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Sleep Smarter: The Best Labor Day Sales on Smart Mattresses

A smart mattress is just one way we can improve our sleep quality, get more fulfilling hours out of our day and feel more productive at work. Whether you’re interested in simply tracking how well you sleep and the times throughout the night you’re entering REM, or you want a mattress that monitors your body heat and adjusts accordingly, smart mattresses can bring your nighttime hours into the 21st century.

Smart is definitely the buzz word of the decade, and we’re not complaining. As everything around us becomes more connected, it gives us greater opportunities to automate our lives. Sure, the idea of global automation might sound a little 1984-esque, but think about it: who among us doesn’t want to wake up to LED lights mimicking the sunrise, or save money by automating the thermostat?

And while you should expect to drop a little more money on a smart mattress than a traditional one, Labor Day sales are upon us, and that means smart mattress brands are slashing prices. Let’s break down some of the best deals on smart mattresses for Labor Day 2019.

Eight Sleep

Free Gravity Cooling Blanket and free shipping through September 9

Eight Sleep is one of the best-known names in the smart mattress world. Eight’s Pod mattress looks like it’s from the future, with a grayscale design with an electric blue liner. However, it doesn’t just look cool; it’ll help keep you be cool, too (see what we did there?). Buy a Pod mattress from Eight before September 9 and you’ll also get a free Gravity Cooling Blanket on top of free shipping. Though the mattress itself isn’t being discounted, with the free blanket and shipping, you’re knocking $300 off your order. The Pod mattress features four layers of foam blend, and the mattress connects to an app on your phone that tracks your heart rate and breathing and compiles trends for you and your co-sleeper. Plus, with its built-in thermoelectric system, the mattress will keep you cooler than a traditional mattress ever could.

Eight Sleep

Sleep Number

Save up to 50% through Sept. 8

Even if you’re not familiar with smart beds and what they can do, you’re probably familiar with the name Sleep Number. Sleep Number mattresses are unique in that each side’s firmness is adjustable. If you love a soft, squishy mattress while your partner would prefer to sleep on concrete, Sleep Number’s smart beds can make that happen. Well, maybe not the concrete thing. Sleep Number’s SleepIQ tracks your sleep quality, so you can even measure the effects that sleeping on a softer or firmer mattress can have on your beauty rest. Probably the most wow-worthy deal of this Labor Day, Sleep Number is taking a whopping half off its Sleep Number 360 Smart Beds, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Sleep Number


Free Sleeptracker or save up to $800 through Sept. 9

Beautyrest Sleeptracker

Whether you’re a heavy or light sleeper, whether you prefer to sleep on your side, back or stomach, and whether you sleep hot or get cold at night, Beautyrest has a mattress for you. With five base models – all of which have plenty of firmness options – Beautyrest has created its Sleeptracker technology to connect with your mattress. Through Sept. 9, choose between two sale options: buy a Beautyrest mattress and get a free Sleeptracker and up to $800 off a Beautyrest Black mattress, or save up to $600 on Hybrid and Platinum mattresses and adjustable sets. Unlike a few other brands, Beautyrest’s mattresses are made smart not by the built-in technology, but by the Sleeptracker device and accompanying mobile app. The Sleeptracker measures your breathing and heart rate, sleep cycle, and any movements you or your partner make throughout the night. Just put the trackers between your mattress and base, connect your phone and you’re ready to learn all about how you’re sleeping.


What a Smart Mattress Can Do for You

Just like any traditional mattress, smart mattresses aren’t one size fits all. Do your research – make sure you know everything that goes into your smart mattress. If, for example, you’re a side sleeper, you probably need something softer to cushion your hips and shoulders without leaving your side and neck unsupported. On the other hand, stomach sleepers should choose something firm so they’re not sinking into a cloudlike bed and suffocating all night. That said, what benefits can a smart mattress offer?

Alexa, It’s Time for Bed

If you love home automation, you’re probably more curious about the connectivity features than how comfortable it is. If having a fully automated keeps you happy, thereby improving your ability to sleep, who are we to judge? Connect your smart mattress to your Alexa or Google Home and use other integration apps like IFTTT and make your bed toasty before you get in every night in the winter and icy in summer.

Get Ahead of Your Sleep Cycle

If you’ve ever wondered what your body does while you’re sleeping, you’re not alone. Do I sleep talk? Do I toss and turn after falling asleep? Plenty of us have tried mobile apps that claim to monitor your sleep just by setting your phone on your mattress. While that’s a decent budget option, it doesn’t work for co-sleepers and it’s not monitoring your heart rate. It’s not adjusting how soft your bed is. It’s not cooling down the bed in the dead of the summer when you’re waking up sweaty. Smart mattresses can do those things. By choosing a smart mattress, you’re also choosing to monitor your sleep, find trends in your sleep habits and intuitively improve your sleep hygiene.

Stay Cooler

If one of your biggest issues with your traditional mattress is that you’re constantly waking up too hot or you’re up shivering late into the night, plenty of smart mattresses on the market can help you. Set your mattress to be warm when you jump in early in the evening, then cool down after you’re asleep. There’s only so much a fan set to high or a heated blanket can do, but a smart mattress can help you get to sleep and stay asleep by monitoring your temperature and adjusting as needed.

Make Your Co-sleeper Happy

Smart mattresses like the Sleep Number can be a godsend for couples with dramatically different sleep preferences. Sleep, unfortunately, is just not something you can compromise on. If you’re a couple who wants to co-sleep peacefully, spending the extra money on a smart mattress is well worth it. You can save your posture and your relationship by switching to a smart mattress, and we’d say that’s well worth the higher price tag.

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