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Jackery’s Black Friday event has lots in store, including giveaways and huge discounts

This content was produced in partnership with Jackery.

As far as portable power solutions go, few brands have been in the market as long as Jackery, especially since Jackery’s 10th Anniversary celebration is happening right now. But while that’s impressive, what’s more exciting is that Jackery’s Black Friday deals will soon be live too, from November 24 to November 28. During that time, they’re going to offer the biggest discount ever on Jackery solutions — up to $1,080 off. It’s libations all around, and for good reason. With the holiday shopping events and Jackery’s 10th Anniversary wedged together, a lot is going on that you’ll want to be involved with. For example, Jackery’s Crazy Monday Giveaway will feature an unmissable mega giveaway — and we do mean mega — with prizes worth up to $250,000 in total value. Yeah, we know, it’s a lot to take in, so keep reading to learn some of the finer details about the Black Friday sale and Jackery’s Anniversary event.

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First, let’s talk about the giveaway, which will be live on Jackery’s official website and YouTube channel. They’ll be picking winners during their livestream starting November 28. We don’t know everything they’ll be giving away, but it will be a total of $250,000 in prizes. Jackery has teamed up with Black Series to give away camper vans. Plus, there will be money back opportunities for Jackery orders placed during Black Friday, and many, many more prizes beyond that!

Next, Black Friday officially kicks off November 24 and runs until the 28th, giving you plenty of days to save. But here’s the kicker: You can also sign up for a chance to access exclusive coupons, which will allow you to get even bigger savings than what’s being offered during the event. Coupon examples include 50%, 80%, and up to 90% off, but there are no guarantees about what you’ll get.

Finally, excellent deals are on offer during Black Friday, which will save you up to $1,080 on Jackery gear. You can expect to find deals on the Jackery Solar Generators, including 2000 Pro and 1000, Jackery Explorer portable power stations, and much more. Now’s a great time to run through Jackery’s selection, which not only includes portable power stations, but also solar panels, solar generators, and accessories. Keep a close eye on Jackery’s solar generator bundles, which come with a generator, solar panels, and everything you need to connect them and charge the system via solar.

Portable power stations, if you’re not familiar, allow you to charge your electronics and necessities from just about anywhere, such as on the road, while camping, glamping, in your backyard, and even in your home. The latter is important because when there’s an outage, you can keep small appliances, phones, and other emergency gear powered up. It’s always good to have a portable power station handy, let alone some solar panels to charge the station anywhere, and now’s your opportunity to get them at a steep discount, or maybe even win one.

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