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TellmeGen health and ancestry DNA test kit down to $139 in Amazon Prime Day deal

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DNA test kits have become an increasingly popular purchase for consumers curious about everything from family health history to ancestry and even pet genetics. While 23andMe and AncestryDNA may be the most recognizable names around, there’s an array of other options for all sorts of DNA and health testing preferences. 

TellmeGen offers one of the most comprehensive test kits available, and now ahead of Amazon Prime Day, you can get the TellmeGen health and ancestry DNA test kit for just $139 down from its original $199. What these test kits can’t tell you is how long this deal will last, so act now to secure these savings.

The TellmeGen kit is unlike any other DNA test kit on the market, unlocking genetic predisposition information for more than 175 health conditions. A simple saliva sample enables TellmeGen DNA analysis to reveal susceptibility for breast cancer, diabetes, and more. In addition, carrier information for over 75 inherited conditions including hemochromatosis and cystic fibrosis are analyzed, which may be especially useful information for expectant parents.  

Among the more interesting features of the TellmeGen test kit is the personality trait report, which lets users discover how their DNA affects things like intelligence, pain sensitivity, memory, and more. Also included are wellbeing-based results, including such esoteric indicators like how drinking coffee might affect one’s anxiety.

In addition to all of your health and personality information, the TellmeGen DNA test includes ancestry results, letting you discover the makeup of your ethnicity down to a tenth of a percentage point. A deeper dive into the DNA analysis can even reveal which ethnic groups your ancestors may have belonged to.

While some other DNA tests are just one-and-done deals, the TellmeGen kit includes free monthly updates as new information arises, in essence providing you with lifetime genetic analysis. Over 550,000 are contained in the TellmeGen’s Illumina Chip, and there’s no telling what the next wave of scientific advances could unlock.

Amazon Prime Day is best known for its midsummer savings on electronics, but there’s so much more on offer than just laptops and tablets. DNA tests are a fun, informative way to discover more about your past and future, and with the TellmeGen test kit now just $140, it’s a great time to give your genetic makeup a closer look.

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