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Apple AirPods down to lowest ever price at Amazon before Prime Day

AirPods 2 Charging Case

The Prime Day deals just keep getting sweeter — and the event hasn’t even officially started. Even Apple products, which are notoriously high priced, have been marked down for the occasion. The Prime Day AirPods deals are set to be especially good this year, with the tech company choosing to mark down Apple AirPods to their lowest price ever on Amazon (yes, really). The typically $159 headphones are now priced at only $129. The 19% discount, which saves you $30, is a huge deal for this product, as it’s the cheapest they’ve ever been offered at — and only for a limited time.

Apple AirPods are the No. 1 bestselling earbuds and in-ear headphones on Amazon. In other words, they’re really popular. And for good reason. They’re wireless, which means that you don’t have to worry about getting all tangled up in a dangling cord if you’re listening to music or a podcast when you’re out and about. The one-tap setup makes the primo pair of headphones remarkably simple to navigate from the start. They connect automatically to your iPhone and can even sense when they’re in your ears, pausing any audio when you take one or both earbuds out.

The portable charging case holds multiple charges for more than 24 hours of listening time, so you never have to worry about whether they can keep up with even your longest days. The case and headphones themselves are small, light, and surprisingly durable. They can be easily stored in both pockets as well as purses or backpacks without you having to worry about them getting banged up or, worse, broken.

Although generally considered a high-tech product, the Apple AirPods have remained a steadfast market staple since 2016 because of their exceptional simplicity and durability. They’re an excellent investment for rookie wireless headphone users and tech junkies alike, which is why everyone should jump on this deal. The $129 price is the cheapest Apple AirPods have ever been — and may ever be again. But be sure not to let them collect dust in your Amazon cart for too long, because after October 14, that price tag will shoot back up to $159. The Apple AirPods will still be well worth the original price, but you’ll have missed out on an unprecedented deal.

However, if for any reason you miss these deals, there are always Black Friday AirPods deals to look forward to.

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