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Amazon discounts these Shark robot vacuums up to $250 for the holidays

Having a robot vacuum around is like having a faithful little helper that is always ready to take care of your floors. While we never run out of things to do, you’ll at least be able to give yourself a break as you make room for an automated clean. In the spirit of gift-giving, Amazon has chimed in with discounts up to $250 on two Shark robot vacuums. You can even bank on $60 more in savings on either model when approved for an Amazon Rewards Visa card.

Shark Robot Cleaning System S87 — $250 ($250 Off)

Truth be told, our floors aren’t the only things in our house that need to be rid off dust. And so the Shark Robot Cleaning System S87 gives you more bang for your buck by giving you two vacuums for the price of one with a machine that has earned a near-perfect 4-star rating on our review. You can leave floorcare to the Shark ION R85 robot vacuum and go right ahead to clean other surfaces like curtains, upholstery, or your car with the ultra-lightweight W1 handheld vacuum.

If you’re familiar with Shark’s RV750 series, the R85 boasts three times more suction power when max mode is employed. Its self-cleaning brush roll and dual side-spinning brushes do a good job of capturing all kinds of debris into its extra-large dirt cup. Equipped with Smart Sensor Navigation 2.0, it can steer clear of obstacles and stairs, and prevent itself from getting stuck — while you can take advantage of the bot-boundary strip included to set no-go zones.

The Shark ION R85 features controls on top and responds to voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant, and you’ll be able to control it through the Shark Robot app on your smartphone. Both Shark’s R85 and W1 vacuums guarantee cordless convenience for an expected runtime of about 60 minutes which is less than what other units can offer but is fairly long compared to some stick vacuums that typically go for 40 minutes or so. These vacuums also boast unbelievable suction power and come with a set of attachments that make them an excellent choice for picking up pet hair. And when you’re all done, both vacuums can conveniently be stowed in the same dock to recharge.

Clean high and low with the Shark Robot Cleaning System S87 on sale for just $250 instead of $500 on Amazon.

Shark IQ R101AE — $450 ($100 Off)

If you already have a handheld vacuum, hands-free and smart operation can be enjoyed with Shark IQ R101AE. Not only is it capable of cleaning up after your pets with an anti-tangle brush roll system, but it can also clean itself with a self-emptying charging base.

The R101AE comes with the best navigation system and unbeatable suction power from Shark for a deep and thorough clean. Since it is capable of mapping more than one room, you can simply create a floor plan and assign it to the space you want cleaned. Spotless floors are guaranteed as it cleans row by row with two angled side-brushes to dust off all those edges and corners.

This droid also responds to voice command with Alexa and is likewise controllable through its buttons or the Shark app when you want to schedule a clean. With a battery that can last 90 minutes, it is a solid choice for small-to-average homes as no one wants to wait a full day for it to recharge and finish cleaning. Rest assured, it is trustworthy enough to stop only when it needs to juice up and to pick up from where it left off.

The Shark IQ R101AE  earned 3.5 stars in our review for being a great cost-efficient alternative to the iRobot Roomba i7+. The only drawback could be that it is not exactly quiet and it takes about a week to learn your home. Those suffering from allergies, though, can be thankful that it packs HEPA filters to makes sure pesky allergens stay trapped in its dirt bin and that one swift action lets you dispose of a month’s worth of dirt. Just be mindful to position it close to your trash can to avoid creating a dust cloud.

This slick Shark robot vacuum is already competitively priced at $549 but Amazon lets you and your wallet take a breather for just $450.

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