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7 true wireless earbuds deals you need to know about today

There’s a new reality, and it involves earbuds. Whether you’re looking to create a noise-free sanctuary in your home office, or need to catch up on The Boys without interruption, or you can’t workout without music, true wireless earbuds are an absolute necessity. We’re seeing some unprecedented Prime Day deals today, including Prime Day headphone deals and even Prime Day AirPods deals. We’ve combed through them all, looking for the best of the best, to present to you 7 true wireless earbuds deals you need this Amazon Prime Day.

JBL Tune 120 — $40, was $100

woman wearing JBL earbuds

It blows our mind that you can now find true wireless earbuds of this quality for as low as $40. It’s really something. Just because Beats is famous for its bass sound doesn’t mean that other companies don’t know how to bring it. Case in point, JBL is famous for its bass vibes as well, and the 120 True Wireless in-ear Headphones are no exception; they’re powered by a 5.8mm driver. These Bluetooth headphones also let you listen to music and manage your calls, all wirelessly. The battery is really impressive, too. These earbuds have about 4 hours of juice after a single charge, but using the charging case, you can add another 12 hours to that, giving you an entire day’s worth of music, conversation, work, or entertainment.

Samsung Galaxy Buds — $89, was $130

Noise-canceling earbuds are nearly impossible to find this cheap, especially at the quality level that Samsung offers. Great for working out, or getting work done in crowded or busy environments, the noise-canceling tech in these earbuds features something called Ambient Aware. You can work, or work out, or watch your stories in total silence should you choose. But, if you need to let some necessary noise in, Ambient Aware allows you to do so, and to control exactly how much you let in. The sound quality with these is excellent; the dynamic range and sound accuracy is monitored by AKG technology, powered by individual tweeters and woofers inside of each earbud. With these buds, you get precise, beautiful sound, and a truly wireless experience that looks cool as well.

Apple AirPods with Charging Case — $129, was $159

Apple AirPodsApple can take responsibility for this list, in that it was the brand’s famous iPhones, from 2016 on, produced without headphone jacks, that precipitated the true wireless earphone surge. With that in mind, know that Apple is, in fact, the master of the sport. These buds allow you to go hands-free, letting you access all your connected devices with a simple, “Hey Siri.” They’ve got five hours of battery life, which is awesome. During calls, dual microphones filter out background noise to make sure your own voice comes through as clearly as possible. The new AirPods have the H1 chip, for an upgraded performance and better connections to your other devices, and offer 50% increased talk time over their predecessors. These are consistently some of the highest-rated wireless earbuds out there, so getting them for $30 off is a no-brainer.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus — $130, was $150

These buds can compete with the AirPods Pro. Some people prefer these, in fact, for working out. And they’re reliably more affordable. With the Galaxy Buds Plus, you get improved sound quality from the Galaxy Buds, as well as a three-microphone system (two of which are employed to work against ambient noise and augment vocal transmission), which makes these well worth the money if a good deal of your time is spent on calls or Zoom conferencing. There’s also better battery life and faster charging; if you’re doing a quick charge using the case, you only need to charge up for 3 minutes for an entire hour of battery life. Like their predecessors, these have advanced Bluetooth tech, Ambient Aware, a streamlined, subtle design that fits magically into your ears, easy-tap controls, and they work like a dream with Android-compatible devices.

Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case — $160, was $200

AirPods 2 Charging Case

The most important functional difference between these and the previous AirPods is in the wireless aspect of the charging case. It might not seem like a big deal, but it can bring a huge amount of convenience and peace of mind. The wireless charging case delivers an extra 24 hours of listening time. If you’re out in the world, working or playing, and far from your charger or wires, this can make all the difference in the world. There are many features on the new iPhones — including participating in calls, watching content, or listening to music — that can’t be utilized properly, if at all, without AirPods. Having wireless charging options with the case not only gives you a backup plan for those scenarios, but also gives you one less thing you have to remember to carry with you — the charging cord that is. It’s one small thing, but it can mean a lot. And right now, there’s $40 you don’t have to worry about spending as well.

Apple AirPods Pro — $169, was $249

This price, less than $170, is one of the lowest we’ve ever seen Apple AirPods Pro marked down to. We’re talking about a $9 increase over the price of AirPods with wired charging case, or about the price of a couple trips to Starbucks. And you get just so much more. The Airpods Pro have active noise cancellation, which has been designed to work in all circumstances, especially near wind, which has been troublesome for AirPods in the past. And with Transparency mode on, you can stay aware of everything you need to. Each pod has three microphones built into it, with one dedicated to your voice, so they’re excellent on calls. They’re different on the outside, too. Slightly more elongated, the Airpods Pro are also designed with silicone ear tips that not only help these fit and stay put, but mold the sound to your ears. They are splash resistant, and, of course, have support for Siri, too.

Powerbeats Pro — $175, was $250

powerbeats pro
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Racers take your marks; you’re about to catch the ultimate workout buddy. This is where Apple meets Beats in the best way possible. It’s where the unparalleled, deep, lush bass of Beats meets Apple’s H1 chip, for a match made in sonic heaven. Powerbeats Pro are looking sportier than ever, and may have been influenced by Apple with their low-key, cool design as well. They sport amazingly convenient earhooks, which guarantee a secure fit and ultimately keep these earphones where they need to be. And as if their sound wasn’t already tops, they’ve only improved it, dimming the harmonic distortion way down without crippling the bass capacity even a little bit. Like the AirPods Pro, these can stand up to splashes, and especially to sweat, and they can compete with any true wireless earphones in terms of battery life. So you’re covered, whether it’s a quick run, or a day-long hike.

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