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Best Buy takes a massive $150 off of the HP Omen Mindframe cooling headset

There is a myriad of headphones for gamers to choose from today, and this market has grown so crowded that even console makers like Microsoft and Sony have started offering branded gaming headsets built specifically for their own platforms. Even old-school PC brands like HP have gotten into the head-fi game, and the unique HP Omen Mindframe cooling headset is now on sale for a huge discount that knocks it down to a quarter of its original price. Read on to find out more about this innovative design and how much you can save.

The HP Omen Mindframe headset was created as a solution to the age-old gaming problem of hot ears. Over-ear headphones tend to be the most comfortable, and they naturally offer the best sound signature for enjoying games, videos, and music, but this same full-sized form also traps heat in and around the ears. This inevitably results in sweat and some degree of discomfort during those hours-long gaming sessions. The Omen Mindframe solves this problem (quite successfully) via HP’s FrostCap feature, which uses thermoelectric technology to create a pleasant cooling effect around your ears and head. It sounds like a gimmick, but it works surprisingly well.

In our hands-on review of the HP Omen Mindframe, we praised the built-in cooling technology of the earcups (although noted that the extra hardware does add to the overall weight of the headset), but our team did note that the 7.1 virtual surround sound quality was not up to par for what you’d expect from a premium pair of cans that costs as much as or more than other high-end gaming head-fi. Bear in mind that our review was written with that steep $200 price tag in mind, but the HP Omen Mindframe is now not nearly as expensive as it was at launch.

In fact, the HP Omen Mindframe just dropped to a mere quarter of its original $200 sticker price, coming in at a much cheaper $50 from Best Buy at the moment. Although this cooling headset has been hovering well below its $200 MSRP for awhile, this $50 offer is still roughly half of the HP Omen Mindframe’s current street price of around $100, making this a solid deal on an innovative gaming headset while the discount lasts.

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