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Best Memorial Day phone deals and sales for 2022

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Memorial Day is coming up soon, and that means we’re expecting to see plenty of major Memorial Day sales. In particular, we have our eyes on Memorial Day phone deals, with the upcoming sales event being one of the most popular times to dive in and treat yourself to a new smartphone for less. With Memorial Day being the first big sales event of the year, this will be the ideal time to check out what’s going on if you want a new phone for the summer. Read on while we look at when to expect the sales to begin, along with where the best Memorial Day phone deals are likely to be and if you should buy a phone this Memorial Day. In no time, you’ll know exactly what to do when it comes to buying a new phone.

When do the Memorial Day phone sales start?

Memorial Day is on May 30 this year — the last Monday in May as it always is. That obviously means we expect to see some of the best Memorial Day deals to be on that day in particular, but it’s likely we’ll see some good Memorial Day phone sales elsewhere around the date too. The weekend right before it is a prime time to see some moderate Memorial Day phone sales underway, as retailers will be keen to take advantage of people having a three-day weekend and checking out what’s going on. It’s difficult to say when the absolute best deals will be, but we’re counting on some incremental discounts in the run up to the big day with the absolute best phone deals to commence on Memorial Day itself. However, much of this will come down to when retailers start their sales and whether other retailers decide to get in on the act to remain competitive.

It’s also worth keeping an eye on phone deals in the weeks running up to Memorial Day. It’s highly likely that we will see some great deals throughout the month as retailers get into the spirit of the big event.

Ultimately, though, if you can only check out the sales on one day soon, make sure it’s Memorial Day itself with the deals expected to be pretty tempting.

Where are the best Memorial Day phone deals?

The best Memorial Day phone deals will come — predictably — from some of the best-known retailers. Who are we talking about? Well, Amazon is always one of the best places to check out. Throughout the year, the online retail giant regularly discounts popular items and favors technology in particular when it comes to knowing what its audience likes the most. For specific sales events like Memorial Day, we can only see Amazon being even better with discounts likely to be seen across numerous different types of smartphones.

Another great option is to check out the online presence of brick-and-mortar stores like Walmart and Best Buy. Both retailers frequently discount technology like the latest smartphones, and we can’t see Memorial Day 2022 being any different. There’s also the added bonus here that oftentimes you’ll be able to reserve the item for in-store pickup rather than wait for delivery.

If you know exactly what brand of phone you want, in some cases it may be best to go direct. That’s certainly the case with Samsung offering increasingly competitive prices and deals on its phones — both refurbished and new — so you may find yourself getting some sweet bonuses or deals if you check out Samsung directly.

Otherwise, don’t forget about cell phone providers. They’re in the market to get you to snap up a smartphone, and Memorial Day can lead to some great offers on either unlocked phones or contract deals that can prove great value over the coming months. If you have a particular preference for a phone provider, make sure to check out what it is offering alongside the major retailers above.

Finally, if refurbished phones appeal to you, consider retailers like GameStop. The brand still offers up a one-year warranty, plus the phone will have been refurbished to great quality. It’s a good way of saving plenty of cash while still getting the phone you want most.

Should you buy a phone on Memorial Day 2022?

Do you need a new phone? Check out our look at the best phones to see if they appeal. If you’ve recently bought a new phone, you probably don’t need a new one. We won’t blame you if you still want to upgrade, but it’s worth checking out if the upgrade is truly worth it. That’s why we have roundups looking at the best Android phones and the best iPhones, as these will offer great insight into exactly what you need to know before buying a new phone. Only you know your budget and know if it’s worth it.

From there, it’s worth thinking about timing. Prime Day — Amazon’s big sales event — is not far away, with it set for sometime in July. Prime Day deals can be better than Memorial Day deals. When it comes to technology, Prime Day can be as good as Black Friday without you needing to wait until near the end of the year for the offers. Still, by waiting for Prime Day smartphone deals, you’re waiting. That may not prove convenient if your current phone has just died, you’re looking to buy one as a gift, or you simply don’t feel like waiting around. You’ll also need a Prime membership to take advantage of the deals, and that may not appeal to your needs. Memorial Day sales are available for all, so there’s no extra membership or fees involved.

If that all appeals, you need to check out the Memorial Day sales now and reap the benefits sooner rather than later. It’s likely that whatever you do, you’ll still get a great offer, so don’t delay if you’re passionate about snapping up a new phone soon.

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