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The best Black Friday Amazon Echo deals 2020

If you’ve been waiting for the best deals on Amazon Echo devices, your wait is over. Black Friday deals for Echo devices are now live, with the best prices you’re likely to see for the rest of the year. Amazon, Best Buy, and Target all have the best Black Friday Amazon Echo deals available right now. There’s no reason to wait or search elsewhere. We gathered the Amazon Echo deals with the lowest-ever prices on this page. Note that shipping dates are pushed out a week or more on some Amazon Echo devices, so keep that in mind and if you must have a product as soon as possible, don’t delay your order.

If you want to add smart-home devices to your current setup but you aren’t limited to Amazon Echo products, we’ve also rounded up the best Black Friday smart home deals from other brands.

Best Black Friday Amazon Echo deals

One of the hottest sales today is an Amazon Echo Dot deal going on at Staples. See more discounts below:

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Expires soon

Echo Show 8

$65 $130
The Echo Show 8 has an 8-inch HD screen that lets you make video calls, set alarms, control lighting and music and other smart home settings when connected to Alexa-enabled devices.
Expires soon

Echo Show 5 Charcoal with Blink Mini Indoor Smart Security Camera

$50 $125
This is perfect for people who don't want to get out of bed every time something goes bump in the night. Put the Blink mini downstairs and check it from your nightstands echo show.
Expires soon

Echo Show 5

$45 $90
The Echo Show 5 is great for big families who need to video chat. It also behave like any other smart alexa speaker with music, voice commands, etc.
Expires soon

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

$19 $40
Echo Dot can be your first step into smart home automation, issuing voice commands, and much more.
Expires soon

Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Echo Show 5

$170 $340
For those who want only the best. Check the door from your couch or from anywhere else.
Expires soon

Ring Video Doorbell 3 with Echo Show 5

$150 $290
A great bundle for those who want to answer the door from anywhere even if they don't have their phone on them. Stick the Echo Show in the living room and anyone can see who is at the door.
Expires soon

Echo Dot (4th Gen) Kids Edition with Echo Glow

$49 $90
Give your kids' bedrooms the homemaker treatment with this fourth-generation Amazon Echo Dot and Echo Glow bundle, giving you and your kids peace of mind with voice-automated convenience.
Expires soon

All-new Ring Video Doorbell, Satin Nickel (2020 release) with Echo Dot

$89 $150
Here is a great bundle for home owners. Get the echo dot to enjoy automation and voice commands, get the ring doorbell so you can start answering the door from anywhere.
Expires soon

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) with The Child Stand from The Mandalorian

$39 $65
Convenience, you cannot afford to miss. If you're a die-hard fan of Star Wars and want a smart home device to go with it, this 3rd-gen Echo Dot with a custom stand of Baby Yoda is a must-have.
Expires soon

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

$19 $40
Amazon's most popular smart speaker answers questions, keeps you up-to-date with news, sports, and weather, plays music, and can manage other Alexa-compatible smart devices.
Expires soon

Echo Show 5 Charcoal with Blink Mini Indoor Smart Security Camera

$50 $125
This special deal for Prime members only includes an Echo Show 5 smart display and a Blink Mini Indoor Smart Security Camera. You can view the video captured by the Blink Mini on the Show 5 display.
Expires soon

Echo (4th Gen) with Wall Mount

$91 $125
Looking to buy a 4th-gen Echo smart hub but don't have anywhere to put it? This bundle redefines what it means to say the walls have ears by coupling it with a wall mount for unbeatable convenience.
Expires soon

Echo Show 8 (Charcoal) with Echo Show 5 (Charcoal)

$110 $220
The bundled deal includes two Amazon Echo Show smart displays: one Show 5 and one Show 8. Use the two diaplsy s to make Alexa requests, view security camera video steams, or make calls.
Expires soon

Echo Show 8

$65 $130
Ask Alexa anything and make video calls all over the world with the Echo Show 8. The virtual assistant can even give and show thanks to the HD screen.
Expires soon

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus with Echo Show 5

$170 $320
For those who want a great video doorbell paired with an Echo show to put in the bedroom or living room to see who's knocking.
Expires soon

Echo Show 8 with Adjustable Stand and Amazon Smart Plug

$90 $180
They say two voices is better than one, and this Echo Show 8 bundled with an Amazon smart plug is the ultimate housekeeper, powered by just your voice for first-class convenience anywhere you are.
Expires soon

Echo Studio with Philips Hue Smart Bulbs (2-Pack)

$160 $230
Transform your regular abode into a smart home with this Echo Studio bundled together with two Philips Hue smart bulbs, giving you full control over the ambient lights and sounds of any room you want.
Expires soon

Amazon Echo (4th Gen), 2-pack

$140 $200
Pre-order a pair of the latest generation Amazon Echo. Now with a new spherical design, the Echo include a built-in Zigbee hub, a temperature sensor, and more powerful speakers than earlier models.
Expires soon

Echo Show 5 with Adjustable Stand and Amazon Smart Plug

$65 $135
Add a whole new layer of convenience to your life with this Echo Show 5 bundled with an Amazon Smart Plug for universal voice-powered ease in any room of your choosing.
Expires soon

Echo Auto

$20 $50
Add Alexa to your car for hands-free controls and fewer worries. Designed for multipurpose usage powered by just your voice, the Echo Auto is the perfect companion in your passenger seat.
Expires soon

Fire TV Cube

$80 $120
The fastest and most powerful FireTV, the FireTV Cube lets you talk to Alexa from across the room to control smart home devices, control your TV, and more.
Expires soon

Echo (4th Gen)

$70 $100
Experience world-class convenience like never before with the fourth-generation Amazon Echo smart home hub, designed to give you full control over your home and your life with nothing but your voice.
Expires soon

Echo Flex - Plug-in Mini Smart Speaker

$10 $25
For those who want to talk to Alexa in more room than one or those looking to get in on the smart speaker craze on the cheap, the Echo Flex is the best at what it does — being affordable and reliable.
Expires soon

Amazon Echo Show 8-inch Smart Display with Alexa, 2-pack

$130 $260
Enjoy graphics, images, and video on the Echo Show 8's 8-inch HD screen. Connect with Amazon Alexa for information, entertainment, and to manage and control other smart home devices.
Expires soon

Echo Dot (4th Gen) with Mount

$42 $67
Keep the heart of your home safe with a specially-made mount bundled together with a fourth-generation Echo Dot smart speaker for compact yet powerful convenience that fits in the palm of your hand.
Expires soon

Echo Show 8 with Echo Flex

$75 $155
With both an Echo Show and Echo Flex to provide your home full coverage, you can experience convenience like never before while also saving a great discount with this bundle.
Expires soon

Echo Studio

$160 $200
Want an Alexa? Need a high quality speaker for music or voice calls? The studio is for you.
Expires soon

Amazon - Echo Automobile Smart Speaker with Alexa

$20 $50
Ask Alexa to read the news while you drive. This hands-free device with Bluetooth integration connects to Alexa on your phone and plays audio and makes calls through your car speakers.
Expires soon

Echo Show 5 - Charcoal

$45 $90
The Echo Show 5 can do more than show the time. You can use it to see news summaries and video clips, display photos, watch videos, films, and TV shows, and make video calls with family and friends.
Expires soon

Echo Show 5 bundle with TP-Link smart plug

$58 $113
This bundle includes the Echo Show 5 and TP-Link Kasa Smart smart plug. Connect a lamp to the smart plug and then control it with Alexa voice commands via the Show 5.

How to choose an Amazon Echo device during Black Friday

With the low prices of the Black Friday Amazon Echo deals already available, the cost isn’t as significant a factor in deciding which Amazon Echo devices to buy based on how you will use them. The versatile third-generation Amazon Echo Dot is priced low enough that even if you just used it as a timer and alarm clock you could put one in every room without a financial strain for most people. The recently-introduced fourth-generation Echo Dot is now on sale for just $29, which is also a great buy. You can also use Echo Dots to play music on demand, ask and gets answers to questions about the news, weather, and sports, and communicate as an intercom within your home. You can also use the Dot as a speakerphone to call anywhere. Once you learn a few simple Alexa voice commands and connect the Echo Dot with any of its wide range of compatible smart-home security, entertainment, and convenience devices, the puck-sized device can be a command center for your entire smart home. One good way to get a sense of the range of possibilities with the Amazon Echo devices is to check out the 25 best Alexa skills.

The Echo Show with a 10-inch display, the Echo Show 5, and the Echo Show 8 are the Echo Dot’s greatest competition, especially with their own low Black Friday prices. The Echo Show 5, for example, with a 5-inch diagonal screen, is easily the bestselling Echo smart display model. The Echo Show 5 does everything an Echo Dot can do, but it also adds a color display that can show your personal photos, run video news clips, display recipes while you cook, and be used for video calls and video conferences. The Echo Show 5 can stream live video or stored video clips from your home security cameras. You can use the Show 5 to watch the best movies on Amazon Prime if you’re sitting close, although the larger displays on the Echo Show 8 and the original Echo Show have higher resolutions and are better for extended viewing.

There are Black Friday Amazon Echo deals on a few other Echo devices, and when the list grows, we’ll add them. The Amazon Echo Dot and Echo Show 5 are fantastic deals for such versatile and powerful devices.

When to shop Black Friday Amazon Echo deals

Black Friday Amazon Echo device deals are already available. Because the large retailers kicked off their Black Friday sales early, there’s no need to wait till Friday to start shopping. If you do decide to wait, you run the risk of missing out on most top-rated Amazon Echo products to thousands of other frenzied shoppers out there. Any product that does sell out, won’t see a restock in time for Christmas so your best bet is to take advantage of these Black Friday Amazon Echo deals right now.

You can also rest easy that you’re getting the best price. With Black Friday price guarantees in place, no matter how early you shop your new Echo device, you’ll be getting it at the lowest price possible. You also run the risk of not getting your goods in time if you do decide to wait. Delivery dates are already pushed back till the end of the month so now’s really the time to get shopping. We’ve done the hard work and found all the best available Black Friday Amazon Echo deals out there — all you need to do is get shopping.

Should you buy an Amazon Echo deal during Black Friday?

Black Friday is the last large major shopping event of the year and the best time of the year to buy Amazon Echo smart speakers, smart display, and other smart devices that respond to commands and control from Amazon Alexa’s voice commands. Even though Amazon isn’t the only retailer that sells Amazon Echo devices, the prices at all retailers dip during big sales, especially Black Friday, and then go right back up to full retail. Black Friday this year is different from most years because of the pandemic, which changed shopping behaviors for many people. Best Buy, Target, and Amazon have all begun offering Black Friday Amazon Echo deals earlier than usual this year. If you see a great deal on an Amazon Echo device you want to pick up, don’t hesitate because the demand is larger than ever.

How much should you spend on Amazon Echo devices on Black Friday?

Budgeting for smart home devices has to be based on what you want to accomplish with your new purchases. If you’re looking for your first device to check out what it’s like to communicate with Amazon Alexa, the platform’s digital voice assistant, you can spend as little as $19 for a third-generation Amazon Echo Dot — which also happens to be the best-selling smart speaker worldwide. You could spend a bit less on a plug-in Echo Flex, but the Dot has reasonably-listenable music playback capability, so why lose out on that with the less-featured Flex? If you’re a newbie but want to add video right from the start, the Amazon Echo Show 5 is on sale for $45 during Black Friday sales, half the list price.

Beyond minimizing startup costs for a new Amazon Echo user, the amount you spend depends on the reason you want to expand your Echo system. You can add more smart speakers and smart displays for everyone in your household to use Echo devices for communication. You can connect multiple layers of Echo devices to augment an enviable entertainment audio setup, spending from less than $100 total to over $1,000 depending on how good you want the sound and in how many places. Other common possible applications for Amazon Echo devices are home security and convenience, which entails buying Amazon Alexa-compatible devices from other Amazon brands or third-party manufacturers. You can integrate a wide range of home control systems and devices including vehicles, so the price limit can grow exponentially.

Here are two truisms about buying Amazon Echo devices:

  • Start with a plan to get the most from your investment. Don’t just buy whatever’s on sale.
  • Black Friday deals for Amazon Echo devices are the best you’ll get. As Amazon last demonstrated after Prime Day 2020, the day that the sale ended, all Echo devices prices went right back to the full list price. Amazon offers deals on various Echo devices quite often, but the discounts are never greater than during Black Friday.

Are any Black Friday Amazon Echo deals too good to be true?

The Black Friday Amazon Echo deals have head-shaking low prices in some cases, but that doesn’t mean every deal is a good one. Because there’s just one brand and competition between retailers is brisk, there’s less concern buying an Amazon Echo device than more generic products because Amazon and the other retailers that sell Amazon Echo devices are transparent about which generation a product is, if there’s more than one generation available. Refurbished or renewed products are also clearly identified. The bigger issue can be bundled deals because at times a bundle price doesn’t reflect the same lower Black Friday prices for individual deals. Again, most bundles we see have updated pricing, but you might find a deal for Amazon Echo devices bundled with products from other brands, for example, where you’ll have to do your diligence to be sure you’re not overpaying. Be especially wary with time-limited deals, for example, deals with countdown clocks where urgency is stressed. Those deals can yield great savings, but retailers could also include older inventory items they’re trying to clear out.

There are many legitimate great deals on Amazon Echo devices and we do the searching for you with the best deals above. We also look for the best Black Friday smart home deals.

Where to find the best Amazon Echo sales

  • Amazon Black Friday: Amazon has lined up best-ever deals on the Echo Dot 3rd-generation, the new 4th-generation Echo Dot, the Echo Show, Echo Show 5, Echo Show 8, and Echo Flex plus many more.
  • Best Buy Black Friday: Best Buy has the same selections and prices on Amazon Echo deals as Amazon, with some additional bundled deals.
  • Target Black Friday: Similar to Best Buy in this regard, Target sells Amazon Echo products. The prices for specific Amazon Echo devices are the same on all three sites, and Target also features bundled deals.
We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we choose what we cover carefully and independently. The prices, details, and availability of the products and deals in this post may be subject to change at anytime. Be sure to check that they are still in effect before making a purchase.

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