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This 65-inch Sony OLED TV deal is my Prime Day pick of the year

The Prime Day deals are well underway and, once again, I’ve found myself cruising the best Prime Day TV deals looking for that one can’t-miss opportunity to get an incredibly high-end TV at an equally incredibly low price.

I finally found “the one.” My pick for Prime Day 2021 is the 65-inch Sony A8H 4K HDR OLED TV, available at Amazon for under $1,600. Keep in mind, this TV came out at $2,500. I’d say $900 worth of savings on a TV this stellar is a deal worth pouncing on.

I’ve been a professional TV reviewer for about 10 years now, and the Sony A8H is one of the most impressive-looking televisions I’ve ever evaluated. Part of its luscious picture quality is down to the fact that it uses an OLED panel which delivers perfect black levels and dazzling contrast as well as eye-popping color.

The rest of what makes this TV look so good is owed to Sony and its long history of making the best picture processors on the planet. Picture processing may not be a sexy topic, but it makes the difference between a TV that merely piques your interest and one that takes your breath away. Sony has the market cornered on TVs that take your breath away, and the 2020 A8H is one of the company’s best examples.

With the Sony A8H OLED TV, you’ll get a strikingly thin profile (the top of the TV is thinner than your mobile phone) as well as a minimalist stand that slings the TV very close to your media cabinet or credenza for a very modern look. If not stand-mounting, you’ll be thrilled with how svelte the A8H OLED TV will look up on your wall.

Sony’s A8H OLED runs the Android TV Smart TV platform with support for just about every streaming app you could possibly want or need, and its easy-to-use interface makes accessing the content you want to watch simple and straightforward.

Built for those who demand the best picture quality, the Sony A8H OLED is most at home in a dedicated entertainment room, but its versatility makes it a great pick for anywhere you love to watch TV and movies or play video games.

I’ve always felt a TV purchase is one you make infrequently and is therefore worth an investment to ensure long-term happiness. I can very confidently stand behind the Sony A8H as a TV that will bring many years of viewing enjoyment — and bragging rights — to anyone who owns it. A discount of 36% means you’re saving over $900 on one of the most dazzling TVs I’ve seen. This is a Lightning Deal and absolutely will not last, so don’t hesitate before you click that Buy Button.

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I stand behind this TV 100%, but even with this incredible deal, the price point is just not for everyone. And that’s ok. There are a ton of other excellent quality Prime 4K TV deals for every budget. We’ve curated the best right here.

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