Make a hole! PlayStation VR is a spacehog

If you’ve been planning on grabbing a PlayStation VR when it comes out this October, we hope you have plenty of room for it. Part of a user manual from PlayStation Asia was spotted by website Polygon, and it indicates that, to get the best results, you’ll need 10 feet between the PlayStation VR camera and wherever it is you sit or stand. You will also need just over 6 feet in width for the space.

Take furniture and what have you into account, and you’re looking at about 65 square feet. That’s no small requirement, and could be a hard play in smaller apartments or bedrooms. Nothing official on this from Sony just yet, but it’s definitely something to confirm before pressing the buy button this October. In fact, PlayStation discourages use by kids under 12 and suggests trying it out in a store before pulling the trigger.

Virgin Air’s Virgin App

Virgin America is a pretty progressive, hip airline. From the bumping music at the terminal gate to the purplish pink mood lighting, entertainment system in every headrest, and arguably the most entertaining safety videos in commercial aviation, you’d think Virgin would be the first airline with a hip mobile app. But believe it or not, Virgin must have felt apps were just so “mainstream” it avoided them.

Until now. Today Virgin Air introduced its new app for iOS and Android. It’ll let you book a trip, check in to a flight, view your boarding passes and all that stuff, but what we’re really liking is the Spotify integration, which gives you curated playlists based on your destination to get you in the mood for your arrival. It won’t work on the plane’s Wi-Fi too well, but who cares when you have access to Netflix on the screen in front of you?

Bourne feels the burn

Finally, today. If you’re headed out to see the new Bourne movie featuring nothing other than Mr. Matt my-face-is-everywhere-all-the-time Damon, you might want to be prepared for a … well, tired ride. It’s not that there isn’t plenty of action, says DT’s Rick Marshall. It’s just that they made Bourne boring. And they cover a lot of familiar ground – some of it too familiar. We’re not saying don’t go see the movie, we’re just saying maybe temper your expectations.

For the whole scoop, you’ll want to read Rick’s excellent review, which should get you up to speed in just a few minutes.

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