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Keurig K-Slim coffee maker down to just $50 for Cyber Monday

If you’re slow getting to today’s phenomenal Cyber Monday deals, you may need some coffee. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Of course, there Amazon Cyber Monday deals on all sorts of tech. But right now, you can get $60 off the Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker. It’s down to just $60, from its regular price of $110. Those are huge savings on the kind of delicious, caffeine delivery system that will make sure you’re alert for everything, including deals like this one.

Pretty much everyone drinks coffee, pretty much every day. But you know what’s not every day? A deal that gives you more than 50% off one of the best coffee makers Keurig offers. Keurig is famous for bringing its single-serving size K-cups and convenience to offices and homes all over the globe. Here you can help yourself to the convenience and flavor of Keurig, with a machine that fits anywhere and holds enough water to keep you filling your cup four times, for more than half off.

The Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker is amazingly compact. At just 5 inches wide, it can fit nearly anywhere: On a counter, in a drawer, on a corner of your desk; you name it. It lets you brew coffee in three cup sizes: 8-ounce, 10-ounce, or 12-ounce, and it makes it super fast. The machine’s advanced technology allows your freshly brewed coffee to take just a couple of minutes. They’ve designed this Keurig so that it will work with your travel cup (up to 7 inches tall) and that versatility extends to the environment, and your energy bills. It has an auto shut-off feature that makes sure that, while it’s always ready to use, the coffee maker doesn’t waste unnecessary energy.

Right now, you can save $50 on the Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker; it’s down to just $60, from its regular price of $110, at Amazon. But Amazon has tons more amazing offers, so be sure to browse the Amazon Black Friday Deals, as well as our huge array of Black Friday Deals. You’ll never know what kind of amazing discounts you’ll find.

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Of course, Keurig has a variety of machines you can consider today. Depending on whether you need a coffee machine for just you, your whole household, your home office, or an entire small business, take a look at the Cyber Monday Keurig deals and the Cyber Monday coffee machine deals from other brands to compare, contrast, and find the coffee maker that’s right for you.

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