Emerging Tech
Emerging Tech

A VR experience lets you ride a jetpack over the world’s most romantic city

Nothing says 21st-century romance quite like taking your other half on a jetpack flyover of Paris. Fortunately, a brand new Parisian attraction called FlyView is here to help using virtual reality.
Emerging Tech

A stamp-sized piece of this nanofilm can store more data than 200 DVDs

Researchers in China have developed a nanofilm that is able to store large amounts of data holographically. A single 10-by-10 cm piece could archive more than 1,000 times the data found on a DVD.
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Look at them go! The best Rube Goldberg Machines on the internet

Want to see something totally mesmerizing? Check out several of the best Rube Goldberg machines from across the internet, including one from 'Fallout 4' and another from the collective mind of pop-rock band OK Go.
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You won't need to print money to afford these great 3D printers

Looking for a decent 3D printer that won't break the bank? Check out our regularly-updated list of the best 3D printers under $1,000
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High-tech ‘best before’ label aims to ensure you never get food poisoning

Researchers from Canada’s McMaster University have created a high-tech twist on the "best before" label -- that s able to actually sense contamination in food and warning you about it.

True wireless charging is one step closer with WattUp’s FCC certification

Breaking the attachment of a device and the charging pad is the next big thing in wireless charging, and Energous is another big step closer to true wireless charging with WattUp certification from the FCC.
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Enjoy the first-ever nonstop flight from Australia to the U.K. — vicariously

Qantas has launched the first-ever non-stop service between Australia and the U.K. At 17 hours, it's one of the longest flights in the world, and you can now experience the entirety of the journey without actually going anywhere.

NASA’s virtual tour of the moon in 4K will blow your mind

NASA has just released an all-new 4K-resolution video showing the moon in incredible detail. Created using data gathered over the last nine years, the presentation shows our nearest neighbor like you've never seen it before.
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SpaceX in the clear over ‘Zuma’ spy satellite disaster, report suggests

So what exactly happened in January of this year when a SpaceX mission ended in failure with the loss of the "Zuma" spy satellite? Investigators reportedly have the answer, and it absolves SpaceX of any blame.
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Bots, not humans, tweet majority of links to popular websites, research says

Bots account for two-thirds of tweets that link to popular websites, according to a Pew Research Center report, and have a tendency to share for adult content, sports, and news with particular vigor.
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Nuclear scientists at CERN discover color of antimatter, hope to learn much more

For the first time in history, researchers at CERN have been able to examine the spectral structure of an antimatter antihydrogen atom in full glorious color. Here's why that matters.
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Engineers want to 3D print stuff in space using recycled astronaut poop

Researchers from Canada's University of Calgary have developed a way to use astronaut poop as a crucial ingredient for 3D printing in the stars. Coming soon to a Mars mission near you.