Apple invests in OLED plant for future iPhone screens, reducing reliance on Samsung

Apple appears to be doubling down on OLED screens for future iPhones. Currently Apple is slated to purchase OLED displays for the upcoming iPhone 8 from its rival Samsung, and that obviously helps Samsung’s bottom line. But for later generations of the iPhone Apple plans to move away from Samsung and is now in the process of developing its own OLED technology. According to South Korean ET News(via Digitimes), Apple purchased two chemical vapor deposition machines which enable OLED production, and it is now building a plant in Taiwan.

This move will also allow Apple to make feature changes the screen on future iPhones, possibly making the entire screen a fingerprint sensor.

The end of the line may be in sight for Microsoft Paint. When The Windows 10 fall creators update rolls out, Microsoft plans on reducing support for Paint, and that means it will be a potential feature to remove from windows in future updates. Surprisingly, Paint is the most used photo editing app of all time. So why kill off an app that’s still useful? It’s probably to steer users to its newer Paint 3D app which launched this year and does a whole lot more than the original Paint.

Microsoft’s upcoming Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 will also signal the end of life for a number of traditional tools, including Outlook Express, the Reader App, and Reading List.

The Pokemon Go is officially one year old and to celebrate the milestone, Niantic threw a huge poke-party this weekend in Chicago’s grant park. If you didn’t make it to Pokemon Go Fest 2017, be thankful because things didn’t go so well. Attendees first encountered long lines to just get into the event because the app Niantic used to scan people in kept crashing. Once inside a combination of poor WiFi coverage and overloaded cellular networks made playing the game nearly impossible. At one point the angry crowd was heckling Niantic’s CEO on stage. Over 20,000 players were at Pokemon go Fest, and many traveled from across the country.

Eventually Niantic refunded everyone the $20 admission fee, and gave players another $100 to spend in the game. There will be a follow up Pokemon Go Fest in Japan next month, let’s just hope it goes a bit better the 2nd time around.