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Nvidia RTX 3050 review: Budget GPUs are officially back

Budget graphics cards are supposed to be dead, but the RTX 3050 proves this class of GPU still has some life.
RTX 3050 graphics card among PC accessories.

Nvidia RTX 3080 12GB review: The bad version of a great GPU

What does an extra 2GB of video memory do in gaming? The 12GB RTX 3080 proves that it doesn't do very much.
RTX 3080 graphics cards among other GPUs.

HP Omen 45L review: A master class in prebuilt gaming PCs

The Omen 45L is a landmark product for HP and bright sign for gaming desktops throughout the year.
HP Omen 45L sitting on a table.

Asus ROG GA35 review: A great gaming PC with some clear oversights

The Asus ROG G35DX is a great gaming PC with top of the line hardware, but it could be better with upgrades.
asus rog ga35 review g35dx 07

Intel Core i9-12900K review: Call it a comeback

We can finally see Alder Lake in action with the Core i9-12900K, and it's everything Intel has promised.
Intel Core i9-12900K in a motherboard.

Asus ROG Gladius III gaming mouse review: Swappable switches galore

Asus' peripherals aren't the most popular out in the market, but the ROG Gladius III has us wondering why.
Asus ROG Gladius III with chili peppers

AMD Radeon RX 6600 review: When overpriced is still a good deal

The AMD RX 6600 is too expensive, but it's still one of the cheapest cards around if you pay list price.
AMD RX 6600 among other graphics cards.

Marsback Zephyr Pro review: A mouse so cool it has a fan inside

Marsback's Zephyr Pro comes with a mountain of RGB and a cooling fan, but does it really help?
The Marsback Zephyr Pro's front profile with green RGB.

SteelSeries Prime Mini Wireless review: When less isn’t more

The Prime Mini Wireless is decent gaming mouse, but there are a number of better options for around $130.
steelseries prime mini wireless review 2

Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless review: An FPS icon goes wireless

The M65 is a high-end FPS gaming mouse. The new Ultra Wireless version is expensive, but is still worth it.
A side view of the Corsair M65 wireless mouse.
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