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Is Best Buy having a Prime Day sale?

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It’s well known that Prime Day deals are coming. June 21 and June 22 are the official dates for the huge sales event but we’re fairly confident that Amazon isn’t the only retailer that will be making huge price reductions on tons of great products. While nothing is confirmed just yet, Best Buy typically runs a sale at the same time as Prime Day. After all, it wants to compete for business and definitely doesn’t want Amazon to have a monopoly on discount shoppers during this time period. It seems highly likely that 2021 will be the same as past years and we’ll see a big sale going on at Best Buy. Here’s what we’re thinking.

What date is the Best Buy sale?

We don’t have official confirmation of when the Best Buy sale begins but it’s likely to be around June 21 and June 22 to coincide with the Amazon Prime Day sales. It may even end up wrapping around those days. We’ll just have to wait and see for the official word soon.

What Best Buy Prime Day deals should you expect?

It’s very likely we’ll see some overlap between what Amazon sells and what Best Buy offers in their sale. However, some differences are almost guaranteed as both retailers take different approaches.

For instance, Amazon is likely to more heavily discount its own range of products and all things Alexa-enabled than anything Best Buy can offer. Alternatively, we’re expecting to see far more discounts on home essentials and furniture at Best Buy because the retailer is generally pretty keen on discounting such items in all its other sales. While Amazon focuses on technology, Best Buy cuts the prices of everything from home appliances large and small to furniture for your home and office, as well as entertainment products of all kinds and smart home accessories. If you’re looking for those little things that spruce up your living space, Best Buy is likely to be the best sale for you.

What highlights are likely during the Best Buy Prime Day sale?

Like Walmart, Best Buy is pretty great at consistently offering fantastic offers on TVs. We’re expecting this to be a similar case during the Prime Day sales. Expect to see a mixture of big-name brands and lesser-known names discounted in the world of TV with huge screens likely an option if you’re willing to buy something a little less premium.

With so many choices out there, it’s a good idea to read up on the best TV brands and the best TVs beforehand so you know what to look for to suit your needs.

It’s also likely that we’ll see big discounts on the latest kitchen appliances too. Don’t be surprised if you see some of the best Instant Pots or best air fryers out there on sale as part of the Best Buy Prime Day deals. They may well end up even better than any price Amazon can offer.

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