upgraded the Quest 3's mixed reality quality in the latest v66 update.
An AI recreation of Intel's co-founder, Gordon Moore.

Intel goes to war with Nvidia and Qualcomm

During Intel's Computex 2024 keynote, CEO Pat Gelsinger didn't mince words when he insisted that Moore's Law is not dead at all.
intel had one card up its sleeve at computex lunar lake chips

Intel had one surprising card up its sleeve at Computex 2024

While much of the attention at Computex was on Qualcomm and AMD, Intel had one card up its sleeve in the form of a particularly killer-looking new laptop.
Odyssey OLED G8

Samsung’s anticipated new Odyssey OLED gaming monitors start at $900

Samsung's new Odyssey G8 and G6 OLED gaming monitors are finally available for purchase after being revealed in early 2024.
The Owl Labs Meeting Owl 4+ webcam, with glowing rings around the speakers.

You’ve never seen a webcam as cute as the Owl 4+

The webcam on a conference table doesn't have to look dull. It can look cute, as Owl Labs' Meeting Owl 4+ proves. It also has some very clever tech inside.