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Save $160 on this Blink 5-Camera Home Security Kit for Cyber Monday

If you want to upgrade the security on your house, there isn’t a better option than taking advantage of this Blink Camera Cyber Monday deal. With this set of five security cameras from Blink, you can monitor each corner of your house or keep a bird’s eye view inside your home, store, or office. The Blink 5-Camera Home Security Kit is currently down by $160 and can be bought for only $220, instead of its usual price of $380. That’s over a 42% discount, and it’s among the best Cyber Monday deals we have listed for you.

Today’s Best Blink Camera Cyber Monday Deal

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Why Buy:

  • Wire-free setup
  • Automatic motion detection
  • Recording and live playback using Blink app
  • Runs on AA batteries and is independent of a power supply

The Blink Security Camera kit features five all-weather security cameras that are designed to be installed outside your home. The cameras support continuous video feed at 1080p and utilize two AA batteries, which eliminates dependency on electricity and ensures uninterrupted recording. In our Blink outdoor camera review, we learned a single battery can last for up to two years.

The Blink outdoor security cameras also support motion detection, and the instructions for the cameras to detect motion can be customized within the Blink Home Monitor application. It can also capture the surroundings using a 110-degree wide field of view and use infrared imaging for clearer night vision.

Along with the video recording features, the Blink security cameras support two-way audio, and that means you not only can hear what the visitor has to say but also speak to them. The audio feature can be controlled using the Blink app on your smartphone, tablet, or other smart devices. Speaking of smart devices, the Blink cameras can also be controlled using Amazon Alexa, either through voice or with the Alexa app on any other device. Besides using Alexa to command the Blink cameras to record videos, be alerted for motion, activate or deactivate a particular camera, users can also view a live feed from the cameras on their Alexa-powered smart displays.

For all these features in the Blink app, you can pay as low as $3 per month for each camera, or just $10 per month for an unlimited number of cameras inside your home’s premises. You can also record the video directly onto the Blink Sync Module 2, which can support up to 10 cameras at once. These recordings can be viewed later on the Blink app or on any other output device that supports a USB port.

For a total of $220, you get five cameras with included AA batteries to ensure thorough security at your location.

When Does This Blink Camera Cyber Monday Deal End?

If you are looking for any reason to upgrade the security of your home, office, store, workshop, or somewhere else, the Blink Camera Cyber Monday deal is the best one to check out. Cyber Monday has already begun, and that means you have limited time to make the best out of this deal. Do remember great deals like this one have a good tendency to lapse soon. In fact, Adobe Analytics reports that out-of-stock alerts on online websites have increased 124% during the shopping season this year compared to the pre-pandemic sales. So, if you want to ensure the full security of your house or any other real-estate asset, make sure you grab this deal without any double guessing.

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