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Take stunning aerial shots with the Potensic D85 drone, now $270 on Amazon

If you’re itching to get that overhead shot of a stunning vista but unfortunately you can’t fly, you need to get yourself a drone. Now is the perfect time to buy one. Drones are now equipped to house (or are already housing) the best 4K action cameras and have been engineered to be even more stable despite some turbulence. The even better news is that more and more low-cost introductory drones are now available, for those who are iffy to buy an expensive one and is afraid to lose it. A great drone that comes at a great price is the Potensic D85 quadcopter.

This drone normally costs $310 on Amazon, but right now you can get it for 13% off. Start taking magnificent aerial shots for $270. You can even get an additional $50 off instantly upon approval for the Amazon Rewards Visa card, which brings the price down further to $220.

The Potensic D85 is propelled by four brushless motors with excellent flight dynamics that could fly up to 10 mph.  If you’re familiar with brushed motors, you’ll know that they are obscenely loud and require more maintenance. Brushless motors, on the other hand, are almost maintenance-free. They also consume less power, are quieter, and can stay airborne longer. The motors are powered by a 2,800mAh 7.4-volt lithium battery that when fully charged, provides a maximum of 20 minutes of flight time.

The drone’s design is kind of like a giant spider with its high legs. With its high-quality ABS plastic casing, it weighs half a kilogram and is durable enough to withstand crashing in trees.

This drone’s flight is outstanding and it’s very easy to control, which makes it perfect for beginner drone enthusiasts. With built-in GPS/global navigation satellite system module, hovering is precise and stable. It’s capable of altitude hold so you can fly it horizontally while it stays on a certain altitude.

The remote control has a spring-loaded mount where you can place your phone securely. Download the Potensic app, connect the drone to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, open the app again, and you’ll be able to see through the drone’s camera immediately.

The Potensic D85’s 1,080p camera provides a wide-angle FOV (field of vision) picture for a panoramic view of the scenery that’s in high resolution. Capture sharp and stable aerial footage even at strong wind conditions or take selfies with a bird’s-eye view.

The biggest selling point of the Potensic D85 is its Auto Return Home safety feature. If the drone loses its signal or is about to lose power, it will fly back to you automatically. There’s also a return home button on the controller that you can press manually.

The Potensic D85 quadcopter received an exceptional 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. Customers pointed out that it is very easy to use, has seriously longer flight time than other drones, and has a great camera and overall performance for its price.

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