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Remix OS team looks to tap market for a massive, Android-powered iMac alternative

Would you use Android on a 23.8-inch screen? Jide, the team behind the Android-for-computers operating system called Remix OS, is hoping there’s such a market.

They’re working with monitor makers AOC on the AOC Remix OS AIO (all-in-one) computer. The device, a sort of plastic iMac running Android, aims at the enterprise market and will be available in China this summer. There’s no known American release date.

Remix OS is a reworking of Android that brings a desktop feel to the mobile operating system. Android apps run in their own windows, offering true multitasking, in a user interface that closely resembles Windows 10’s aesthetic style.

A slickly produced video shows off the AOC all-in-one, revealing a display that’s only 9.9mm thick, with a bump at the bottom for the computer’s hardware. On the back, there are four USB ports, HDMI out for dual-screen displays, an Ethernet port, and audio ports for headphones and a microphone.

The unit is powered by an Amlogic S905 2GHz, quad core, 64-bit ARM processor, and offers 2GB of RAM. It’s not a lot of power, but Remix OS isn’t exactly power hungry. We’re curious about performance, but don’t have our hands on a unit to try anything out.

Onboard storage is not a priority; units will ship with as little as 16GB, and 64GB is the upper tier.

None of this screams “enterprise” to us, but Jeremy Chau, co-founder of Jide Technology, claims that “interest from enterprises encouraged us to develop this device with AOC.”

“Our community of users have been spreading our story, and again, we advance Android PCs because of their support,” he said in a press release.

If you’re really curious about Remix OS, you can install it on your computer right now. Just download Remix OS and give it a spin; the system is free to install on any PC. Source code is not available to the public, however.

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