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Amazon drops the price of the Fitbit Aria 2 smart scale to a new low

The arrival of a new year means many things. The struggle to write the correct date, having to buy a new calendar, and most importantly, fresh New Year’s resolutions. Folks around the world have made promises to themselves to make 2019 the year of healthier choices. Of course, making promises to yourself doesn’t always bring you the results you were hoping for. Sometimes you just need a little help to keep you going.

Amazon is dropping the price of the Fitbit Aria 2 smart scale, among other Fitbit activity trackers, just in time to aid you in your resoluteness. With a discount of $35, this is the lowest price we’ve seen so far for the Fitbit smart scale. We’ve also found a few other deals on smart scales, however, just in case you aren’t willing to pay that Fitbit price.

the lowest price we’ve seen so far — $35 off

Though Fitbit has put the majority of its focus into activity trackers and fitness smartwatches, smart scales offer a deeper dive into personal fitness. The Aria 2, like a lot of scales these days, measures weight, body fat percentage, lean mass, and BMI. With WiFi capabilities, it will automatically sync stats to your Fitbit dashboard and provide easy-to-read graphs to help you track your progress. The smart scale can recognize up to eight different users at a time, so other people can use it without messing up your stats.

Normally priced at $130, you can pick up the Fitbit Aria 2 for just $95 on Amazon with a clippable coupon. If you already have a Fitbit device, this smart scale basically just adds an entirely new element of fitness tracking to your dashboard.

the lowest price we’ve seen so far

Withings Body+ — $25 off

Much like the Aria, the Withings Body+ smart scale offers weight, body fat percentage, and automatically syncs your data through a WiFi connection. It also allows up to 8 users at a time to ensure that data being collected doesn’t get mixed up between multiple people. This Withings smart scale is able to sync with hundreds of different health apps, including Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google Fit. It can also sync to your Apple Watch for quick and easy monitoring.

Normally priced at $100, the Withings Body+ is on sale for just $75 for a limited time.

Withings Body+

Smart Scales under $50

As great as it is to be invested in your fitness, there are many folks who aren’t willing to drop almost $100 on a bathroom scale — even if it is a smart one. Fortunately, Amazon has a wide variety of more affordable scales to choose from that won’t break the bank. Here are some of the best cheap smart scales we could find:

  • Eufy Smart Scale — $40
  • Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat Scale — $30
  • FitIndex Bluetooth Body Fat Scale — $26
  • Etexcity Smart Bluetooth Scale — $25

Looking for more of the best deals? Find Fitbit alternatives, Apple Watch deals, and more from our curated deals page.

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